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Aussie IT Group WordPress developers are ready to build your website project quickly, efficiently & cost effectively. We build great things with WordPress.Talk to us about your web development project and have our WordPress developers create something amazing.

Website security checklist ! 5 Popular network monitoring and analyzing tools: Aussie IT Group May 25, 2014 blog The technology is now so advance that, being in Asia, we can use the computers physically located in America.

5 Popular network monitoring and analyzing tools:

All Thanks to networking infrastructure that we have made this world small. With this vast extension of network all round the world, security is one major concern. Everyone wants their data and network secure and intact. Whether private network of home/office or public network, these popular tools will help us to monitor and analyze our network to improve optimum security. Top 10 Hosting Company in Australia. A web host is a business that can store your website on its servers and publish it so the rest of the world can access it.

Top 10 Hosting Company in Australia

Most businesses have their website hosted by a third party provider. HTML5 Video Players. HTML5 Video Players: The HTML 5 draft specification introduced the video element for the purpose of playing videos or movie, partially replacing the object element.

HTML5 Video Players

HTML 5 video is intended by its creator to become the new standard way to show video on the web without plugins, but has been hampered by lack of agreement as to which video formats should be supported in web browsers. Flash still has a purpose when necessary, but most web developers would agree that the future of internet video HTML5. Responsive web design (RWD) It’s very irritating to view websites which are very long, scrolling every now and then to read the contents, and when its mobile device, the problem increases by 10 folds.

Responsive web design (RWD)

In order to resolve this, a new approach is made in web technology called Responsive web design. It helps optimizing the viewing experience of the website. A site designed with Responsive Web Design (RWD) automatically adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries, an extension of the @media rule. It optimizes the website to such level that the user feels they are using an application rather than a website.

Cache pages for offline usage: Mobile overtaking Laptop and desktop. Aussie IT Group February 2, 2014 blog From past few years, research has shown that 1.4 billion people around the world access internet Via mobile device (including Smartphone and tablet computer ) proving that mobile device are becoming more convenient to access internet.

Mobile overtaking Laptop and desktop

The Comscore ( Analytics for digital worlds- Comscore, Inc.) figured, published by Techcrunch– The latest technology news and information on startup , reveal that the number of users accessing the internet through mobile device worldwide has increased from 1.2 billion to 1.4 billion during 2012. This, in turn, as a significant increase from 2007 when about 400 million people used a mobile devices to access internet. The figure shows us how mobile device has increased rapidly for browsing internet from year 2007. There are two statistics one must look at. An Introduction to HTML 5. HTML 5 is the latest iteration of HTML released in 2011.

An Introduction to HTML 5

HTML 5 provided the long needed upgrade as well as paved the way to the future development. The project started on 2007 and is still in the development. It is presumed to be completed within 2022.HTML5 is backward compatible with its previous versions. It was designed to provide web rich experience without installing any extra plug-in. It supports multimedia contents and graphics much more easily than its previous counterparts. 4 ways to create richer web experiences. I’d like to talk about where the Web is headed in this article; many of the features I’ll cover may have limited support, so it is important to use resources like which has a robust list of features and charts specifying where they are supported.

4 ways to create richer web experiences

Let’s take a dive into the four ways you can enhance your site: CSS is the styling language for our documents; we tend to think of this in simple terms like changing font size or color, but it is becoming increasingly powerful with features like transforms and animations. We’re also getting new features to make it even more powerful. Like Vector Masks tools in Photoshop, CSS Clip Paths allows you to define a shape in the transparent and opaque parts of your HTML content. These work great with CSS Transitions for hiding and revealing UI elements. How to run Windows on Mac? - Web Design & Development Sydney.

Aussie IT Group August 3, 2014 blog Mac is one of the biggest players in computer world but still Windows is dominant operating system.

How to run Windows on Mac? - Web Design & Development Sydney

Mac and Windows are rival to each other from the beginning and every user who uses their system has their own points for advantages and drawbacks. Mac provides its own hardware unlike windows which is just software. So especially for Mac users there comes certain time when they need windows operating system to run specific program or application which have no alternative for Mac. There are different ways to run Windows over Mac which we can apply as per our needs. If we just want to run few application without the hassle of installing whole windows operating system there is one third party application which enable us to do so. Some cool hidden Google features, you may not have heard of! Internet giant Google has build lots of hidden features embedding with its Search engine for handy information .

Some cool hidden Google features, you may not have heard of!

This features are directly integrated to Google search engine and other services like google map, Google API. 1. 5 simple tips for making an appealing wordpress blog. So how do you make your Blog more attractive?

5 simple tips for making an appealing wordpress blog

Well WordPress can give you some advantages in making an appealing WordPress Blog. One of the great things about WordPress is its Versatility, meaning it’s relatively easy to get the look that best suits the subject of your blog. And if you know some basic programming, the possibilities are almost endless. Here are 5 tips you can follow and even inexperienced blogger can use it to make their blog beautiful, attracting loyal readership in the process. Best university of Australia -In terms of webpage speed - Web Design & Development Sydney. Aussie IT Group July 13, 2014 blog Australia is developed country as well as world’s 12th largest economy. With adult literacy rate as high as 99%, Australia have many universities. Many Australian Universities are ranked in top orders in the list of best universities around the world. The first and oldest university of Australia named “university of Sydney” was founded on 1850 followed by “University of Melbourne” three years later. Top 5 questions every small business owner ask to web-development company.

Because of the growing internet accessibility and ongoing online trend it is almost a necessity to have a website for a business whether it’s a corporate MNC or small home business. Your prospective clients are now not limited within your city and country. Because of the internet now you can easily connect with any people around the globe expanding your prospective client’s network. Now you can sell your product or service globally online and get paid in no time. Website is an all-time open noticeboard, where you can showcase your product or services online without any budget and time restriction as like in newspaper ad, TV ad etc. So your potential client can get the information about your product or services at any time as they need. Basic elements every small business website needs - Web Design & Development Sydney.

There are plenty of horrendous sites in the web, we are not just talking about bad design. There are plenty of other things beside design that will help you to make your sites customers friendly. Not to mention something that inspires them to actually do business with you. Here are some of the basic thing that all small business website need to make their website Customers-friendly and effectively help the business.

Clear Description Who you are: How to choose best web Development Company? Choosing a best Web Development Company is very critical because, the website developed by them is the first step to shape your business. You are hiring Web Development Company to give your best impression to your targeted market via World Wide Web. Before any one of your possible clients/customer actually visits you, they surely will visit your website. If your website is able to answer all their initial queries then they will likely approach you for work. 5 new Technology that could change the world - Web Design & Development Sydney.

Technology is simply making modification, usage and knowledge of tools, machines techniques, system and methods of organization, in order to solve the problem, improving the pre-existing solution to a problem and achieve goal. Technology is simply the essence of life. It the inevitable part of one’s life.Each and every moments and activities in our life is guided and supported by the technology. For instance the communication medium such as mobile phones, social networking site, emails, and various facilities such as ecommerce, e-banking and the list goes on. 10 Fun Facts About Microsoft. Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational corporation. It is the world’s largest software maker measured by revenues. IOS 8 Jailbreak. IOS is the mobile operating system developed by the Apple Inc. and distributed for its own apple hardware.

Originally, iOS was unveiled in 2007 for the iPhone. Then, apple extended the support of iOS for the various apple devices. Apple has various kind of the hardware which is amazing to use. IOS was first started from the 1.0 version and is upgraded up to 8.0 version and still upgrading the newer version for newer device. After the huge success of iOS 7, the Apple Inc. designed the eighth major release of the iOS mobile operating system known as iOS 8. The long wait for the iOS 8 jailbreak is finally over, as Chinese developer team Pangu has released its tool to jailbreak iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 untethered in most Apple devices.

5 Reasons To Use Typo3 CMS Development Sydney For Your Next Website. It has been very often said that a business person who changes his website CMS ends up changing his fortunes. 6 Top Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website. Aussie IT Group October 30, 2014 blog The WordPress platform has been around since 2003. Top 10 IT Billionaire - Web Design & Development Sydney. 1. Bill Gates He was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington in a rich family. His father was a lawyer and his mother served on the board of directors for First Interstate Bank and the united way. These 7 Little Known Apps Are A Must Have For Entrepreneurs - Web Design & Development Sydney. Technology is something entrepreneurs have embraced for an easier life Thanks to the numerous mobile applications such as Signeasy, Evernote and Google Keep, the daily life of an entrepreneur has become a whole lot easier.

Top 10 Freelance web developer of Sydney. 1. 52% of Businesses now using Wordpress for website. A recent study has revealed that WordPress has become the most trusted business content management system, despite it being originally designed as a blogging platform. The research, commissioned by domain name registrar, found that more than half of those surveyed (52%) use WordPress for their business website. Furthermore, nearly all (94%) of those who use WordPress for their site have between 1-50 employees, highlighting that it is small companies specifically that use this platform for business. Technical director at, Daniel Foster said of the study, “WordPress really has evolved from its origins as a blogging tool into a reliable CMS for businesses. Top 5 best seller theme of THEMEFOREST - Web Design & Development Sydney.

There is a tough competition in the world of themes for the websites. Now a days, website are getting more advance as the themes are getting more features on it . Top 10 expensive keywords in Google - Web Design & Development Sydney. Whats new on Samsung Galaxy s6 ? 7 Tips for Successful Mobile App Development in Sydney. Alternative and perspective view at freelance and web design. Top 5 Wordpress Theme Marketplaces. 5 social networking sites where you should be. The 5 most used Frontend framework of 2014. What is Search Engine Optimization? Information Graphic. Graphic Design VS Web Design.

What’s Hot And What’s Not In The World Of Software Development. Importance of Social media marketing for successful SEO. Why does quality content still matter? How to create reliable e-commerce experience? Recognize the Essential Rules for Effectual Navigation Design. Ways to make your web design more impressive. What makes a Good webpage? Introduction to the Web and Graphic design Tools that exploded in 2015. Top 5 Website Platforms. How to Ensure a Noteworthy Mobile Optimized Website. Top 10 freelance web designers in sydney. Simple Ways to Market your online presence. Quick SEO Tips You Should Not Miss. How to Promote Your Brand on Social Networks.

Do you Expect These Web Design Trends in 2017? Web Design Principles To Evaluate Your Business. Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business. Benefits of Mobile Friendly Website for Business. Effective ways to promote your company in social networks. Quick Look on WordPress themes 2016. Steps for Developing Successful Website. Wordpress Web Design & Web Development.