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Ohita - Electrolux Design Lab 2013 on Behance. For Your Consideration, Climate Summit: China's Pollution in Pictures. Atlas of Risk - Health tools. Pollution. The school has completed the The First Class and presented projects, work in progress and collaborations at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.


CAN selects and presents 5 great projects that have drawn our attention. Landscape Futures is a recent book edited by Geoff Manaugh that unpacks the wildest intersections of landscape architecture, technology and perception. CAN interviewed Manaugh about the book last week to provide a window into this ambitious curatorial (and now editorial) project. …is a collection of projects forming Stefan Kuzaj and Jochen Winker‘s barchelor thesis at the Univesity of Applied Sciences Schwabisch Gmund.

Quote: There are four essential parts in making abstract information experiencable: information itself, relevant senses, fitting emotion and a direct reference of the presentation to the information. Julihan's Icônes. Pollution micro-monitors less useful than hoped. Those small, personal air monitors that are on the cutting edge of environmental technology and have been deployed in Louisville are turning out to be less useful than originally thought.

Pollution micro-monitors less useful than hoped

Backed by philanthropist Christy Brown and her Institute for Healthy Air, Water and Soil, an Air Quality Egg deployment announced in April has stumbled through technical difficulties and limitations. Pollution micro-monitors less useful than hoped. VLS & Stats atNight. Un mois de Vélib. + infos Cette visualisation permet d'explorer plus de 2 500 000 déplacements enregistrés sur le réseau Vélib en Avril 2011.

Un mois de Vélib.

Les données ont été fournies par JC-Decaux, cyclocity et la mairie de paris dans le cadre d'un partenariat avec l'ifsttar. Air PACA, Qualité de l'Air /html/polluants_seuils_effets_sur_la_sante.php. Les polluants surveillés sont des "indicateurs de pollution" : représentatifs d'une source bien particulière et identifiée, dont les toxicités sur la santé ou l'environnement sont connus et pour lesquels des techniques de mesure existent.

Air PACA, Qualité de l'Air /html/polluants_seuils_effets_sur_la_sante.php

La liste est amenée à évoluer avec l'avancée des connaissances scientifiques et les nouveaux composés mis sur le marché. D'autres polluants plus spécifiques peuvent être surveillés en fonction des particularités d'une zone ou du changement de la réglementation, comme les pesticides, les dioxines et furanes… Polluants de l'air extérieur. Veneerware Bamboo Plates. Wholesale | Hospitality Menu Catering, Parties & Events If you are hosting a dinner party, planning a wedding, or catering you next event, then consider “natural disposable” dinnerware from bambu.

Veneerware Bamboo Plates

Our All Occasion Veneerware® collection of plates, cutlery and appetizer tools are your natural choice. Elegant, Eco-Friendly & Economical All Occasion Veneerware® products are made from Certified Organic, renewable bamboo. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Strong link between higher levels of pollution, lung health of European citizens. New data has identified a clear link between higher levels of exposure to air pollution and deteriorating lung health in adult European citizens.

Strong link between higher levels of pollution, lung health of European citizens

This study confirms previous findings that children growing up in areas with higher levels of pollution will have lower levels of lung function and a higher risk of developing symptoms such as cough and bronchitis symptoms. Additionally, the new study identified that people suffering from obesity are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of air pollution, possibly due to an increased risk of lung inflammation. Senior author, Nicole Probst-Hensch and lead author Martin Adam, from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, said: "The ESCAPE project has clearly confirmed that air quality largely differs across Europe.

Polluants de l'air extérieur. EPA Scientist: Tools That Let Everyone Measure Air Pollution Are a “Game-Changer” The rumble of the train passing underfoot is a familiar sound to any New Yorker.

EPA Scientist: Tools That Let Everyone Measure Air Pollution Are a “Game-Changer”

But few realize that each time the train whizzes by, a plume of polluted air comes up through the street vents, causing a spike in fine particulate matter, or PM 2.5, a contaminant associated with asthma, heart attacks and other health problems. This was one of the more striking findings of AirCasting, a platform that allows individuals and communities to measure the air pollution in their surroundings. At a recent workshop in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, teens walked around the neighborhood, one holding an air quality monitor, called the AirBeam. Another carried an Android with an app that visually represents the data in real time; colored dots changed from yellow to orange to red to indicate a rise in the PM 2.5 levels. All the data was then uploaded to the AirCasting website, where it appears on an open-source map.

As for the AirBeam, Heimbinder was keenly aware of the challenges. Nouveaux Riches and Pollutants in New Chinese Dictionary. The Chinese national flag flies in front of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong on Aug. 27, 2014.

Nouveaux Riches and Pollutants in New Chinese Dictionary

(AFP Photo/Alex Ogle) Beijing. A new Chinese dictionary backed by the national language regulator offers a glimpse into the social and environmental concerns of the citizenry, adding nearly 100 phrases to the lexicon, a report said on Thursday. The additions to the third edition of the Standard Dictionary of Modern Chinese “underscore characteristics of the time”, publishing house Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press said in a statement.

Breathing Hong Kong's toxic cocktail of pollutants makes us stupid. Everyone knows that in Hong Kong we don't breathe air any more but a chemical soup which is bad for us.

Breathing Hong Kong's toxic cocktail of pollutants makes us stupid

But understanding how it harms us requires the multidisciplinary skills of geologists, biologists, chemists and psychologists. Heavy metals, the most dangerously toxic pollutants, have resided undisturbed in the earth's crust since its formation five billion years ago. They came from first-generation exploded star debris. Polluants de l'air extérieur.