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Sharewear. Upshift Swap Shop - About. While working as a designer in the fashion industry, I noticed a constantly changing wardrobe is what women crave; but along with that I noticed a lot of waste.

Upshift Swap Shop - About

One night while hosting a clothing swap I conceived the idea of a swapping system that would cater to fulfilling a woman’s ideal wardrobe while cutting down on the waste. All the garments and accessories find a new home and each swapper walks away with new duds. Upshift Swap Shop opened its doors on October 17, 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin. Wassen voor Nepal - Seepje. Turntoo. Sai-Tex International. An accelerator program for sustainable apparel companies. 24-hour arty people: why all-night reading beats raving in Taipei. If you are distraught at the closure of your favourite bookshop, you could try moving to Taiwan – to the island’s capital Taipei, to be precise.

24-hour arty people: why all-night reading beats raving in Taipei

There, every night, a shop owned by Eslite, Taiwan’s largest bookstore chain, is filled with bookworms, hipsters, even parents and children. When I visited the 24-hour shop, the busiest time was from 10pm to 2am. People were hunkered down in corners, sitting on the stairs, or hovering over the display tables. Everybody was absorbed in a book. Yao Hong, a 31-year-old office worker, who was sitting on a set of small, hardwood steps, explained why Eslite’s Dunnan branch is a favourite hangout. What attracts the large and loyal crowds is not only the wide selection of books – there are around 250,000 in the Dunnan store alone – but Eslite’s policy of allowing customers to read for as long as they want without having to buy.

Love Your Clothes. Innovation. Below are a few examples of how we are helping brands innovate.


Whether it be a startup or creating a new services the speed of change can be demanding, but when delivered properly the investment can pay dividends. ADAM. Media Intelligent. Since 2006, we have been helping ADAM strategically in its marketing and brand awareness. The company has grown to become the best in its field, acknowledged by Gartner and Forrester analysts. See more Adam Sesam. Sesam is our newest client. See more Sesam Freshd. Rewardrobe - London's first Slow Style Consultancy. This Restaurant Facade Tricks The Eye With Tape. Based in Madrid and Barcelona, this team of interior designers and art directors banded together to form (fos), a multidisciplinary agency that tackles all kinds of projects, including this ephemeral installation they call (fos).

This Restaurant Facade Tricks The Eye With Tape

Named after their own agency, (fos) means “melted” in Catalan and “light” in Greek, which happens to perfectly describe the new façade of this restaurant in Madrid. By using the color yellow to trick the eye, the restaurant’s façade now gives off a visual illusion of a projected beam of light from the light fixture hanging above. The team got busy with gobs of yellow tape, pineapples, painted pieces of art, lawn furniture, and accessories to create a visual spectacle that messes with your perspective.

When standing directly in front of the building, it looks as if an exaggerated single beam of light is shining down on the building and street. The yellow tape covers both the walls and street surfaces, following along with the shape of the beam. Clothing For The Urban Bike Rider. Based in Providence, R.I., we created the eponymous Cleverhood, a smart-looking, high-performance street cape.

Clothing For The Urban Bike Rider

The ‘hood is designed, crafted and manufactured in the US, putting good people to work. It’s inspired by the slow bike movement and the simple, elegant way that the bike is affecting broad change in our cities. Fewer cars mean less traffic and pollution. Bikes bring people closer to their local surroundings. It means more open space, more interest in local shops, new expectations — and certainly a new sense of style and function. Our products are carefully crafted to ensure quality and reliability. We think the Cleverhood offers a special way for people to get out and experience the rain — rather than just getting wet. Cleverhood = Style & Performance.

Withlocals - The marketplace for local tours, activities, home restaurants and private guides. David guarino builds caban beach house from palettes. Oct 20, 2013 david guarino builds caban beach house from palettes david guarino builds caban beach house from palettes all images © david guarino japan-based designer david guarino of a zillion ideas has realized a caban beach house in the town of hayama on morito beach. conceived for tomorrowland, the waterfront property is built from numerous shipping palettes and regional materials, constructed in collaboration with local artisans. the open air space is a cross between an outdoor lounge and café terrace, that includes a book store, james perse shop, shower and bathroom facilities that are lined with passeig de gràcia tiles. caban tomorrowland beach house by david guarinovideo by a zillion ideas café counter with a façade composed of planter boxes open every day (if it’s not too windy or rainy), the ‘caban beach house’ completely closes, hiding all doors and windows when not in use. built-in sit down counter faces the oceanfront general view of the pallet construction and furniture approach.

david guarino builds caban beach house from palettes

Sweatshirts – MUTTONHEAD. Redress: What is the positive power of fashion? Facebook. This is empowerment. Green Orange Fashion, sustainable fashion, eco fashion, organic, Green Orange Fashion. Over eerlijke kleding. Lancelots - voor en door freelancers. Crystal Head Vodka. Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie – KEEK – Lunchroom in hartje Utrecht. Tosti World - Home. KOKO Coffee & Design. Hotel.