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A Beginner's Primer to CharOp. > 4e Character Optimization. A few things worth knowing about the Character Optimization board: There's also a CO IRC channel!

A Beginner's Primer to CharOp. > 4e Character Optimization

The boards aren't the only place to discuss CO. Feel free to join us in ##4eCo on If you don't have an IRC client, there's also the browser interface at Channels=##4eCO It's a great place to hang out, meet some of the regulars and fine-tune ideas or ask questions. Masterplan. Obsidian Portal - Campaign websites for Dungeons and Dragons and. Dungeons & Dragons Online®: Eberron Unlimited™ Sign Up Now! - Your Guide To The Gods. Mythology with a twist! Icosahedrophilia » Dungeon Tiles Index. Running D&D from an iPad: my first experience. On Saturday, I tried to run my Stormhaven campaign session from my iPad, and I’ll have to give the experience mixed reviews. In general, I was happy with the iPad’s responsiveness and with the ability to use a small handheld device instead of needing table space for my laptop.

One of my key tools, though, failed for reasons I still do not understand, which dragged the experience down for me. First, let’s talk about those tools.