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SAVE WATER CHALLENGE. Pure Waste Textiles Aims to Save 100 Million Liters of Water by Year's End. Pure Waste Textiles has launched a new Save Water Challenge to get companies to participate in reducing their water consumption.

Pure Waste Textiles Aims to Save 100 Million Liters of Water by Year's End

As its T-shirts are made from 100 percent recycled textile waste, no new cotton needs to be grown. This translates as a saving of 2,700 liters of water for every Pure Waste T-shirt produced, according to the team. So far the company has saved over 23 million liters by producing its eco-friendly shirts as opposed to typical manufacturing processes. Now Pure Waste is encouraging forward-thinking companies to buy their T-shirts and help be part of the solution.

“This is a perfect water saving story for your company to share,” the firm says. . + Save Water Challenge + Pure Waste Textiles. Tonlé, Cambodia's Largest Ethical Apparel Brand, Employs Zero-Waste Principles. Cambodia-based eco-fashion brand Tonlé are all about zero-waste production.

Tonlé, Cambodia's Largest Ethical Apparel Brand, Employs Zero-Waste Principles

They are currently the largest ethical apparel brand in the country, offering fair wages and a secure working environment since 2013. Their motivations stem from what they refer to on their website as the “enormous global problem” of excess waste material when factories value profit over the environment. From the get-go Tonlé decided to make this waste fabric their main component in their designs. Around 90% of their materials are recycled from factories and 10% are from sustainable suppliers with the aim of having a minuscule environmental footprint and maximum social benefit. They say that through their production methods they save 22,046 pounds of materials from ending up in landfills, in comparison to the average manufacturer.

As well as using sustainably sourced materials, the garments are made by hand using natural dyes and printmaking techniques. . + Tonlé on Kickstarter + Tonlé. Eco-Fashion Brand Made in Spain. REBECCA MIR GRADY. INKKAS® Shoes - Handmade in South America - INKKAS® Shoes - Handmade in South America. Eco-Friendly Swimwear. THIS IS NOT JUST FASHION. 100 Ethical Fashion Choices - From Worn Leather Loafers to Charitable Eco Labels.

22STARS / bridging cultures through fashion and design /22stars. Clothing For The Urban Bike Rider. Based in Providence, R.I., we created the eponymous Cleverhood, a smart-looking, high-performance street cape.

Clothing For The Urban Bike Rider

The ‘hood is designed, crafted and manufactured in the US, putting good people to work. It’s inspired by the slow bike movement and the simple, elegant way that the bike is affecting broad change in our cities. Fewer cars mean less traffic and pollution. Bikes bring people closer to their local surroundings. It means more open space, more interest in local shops, new expectations — and certainly a new sense of style and function. Our products are carefully crafted to ensure quality and reliability. We think the Cleverhood offers a special way for people to get out and experience the rain — rather than just getting wet. Cleverhood = Style & Performance. Upcyclisted - UPCYCLIST. The Green Style Blog. Slow Fashioned. Your Guide to the Good Life. FASHIONmeGREEN - Where style goes green. Ethical Fashion Forum. Ecotextile News. LUX&ECO - The Finest In Conscious Living.

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