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How To Use ADO with Excel Data from Visual Basic or VBA. The rows and columns of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet closely resemble the rows and columns of a database table.

How To Use ADO with Excel Data from Visual Basic or VBA

As long as users keep in mind that Microsoft Excel is not a relational database management system, and recognize the limitations that this fact imposes, it often makes sense to take advantage of Excel and its tools to store and analyze data. Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects makes it possible to treat an Excel workbook as if it were a database. This article discusses how to accomplish this in the following sections: NOTE: The testing for this article was conducted with Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.5 on Microsoft Windows 2000 with Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 3 and Excel 2000. This article may not acknowledge or discuss differences in behavior that users may observe with different versions of MDAC, Microsoft Windows, Visual Basic, or Excel.

OpenSchema Method (ADO) The OpenSchema method on a Connection object obtains database schema information from the provider. recordset = connection.OpenSchema ( QueryType, Criteria, SchemaID ) Parameters QueryType This parameter specifies a SchemaEnum value that indicates the type of schema query to run.

OpenSchema Method (ADO)

The SchemaEnum values supported by the Microsoft® OLE DB Provider for AS/400 and VSAM can be one of the constants listed in the table following the Parameters section. How To Use the ADO OpenSchema Method in Visual Basic. This article describes how to use the OpenSchema method of the ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) Connection object to obtain more information about the database or table.

How To Use the ADO OpenSchema Method in Visual Basic

The syntax for OpenSchema is below: Set recordset = connection.OpenSchema (QueryType, Criteria, SchemaID) New Poll Shows Canadians Don’t Like Stephen Harper’s Prostitution Bill. Pro-sex-work demonstrators in Montreal in 2013.

New Poll Shows Canadians Don’t Like Stephen Harper’s Prostitution Bill

Photo by Joel Balsam Despite the Harper government's best efforts to convince them otherwise, Canadians still don't want the state butting into their consensual sexual transactions. That's the results of a new Forum Research poll provided to VICE, which shows more than half of Canadians oppose the federal government's new sex work laws, while roughly the same number support legalizing the sex trade. It also shows that five percent of the country is willing to admit they have solicited a sex worker. New Poll Shows Canadians Don’t Like Stephen Harper’s Prostitution Bill. 7 Big Lies 'American Sniper' Is Telling America. Terrifying Video Shows Black Man "With His Hands Raised" Shot To Death By New Jersey Cop. A newly released dashcam recording shows a New Jersey police officer fatally shooting a black man whose hands were raised in the air.

Terrifying Video Shows Black Man "With His Hands Raised" Shot To Death By New Jersey Cop

The fatal encounter stems from a routine traffic stop on December 30, in which Bridgeton officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley pulled over a vehicle for running through a stop sign. While questioning the two men, Leroy Tutt and Jerame Reid, the video shows Days suddenly shouting to his partner, "We've got a gun in his glove compartment! " "Show me your fucking hands," Days, who appears to recognize Reid as he his heard calling him by his first name, warns. "He's reaching for something! " As the situation intensifies, Reid can be heard telling the officers, "I'm not reaching for nothing. Reid gets up and exits the car with his hands raised.

Bobby Jindal Defends "No-Go Zones" Myth: Fox's John Bolton Said It Was True. LaToyaForever. 5 Times Bill Maher Was Completely Right On, Then Ruined It By Being a Giant Jerk. Bill Maher, whose prominent atheism has put him in the news after the anti-blasphemy terrorist attacks in Paris, is a mess of contradictions.

5 Times Bill Maher Was Completely Right On, Then Ruined It By Being a Giant Jerk

He likes to imagine himself a freedom-loving liberal, but all too often he wallows in gross racism and sexism that subtracts from the freedom of everyone who isn’t a white man. He loves to think of himself as a rationalist, but holds a lot of irrational beliefs. Few public figure inspire the “yes, but” reaction like Bill Maher. 5 Times Bill Maher Was Completely Right On, Then Ruined It By Being a Giant Jerk. Gorgeous! (some of these images might be... - The Huffington Post Canada. Addicting Info - No matter what, Reid "had it coming"... Techdirt - Being in law enforcement often means brushing... Judge Tackles Police Use Of Radar To Scan Home Interiors And Comes Up With No Real Answers. Being in law enforcement often means brushing right up against the edges of the Fourth Amendment.

Judge Tackles Police Use Of Radar To Scan Home Interiors And Comes Up With No Real Answers

It's your job to catch criminals, and most criminals have zero interest in being caught. The resulting surface tension is easily broken. Some breaks are inadvertent. Others are much more deliberate. But in this case, the circumstances are ambiguous at best. A recent case presided over by Judge Neil Gorsuch of the Tenth Circuit Court deals with these stretched edges. We know Denson was in his house because the end result bears that out. Denson challenged the arrest and the post-arrest seizure of weapons on the basis of a single act performed by the officers prior to entry: the use of Doppler radar to determine whether someone was actually on the premises. 5 Valuable Ways to Use Your White Privilege to Fight Anti-Black Racism.

If you’re anything like me and most of my white friends, you’re horrified by the reports of police brutality marching across the news and social media, and you really want to help.

5 Valuable Ways to Use Your White Privilege to Fight Anti-Black Racism

Many white people want to help. But whether you’re completely new to state violence or had some idea things were bad, it can seem like an insurmountable task to get involved in the fight, especially if you’re a relatively privileged person. You want to be respectful. You may, for example, understand that riding in like a white knight and disrupting the work people of color are already doing is not only unsupportive, but also patronizing and oppressive. Mic - Our friends at Everyday Feminism show us how to be... How I Brightened My Bank Job with Crystal Meth. This article originally appeared on VICE Australia.

How I Brightened My Bank Job with Crystal Meth

A 2013 study found that 7 percent of Australians aged 14 years and older reported using crystal meth (a.k.a. The Hacker News - #Anonymous Spokesperson and journalist... The Daily Dot - Even if you don't play Minecraft, this is... Occupy Canada - The same can be said about Canada. Just... Free Barrett Brown — Press release: Barrett Brown will finally be... WHAT: Final sentencing hearing of American journalist and activist Barrett Brown WHEN: Thursday, January 22nd at 9AM CST WHERE: Earle Cabell Federal Building, 1100 Commerce St., downtown Dallas, TX.

Free Barrett Brown — Press release: Barrett Brown will finally be...

Courtroom of Judge Samuel A. Lindsay, on the 15th floor, room #1546 Concluding a controversial case that has dragged on for over two years, on Thursday morning the jailed journalist Barrett Brown will go before a federal judge to receive his sentence. Originally indicted on charges which carried a maximum sentence of up to 105 years, some of which were later dropped, last year Brown made a plea deal, agreeing to plea guilty to: (1) transmitting a threat in interstate commerce (2) accessory after the fact in the unauthorized access to a protected computer and (3) interference with the execution of a search warrant and aid and abet. Free Barrett Brown a partagé un lien. - Free Barrett Brown.

AlterNet - Spreading vicious lies is Fox's brand. Facebook. Truthout - If the United States had as equal a... Bill Maher - Bill Maher a partagé un lien. Addicting Info - The First Amendment protects racist... Facebook. The Guardian - But did the bags match the shoes? The Daily Dot - One of the most famous scenes from... Before You Send Your Child to Public School... John Taylor Gatto a partagé un lien. - John Taylor Gatto. Mic - There’s a little bit of it in all of us. Truthout - Many modern-day practices of free-market... "It is cost-effective to postpone global... - The Zeitgeist Movement Global. Here's an idea... - March Against Corruption. Cnet. A Chinese company has successfully 3D printed a five-storey apartment building and a 1,100 square metre villa from a special print material.

While architectural firms compete with their designs for 3D-printed dwellings, one company in China has quietly been setting about getting the job done. In March of last year, company WinSun claimed to have printed 10 houses in 24 hours, using a proprietary 3D printer that uses a mixture of ground construction and industrial waste, such as glass and tailings, around a base of quick-drying cement mixed with a special hardening agent. Now, WinSun has further demonstrated the efficacy of its technology -- with a five-storey apartment building and a 1,100 square metre (11,840 square foot) villa, complete with decorative elements inside and out, on display at Suzhou Industrial Park. Although the company hasn't revealed how large it can print pieces, based on photographs on its website, they are quite sizeable. A Chinese company has successfully 3D... - The Zeitgeist Movement Global.

Addicting Info - The GOP has been so shamed by their... The Independent - Warning, this article may induce wincing... Salon - Wow: “You to go Saudi Arabia and you need two... Salon - This is how to do satire, folks… The Internet has destroyed human civilization! America’s greatest writer finally weighs in. “When, in the course of human events, mankind is free but everywhere he is in chains, let us pause for a moment to think about the fact that the Internet has destroyed human civilization. And by human civilization, I mean writers; and by writers, I mean ‘writers I know,’ and by writers I know, I mean ‘writers I know who I have slept with,’ and by writers I have slept with, I mean, ‘writers who I want to sleep with.’ I believe it was Henry James (or, as he was known in France, Henri Jacques) who wrote, ‘without the humanities, the Princess Cassimassima would have suffered from an excessively monochromatic pulchitrude.’

Where have all the essays gone? Long time passing.” I put down my quill, which I always use when writing criticism of importance, lean back in my chair, and sigh. Facebook. Part 5. - HuffPost Black Voices. Why the Story of Muhammad Ali's Rebellion Matters Today: Part 5  If you've been following my historical view of Muhammad Ali, you've learned about his rise to prominence, his religious and political awakening and his repudiation by the boxing establishment and mainstream American culture.

But in the rapidly changing climate of 1968, some things began to shift back in Ali's direction... You may access the other parts of this piece, as well as my other articles here. George Lois for Esquire Magazine. The Young Turks - WARNING these are very graphic images. Filming Cops - Photos du journal. Daily Kos - So offensive. Robert Reich - Should you be interested. Salon - Jon Stewart wasn't having any of it last night... Daily Kos - A new investigation. Kshama Sawant Gives #SocialistResponse to Obama’s State of the Union Address. On January 20, 2015 Socialist Alternative member and Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant gave the #SocialistResponse to President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address.

The transcript is below. Check out last year’s response here: Sisters and Brothers, Six years ago, Obama was elected on the hope that he would represent the millions, not the millionaires. When Obama delivered his first State of the Union address, Democrats occupied majorities in both the House and Senate. Today, after massive disappointment and disillusionment for the American people, he faces Republican majorities in both branches of Congress. Some of the proposals Obama made tonight point in the right direction: On taxing the rich, on providing free community college education, paid sick and maternity leave, and municipal broadband. But how does Obama plan to overcome the inevitable Republican obstruction? "Black lives matter. Black history... - HuffPost Black Voices. ‘The Daily Show’ blasts Fox’s apology to France and Alabama’s ban on ‘Sharia law’

Jon Stewart hosts 'The Daily Show' on Jan. 20, 2015 [YouTube] Even Daily Show host Jon Stewart was shocked by Fox News’ recent actions on Tuesday — not that they misreported a story, but that they actually apologized for it. “I’ll be damned,” Stewart said after watching examples of what he called Foxus Contritus in action. “How bad does bullsh*t have to smell before the odor is detected by people who live on a mountain made out of that substance?” The network issued multiple on-air apologies last weekend for reports about “no-go zones” that were shut off to non-Muslims in both France and England. Facebook. The Daily Dot - Microsoft just announced a bunch of new... Europe: where copyright law is so broken... - Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

The Anti-Media - Hollywood lies, and so did Kyle. Sorry... WIRED - Project HoloLens’ key achievement—realistic... The Mayor of Calgary, Canada Is The Coolest Mayor Ever. You Need To See This Guy’s Tweets. One Jay Leno Quote Perfectly Sums Up the Absurdity of the Bill Cosby Rape Allegations. Mic - Jay Leno absolutely nailed it. Facebook. Vice. Nassar bin Ali al Ansi taking responsibility for the Paris attacks. Screenshot via YouTube The same al Qaeda offshoot claiming responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo shootings is calling for lone-wolf attacks against other western nations—among them Canada—according to a private intelligence company, while an online jihadist calls for similar operations on western oil and media targets.

Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Intelligence—an American outfit monitoring global jihadist movements online—posted a report to its website showing a video of Nassar bin Ali al Ansi, the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), encouraging terrorist actions in the West. According to the intelligence group, in the video al Ansi recommends lone-wolf sympathizers carry out "better and more harmful" attacks against countries like America, Britain, Canada, and France. "In front of you are the oil and gas stations, and press and publication compounds... and others. "If you so choose to wear the same... - The Huffington Post Canada. The Daily Dot - It started with Craigslist. Then it... White ‘vigilante’ puts 62-year-old black man in chokehold for legally carrying gun in Florida Walmart.

Facebook. Daily Kos - Hilarious. France continues to mock Fox News for 'no-go zone' conspiracy theories. "Why can't President Obama say... - Socialist Alternative. Kshama Sawant Gives #SocialistResponse to Obama’s State of the Union Address. Bernie Sanders Goes On MSNBC and Shreds Morning Joe's Republican Talking Points. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and shredded one of the show’s favorite Republican talking points.

Sanders pushed back against the idea that President Obama has to agree with Republicans in order for things to get done. He got us. - HuffPost Politics. Remember when Obama's tan suit broke the... - HuffPost Black Voices. Transparency FTW! Here are... - Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) - Worried about streaming video with a VPN?... Maniac Cop ):(l) - A.P.E.~ America's Political Emancipators. Court Soundly Rejects Watchmaker's Attempt To Abuse Copyright Law To Stop Sale Of Its Watches At Costco. In a perfectly timed ruling by the 9th Circuit appeals court, watchmaker Omega's weak attempt to abuse copyright law to block the sale of some of its watches at Costco has again been rejected [pdf]. The timing is perfect because today is "You Bought It, You Own It" day for Copyright Week, and that was the key principle at stake in this case. This case has gone on for many, many years and we've covered many of the twists and turns.

The short(ish) version is that Costco bought a bunch of Omega watches intended for sale in Europe, not the US, then imported them and put them on sale in its stores, at a much lower price than Omega normally sells its watches in the US. Omega, in an attempt to block just this sort of thing, had inscribed a tiny globe on the back of the watch (where no one would ever really see it), then copyrighted that image, and sued Costco for infringement. In a bit of a surprise, the district court agreed that it was copyright misuse. Techdirt - In a perfectly timed ruling by the 9th Circuit... Meet Eufrat Mai, the woman who was the vagina model for the FleshLight. Your 100 Trillion Bacteria – uBiome. The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think  "The writer George Monbiot has called... - The Zeitgeist Movement Global. - And these guys want to collect our private... The Hacker News - Goooo... Daddy Domain Name Hijacking... The Daily Dot - It's not just the third season of House of... Feds Crack Down on Survival Preppers. NextNewsNetwork - JUST IN: Feds Crack Down on Survival... The Daily Dot - Even if you're not a Wonder Woman fan this... Mint Press News - "It target[s] people suspected of... The Daily Dot - Just wait until you see it in action. Occupy Calgary - p Here we go! This will fix that... Facebook. Salon - We're guessing Mike Huckabee is going to regret... Cheap and super strong. Would you live... - March Against Monsanto. This American Bro: A Portrait of the Worst Guy Ever. Photo by Jamie Lee Curtis Taete It is almost 9 AM on St. Cop Block - Photos du journal.