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The Whole Grains Council. Organic Seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds - Organic Vegetable, Flower, Herb and Cover Crop Seeds, including Heirloom Varieties. Organic Seed Alliance - Supporting Organic Development of Seeds. Organic Seeds & Supplies. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Saving the Past for the Future. Seeds of Change Homepage. Heirloom Seeds: Sustainably Grown, Organic, Untreated and Open-Pollinated Sustainable Seed Company. Organic Heirloom Seeds Tobacco Peppers Herbs Tropicals Pest Eden EONS URL

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - 1400 heirloom garden seeds! Horizon Herbs-Organic growers of medicinal herb seeds, medicinal herb plants, organic vegetable seeds and organic garden seeds. Amishland Heirloom Seed Home. Natural Gardening Company, Certified Organic Seeds and Certified Organic Plants. Tomatoes are our specialty.

Home Page. Fork & Bottle: Seed Sources - Organic, Biodynamic, Heirloom & Heritage Seed Sources. Native Seeds/SEARCH The NS/S Seedbank houses (for future generations) the seeds of crops and wild plants traditionally used as food, fiber and dyes by prehistoric and more recent cultures inhabiting the arid southwestern U.S. and northwestern Mexico.

Fork & Bottle: Seed Sources - Organic, Biodynamic, Heirloom & Heritage Seed Sources

More than 2,000 different seeds are offered, representing traditional crops grown by Apache, Chemehuevi, Cocopah, Gila River Pima, Guarijio, Havasupai, Hopi, Maricopa, Mayo, Mojave, Mountain Pima, Navajo, Paiute, Puebloan, Tarahumara, Tohono O'odham and Yaqui farmers. More than a half of the offerings are corn, bean, and squash (aka the three sisters). They also have some seed assortments and they offer products other than seeds (on their website), such as dried beans, posole, salsas, chiles, etc. They have some interesting links to other sites, as well. I’m excited that they are offering devil’s claw seeds, of which the dried plant pods are spectacular.