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This one’s for you Bosley #SRM334. JMU WBB opens their season with a win. 93-53 dukes. Oppenheimer drops another FG making it 88-52 JMU with 2:13 left to play. A foul on Rouse puts Barrier on the line for JMU. After a couple of FTs JMU leads Longwood 77-42. Number 13, Smith in for the Lancers. 6:48 left in the game. Foul on Longwood. That makes 3 team fouls and puts Barrier on the line again.

McMakin scores again making the score 72-40 JMU. Foul on Odell, Barrier at the line for JMU. Lancer’s Rouse goes to the line after Green is charged with her 3rd personal foul. Starting the fourth quarter Smalls leads JMU scoring and McMakin leads for Longwood. Kiki Jefferson makes both FTs and sends the game into the 4th quarter with the score JMU 63 Longwood 35. McMakin replaces Smith for Longwood.

Carodine earns her first foul of the game. That makes 4 team fouls for JMU. Foul on Oppenheimer, Marciszewski takes her place on the court. Cooper-Williams has racked up 10 rebounds so far for the Dukes against Longwood. Time out taken. Score: 51-32 JMU with 4:54 left in the third quarter. Rouse is put on the line after a JMU foul. Smalls with another FG. Dukes lead 49-31 with 6:25 left in the third quarter. Foul on Odell which puts Barrier on the line. Merritt checks into the game for the Dukes after Green is helped off the court.

JMU’s third quarter starters: Barrier, Green, Smalls, Jefferson, and Cooper-Williams. The Lancer’s starting five for the 3rd quarter: McMakin, Smith, Rouse, Boothe, and Odell. Halftime score: JMU 39 Longwood 26. Jefferson fouls putting the lancers on the line. They make one of the FT. After a second personal foul on Green, Marciszewski comes in for JMU. Smalls scores again for the Dukes. She is currently the leading scorer for the Dukes. 39-25 JMU. Merritt comes in the game for Cooper-Williams for the dukes and Odell comes in the game for the Lancers. Oppenheimer with her first basket of the night. 37-25 JMU. McMakin with another basket for the Lancers. She is currently the leading scorer for Longwood with 15 points. Jefferson comes out the timeout and scores another FG. Timeout taken. 4:10 left in the second quarter. JMU leads 31-20.

Longwood’s Smith tacts on another foul making it 3 team fouls for the lancers. Longwood catches another charge and Smalls is charged with another foul. 4 minutes into the second period JMU leads 29-16. Green scores a FG to close out the first quarter making the score 23-12 JMU. Green and Merritt come in the game with 21 seconds left in the first quarter. Hamilton-Leroy fouls, putting Cooper-Williams on the line. Smith at the line for the lancers & she makes both FT making the score 20-10 dukes.

Barrier and Benitez back in the game for the Dukes. Reljic checks in for the lancers. After the FTs and another Jefferson basket JMU is up 18-6 with 2 minutes left in the first quarter. Smalls at the line after the longwood foul. Hamilton-Leroy now in for the lancers. 4:21 left in the first. Merritt checks in the game for the Dukes. Rouse at the line for Longwood after the Barrier foul. Jefferson with her first collegiate basket. 11-2 JMU with the lead. Freshman Kiki Jefferson checks in the game for Green. Longwood draws the charge. Green with the foul. Smith is the first to score for the lancers. 5-2 JMU.

JMU’s Green scores the first points of the game. 3-0 JMU. The game is underway as JMU wins the tip off. McMakin, Smith, Rouse, Boothe, and Odell are the starting five for the Lancers. Longwood went 3-27 last season, so they are definitely looking to reboot this season & start strong against JMU. Benitez, Barrier, Smalls, Cooper-Williams, and Green are the starters for the night. 4/5 starters have received preseason accolades. After one of the most successful seasons in school history the WBB is looking to expand on their success with plenty of returning players. Just 20 minutes until the JMU Women’s basketball team opens their 2019/20 campaign. Tip off at 5pm.