japanesian: Turenscape (Kongjian Yu) - japanesian: Turenscape (Kongjian Yu) - Qinhuangdao Red Ribbon Park“A ‘red ribbon’ was designed against the background of green vegetation and blue water. This ribbon stretches for 500 meters along the riverbank, integrating a boardwalk, lighting, seating, environmental interpretation, and environmental orientation. japanesian: Turenscape (Kongjian Yu) -
MVRDV Architecture / WATER CUBE / yeosu expo 2012 Korea - /////////// ArcStreet ////////// ARCHITECTURE ART DESIGN FASHION MUSIC & CO /////////////////////////////////////////// Jeudi 7 janvier 2010 4 07 /01 /Jan /2010 22:25 http://www.mvrdv.nl images: Luxigon pour MVRDV Le pouvoir et la beauté des oceans mis en exergue par la proposition de l'agence d'architecture MVRDV pour l'exposition de 2012. Comme s'il s'agissait de l'extraction d'un bloc d'ocean pour l'offrir aux visiteur de la yeosu expo 2012 en Korée. MVRDV Architecture / WATER CUBE / yeosu expo 2012 Korea - /////////// ArcStreet ////////// ARCHITECTURE ART DESIGN FASHION MUSIC & CO ///////////////////////////////////////////
Cool Infographics - Blog

Cool Infographics - Blog

Here are 44 Simple Daily Activities To Enjoy Your Work created by OfficeVibe to help keep the motivation high and add some fun back in your work day! You might think it’s a truism, but most people tend to forget this crucial fact:You should always make the effort to build good habits that will make you healthier, happier, and more productive over time.Also, when it comes to new habits, it’s important to remember that these are things to do for long term changes.This infographic will give you an overview of 44 habits to improve your productivity, your health and the overall quality of your workdays. A fun infographic for Friday! There is some fantastic information included in here.
We’re going to be making a Music Video for the song “You Got All You Need” - come & play along with the song in the great outdoors! To support this collaboration, we’re really excited to announce that SONY is going to be sending out FIFTY new Music Video Recorders (SONY HDR-MV1) to some of the more prominent and established musicians in our community! MUSICIANS: Play along to THIS SONG & RECord video yourself in Nature performing your part. You can download THIS ZIP containing all of the material you’ll need to contribute. AUDIO CURATORS: Make an Album of the Audio RECords on the site that you’re inspired by and contribute it the collab. Please contribute Albums no later than TUESDAY, April 22nd at 12pm PST. hitRECordJoe hitRECordJoe


Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce that we are starting production on Season 2 of HITRECORD ON TV! And, for our 1st request of the season, let’s start gathering Theme Ideas for our next 8 episodes of television. EVERYONE: Contribute a Text Record w/ your Season 2 Theme idea by Mon. 4/14. Contribute to the “SEASON 2 THEME IDEAS” collab HERE! Profit Proposals for 2013 have all been posted. hitRECord
Milk | Geçtiğimiz günlerde Uglydolls seramik serisini çıkardı. Evet yanlış okumadınız, artık Uglydolls’un birbirinden neşeli karakterleri vinil ve peluş materyallerden sonra oldskool seramikle de üretilecek. Şu anda seramik serisinde sadece kahve fincanı ve kurabiye kavanozu bulunuyor. Böyle devam ederse çok yakında karakterlerin… Milk |
(NDLR) Atlas Mnémosyne Aby Warburg La création constante d’une distance entre soi et le monde extérieur, tel est sans doute ce qui constitue l’acte fondamental de la civilisation humaine.


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ArchDaily | Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide This article by Marc Kristal from Metropolis Magazine, originally titled “Digital Details,” looks at the work of NRI, a New York company that is leading the way when it comes to 3D Printing (or rather, additive manufacturing) – finding that there is a craft in these machine-produced models after all. First things first: The term “3-D printing” is a misnomer according to Arthur Young-Spivey, the digital fabrication specialist at NRI—a 116-year-old, New York–headquartered supplier of reprographic services to architects and their tradespeople. “The correct term is ‘additive manufacturing,’” he explains. “People call it 3-D printing because it enables you to wrap your head around it, but in some ways it’s confusing.”
Mardi 15 avril 2014 2 15 /04 /Avr /2014 13:44 JazzBerry Blue cartographie de grandes villes connues pour souligner l’agencement de leurs rues. De New-York à Paris en passant par Jérusalem ou New Delhi, l’artiste autodidacte réussi à capturer […] Mardi 8 avril 2014 2 08 /04 /Avr /2014 13:50


Samedi 15 octobre 2011 6 15 / 10 / Oct / 2011 13:36 http://www.kunz-architektur.ch Designer: Peter Kunz Architektur /////////// USTI MAG ////////// a blog about architecture art de

/////////// USTI MAG ////////// a blog about architecture art de

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