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Anitaos (Puppylinux 4.12/4.13)

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Anitaos - sourceforge. Puppy_Linux_Anitaos : darry1966 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming. Anitaos - A DIY OS for really old crates. - Linux Distro Community Forum. Reading this thread people are probably thinking what is a DIY OS. Well it is to put it simply taking a basic barebones iso burning it to cd and then installing it adding the modules that you need to make an operating system with what you want for your particular machine. Installation is the same as the os it is loosely based on Puppy Linux. The base iso is an older remastered and updated version of Puppy Linux with a kernel which is ideal for the pentium 2->, and older machines. The iso boots into a desktop and using the package manager and .pets I have compiled and collected to make a useful system I have included Glibc updates so a modern browser like seamonkey can be used but at the same time use a kernel which is ideal for old machines anyway if you got to the Google Drive site and login with the following you cancheck it out and start building it is a work in progress but provides a more upto date alternative to distros like damn small on machines that can't run more modern os's. - [SOLVED] Anitaos - Puppy Linux 4 Unleashed Fork. Download AnitaOS 4.31. AnitaOS is an open source and freely distributed independent operating system based on the well known Puppy Linux distribution and designed from the ground up to be as minimal and lightweight as possible, deployable on low-end machines or computers with old hardware components. Key features include a build as you go DIY (Do It Yourself) system, support for old hardware, a rock solid Puppy Unleashed 4 base, installation video tutorial, a plethora of software packages for everyday use, and comprehensive online documentation. Availability, boot options and other startup details The system is distributed as a single Live CD ISO image, which can be written to a blank or RW CD disc using any CD/DVD burning software, or deployed to a USB flash drive of 512MB or higher using the UNetbootin or Disks applications.

The ISO image provides users with a minimal boot prompt, from where users can press Enter to start the live environment or the F2 key to view a list of boot options. Bottom line. Which Distro is Right for Old Computers. As technology improves, new computers and operating systems are made. People then get the new computers and upgrade to newer distros or install new operating systems. However, old computers are still kept, but the newer operating systems may not work on the old hardware and need more memory and CPU power. Also, older operating systems may not support the newer software. Despite these problems, people may still want or need to use the old hardware. The old computer can be reused for many purposes. General Usage There are many distros available if the computer is intended for general usage. AntiX ( is a Debian-based Linux distro for computers with Pentium III processors or better.

SliTaz ( is a Slackware-based distro that can run on computers with at least 256MB of RAM. Absolute Linux ( is a lightweight alternative to Slackware for old hardware. Networking Server Make a Distro More Lightweight Further Reading. AnitaOS - A DIY Distro - You build it yourself. Best Pup for Wyse Thin Client? [SOLVED -- AnitaOS rocks!] I've got a Wyse thin client, specifically a VX0-series V90. I'm trying to find a Pup that will run satisfactorily. Here's all the info I can give... Please read the whole thing. I know it's long but I'd rather not have to answer questions twice Basic HW specs: 366MHz AMD Geode GX500 (performance is roughly equivalent to a similarly-clocked Pentium II) 512mb RAM (I'm working on getting an upgrade) USB boot only (see below -- using a 1gb Kingston flash drive for testing) Detailed HW specs here --> Known hardware issues -- (1) the BIOS for this contraption is really really doofy. . (2) USB boot --again, until the kernel boots-- is at 1.1 speeds.

. (3) Another quirk. Known software issues -- (1) I cannot boot anything Puppy prior to version 420, with the exception of pUPnGO (which is 420 based but will not boot) . (2) xvesa mode is not supported by this contraption. Pups I have tried, in alphabetical order -- (Pups marked with * did not boot) Best Pup for Wyse Thin Client? [SOLVED -- AnitaOS rocks!] Full Install (Puppylinux 4.0) Puppy 4.