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f8. The f8 Preview: How Facebook Plans to Take Over the Web. Mark Zuckerberg @ SXSW 2008 by Deney Terreio via Flickr Facebook’s third f8 developer conference kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco and online, with the social networking company likely to announce what is essentially a game plan to not only socialize the web, but to marginalize the pre-social web.

The f8 Preview: How Facebook Plans to Take Over the Web

But while such a plan indicates a tussle with fellow upstart Twitter, the real battle is Facebook vs. Google. And it’s a battle that, armed with its game plan and 400 million (and growing) subscribers, Facebook is going to turn into an all-out war. As I wrote last week, the company’s vision of the Internet is one connected to Facebook’s brain via hooks — and four of those hooks are expected to be unveiled at f8: Facebook Connect 2.0 with auto-login featuresFacebook Presence BarShare/Like buttonsFacebook Location Log Me In, Baby Presence Is Everything The social networking giant is also said to be pursuing a way to give itself a unique presence on partner web sites, in the form of a toolbar.

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