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Clifford Stone: Paths To Contact. Clifford Stone is unique among those experiencing and investigating UFO and ET phenomenon.

Clifford Stone: Paths To Contact

He spent 22 years in the US Army as a part of an extremely elite and secret group that was rapidly dispatched to crash sites in order to recover UFO or ET craft, bodies, and artifacts. Since his retirement from the Army, he has devoted his time to a diligent Freedom of Information Act search of government archives. US Marines surprised by UFO !!! Soldier does LEBRONING ! Must see !!! La NASA sort un eBook qui semble suggérer que des extraterrestres ont laissé des messages sur de vieux rochers. La NASA sort un eBook qui semble suggérer que des extraterrestres ont laissé des messages sur de vieux rochers.

La NASA sort un eBook qui semble suggérer que des extraterrestres ont laissé des messages sur de vieux rochers

The Red-Haired Race And Their Conflict With 'The Gods' By: Leonard Farra - - The Guanches were the people living in the Canary Islands before the Spanish conquest in the 15th century.

The Red-Haired Race And Their Conflict With 'The Gods'

Although it’s believed that they were related to the North African Berbers, we should bear in mind that they were of mixed race. Some, who were a brownish shade, were of the Mediterranean Race and as others were tall, white, fair or red-haired, nobody has questioned why red-haired mummies have been discovered in caves (1). It’s not known when the Guanches arrived in the Canary Islands but, in common with people throughout the Early World, they claimed to be the survivors of a great flood which destroyed their former homeland (2). It’s generally believed that the deluge legends relate to the end of the Ice Age around 10,000 years ago. However, as we shall later see, there appears to have been a worldwide catastrophe several thousand years later and it appears to be the origin of the hundreds of flood stories that were told by the Ancients.

10 mai. Ancient Holographic Hall Of Records Found In Romania. There is an ancient sphinx located in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania and near the border of Transylvania.

Ancient Holographic Hall Of Records Found In Romania

The Romanian Sphinx is a natural rock formation on the Bucegi Mountains which are part of the Carpathian Mountains. The Romainian Sphinx was formed solely by natural erosion and appears as a human figure only when viewed from this particular angle. Sphinx of the Bucegi Mountains It is claimed by author Peter Moon that in 2003, the Pentagon discovered, through the use of state-of-the-art satellite technology, an anomaly within the Bucegi Mountains. 16 mai. UFO crash lands in China. Resident in the Heilongjiang province in China reported seeing three UFOs darting across the sky and apparently one of them came crashing down into in a man’s vegetable garden.

UFO crash lands in China

According to, villagers in Mengchang saw three objects falling from the sky this morning. Graphene Defies Thermal Conductivity Law. Graphene is a monolayer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb pattern.

Graphene Defies Thermal Conductivity Law

This arrangement gives it very special properties, including incredible strength and conductivity, while being remarkably lightweight. A group of researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P) in connection with the National University of Singapore have demonstrated graphene’s unlimited potential for heat conduction based on the size of the sample, contradicting the law of thermal conduction. The results were published in Nature Communications. 19 mai. Quand la lumière devient matière : l'incroyable expérience enfin réalisée ? Metropolitan Museum releases thousands of ancient images to public domain. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has just announced the release of more than 400,000 high-resolution digital images into the public domain from its world-renowned collection, according to a news release in Art Daily.

Metropolitan Museum releases thousands of ancient images to public domain

The now freely available images include thousands of ancient figurines, reliefs, paintings, manuscripts, and other artifacts spanning a period of 10,000 years, and covering all the great civilizations of our ancient past, as well as hundreds of cultures across the globe. The new initiative called Open Access for Scholarly Content (OASC), means that images may be downloaded directly from the Museum’s website for non-commercial use without permission from the Museum and without a fee.

OASC was developed as a resource for students, educators, researchers, curators, academic publishers, non-commercial documentary filmmakers, and others involved in scholarly or cultural work. 22 mai. NASA book explores how archaeology could contribute to understanding Extra-terrestrial Communication. A new book released by NASA as part of the official NASA History Series examines the contributions that archaeology and anthropology can make to contemporary SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) research.

NASA book explores how archaeology could contribute to understanding Extra-terrestrial Communication

L’espace-temps est-il « liquide » ? › Physique. Le protéome humain réserve quelques surprises. PROTÉOME.

Le protéome humain réserve quelques surprises

C’est l’équivalent du génome humain pour les protéines. 25 mai. La cosmonaute Russe Marina Popovich s’exprime sur les ovnis. Article source : Parlons La célèbre cosmonaute Russe Marina Popovich distinguée en tant que héros de l’Union soviétique a livré le 23 Mai 2014 ses expériences personnelles avec les ovnis et sa connaissance de la présence extraterrestre dans un entretien exclusif accordée à Alfred Lambremont Webre.

La cosmonaute Russe Marina Popovich s’exprime sur les ovnis

Dans le cadre de ses déclarations elle a affirmé ne jamais avoir été censuré par les autorités militaires russe . Elle a expliqué souhaiter visiter les États-Unis pour contribuer à convaincre le gouvernement américain et le Congrès de divulguer les éléments relatifs au phénomène ovni qui sont maintenus secret dans ce pays. Dans ce cadre elle invite ses amis astronautes Américain à le rejoindre et à la soutenir dans cette démarche. Pour Mme Popôvitch "Nous avons atteint un point dans l’évolution de l’intelligence humaine où il est plus logique et crédible de suggérer l’existence d’une vie au delà de notre monde que de la nier. 29 mai. Vidéo prise par une auditrice le 29 mai 2014. Ovni ou Pan...? Mystère dans le ciel, c'est quoi cette chose !!!!!!!!!!

» NBC Censors Snowden’s Critical 9/11 Comments from Prime Time Audience Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! 30 mai. Un Ovni filmé au dessus d’une plage au Chili, 30 Mai 2014 (Vidéo) Scientists Use Lasers To Regrow Teeth From Stem Cells. Google Has Developed A Self-Driving Car. There were 2.24 million injuries due to motor vehicle accidents in the United States in 2010, with human error largely to blame. Alcohol, distracted driving (texting/eating/talking), and driver decision error (speeding/driving aggressively/misjudgment of road conditions) account for over 85% of all accidents.

A total of 35,332 lives were lost that year due to motor vehicle accidents, which is more than triple the amount of people lost to homicide involving a firearm. Google is hoping to make the streets a bit safer by introducing a car that can drive by itself. La téléportation humaine serait techniquement "possible" Rien dans les lois fondamentales de la physique ne bannit la possibilité d'une téléportation de grands "objets", humains compris. Même si cela doit être expérimenter à plus large échelle, les résultats des scientifiques de l'Université de technologie de Delft aux Pays-Bas sont prometteurs. Passenger Captures UFO Over London. Bob Lazar de la Zone 51 / Base S4 s’exprime après 25 années (Vidéo/ANGLAIS)

Pollution-guzzling, Air-cleaning Buildings. Man Loses Pulse for 45 Minutes, Wakes Up With Incredible Vision of Afterlife. A trucker in Ohio shocked hospital staff after coming back to life nearly an hour after he lost his pulse following a massive heart attack — but it’s what he claims to have seen during those tense moments that has him sure there’s an afterlife. Brian Miller, 41, was opening the lid of a container when he knew something felt wrong — he immediately called 911 and told the operator, “I’m a truck driver and I think I’m having a heart attack.”

Sure enough, his main artery was completely blocked — causing what’s known as a “widow-maker” heart attack He was rushed to a local hospital where doctors managed to revive him and clear the blockage, but after regaining consciousness and feeling the pain dissipate, he developed ventricular fibrillation, when the heart starts quivering wildly and is unable to pump blood. We've Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention. - Today we present an interesting book devoted to beings more advanced than humans and how they have influenced our history. Evidence suggests that these outsiders shaped our religions, genes, technology, and cultures. In fact, they may have provided the impetus for modern civilization. Un enfant de 3 ans se rappelle de sa vie antérieure, identifie son assassin et trouve son corps. New Dual Carbon Battery Charges 20x Faster Than Lithium Ion.

Power Japan Plus has announced an innovative new battery that charges up to twenty times faster and lasts longer than high-end lithium ion batteries. The company boasts that electric vehicles with the ability to drive 300 miles (480 km) on a single charge may soon be a reality. The Ryden dual carbon new battery is cheaper, safer, and 100% recyclable, making it an attractive option that could bring high-performance electric cars to market more quickly.

Solar Roads Could Power An Entire Country. A small US-based company called Solar Roadways are developing a solar road surface that, if installed nationwide, has the potential to produce more renewable energy than the entire country uses. In fact, they’ve actually already developed a working prototype that’s been installed in a parking lot, and they’re now crowdsourcing funds in order to tweak the design and move towards production. Solar Roadways, which was started by Scott and Julie Brusaw in 2006, designed and developed hexagonal glass solar panels studded with LED lights that could be installed on a variety of surfaces such as roads, pavements and playgrounds. These panels would more than pay for themselves and would benefit both businesses and homeowners as the energy generated from driveways and parking lots could be used to power buildings, and any excess can be sold back to the grid.

Snow test: the powered row of panels are free of snow/ice. Les scientifiques ont créé l'ADN "Alien" Scientific Study Shows Meditators Collapsing Quantum Systems At A Distance. Numerous scientists over many years have studied the role of consciousness and how it can directly influence our physical material world. Large amounts of research have been published which clearly demonstrate that yes, consciousness and what we perceive to be our physical material world are directly intertwined. Russia and China announce decoupling trade from Dollar – The End for the USA is nigh‏ by Peter Koenig. Russia has just dropped another bombshell, announcing not only the de-coupling of its trade from the dollar, but also that its hydrocarbon trade will in the future be carried out in rubles and local currencies of its trading partners – no longer in dollars – see Voice of Russia Russia’s trade in hydrocarbons amounts to about a trillion dollars per year.

Other countries, especially the BRICS and BRCIS-associates (BRICSA) may soon follow suit and join forces with Russia, abandoning the ‘petro-dollar’ as trading unit for oil and gas. Mystery Of How The Egyptians Moved Pyramid Stones Solved. “Aliens put an implant in me...I needed therapy to help me remember” - Real Life Stories / That's Life / The Sunday Post. New super-heavy element 117 confirmed by scientists. New study reveals ancient Egyptians were mostly vegetarian.