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The Power of WordPress Weblog CMS. Wordpress. Ber|Art levert en host CMS weblogs, blogs gebaseerd op het open source pakket WordPress.


Al vanaf € 299,00 leveren wij kant en klare en op maat gemaakte WordPress CMS weblogs, ook verzorgen wij de complete zoekmachine optimalisatie, Social Media integratie en Social Media Strategie. U hoeft dus nog alleen uw eigen artikelen en pagina’s toe te voegen aan uw WordPress CMS weblog. Wij leveren hier professionele SEO optimalisatie en plug-ins bij en volledige Social Media integratie (Branding) De voordelen op en rij: * Content Management Systeem (CMS) eenmalige aanschaf en dan alles zelf aanpassen!

WordPress Hosting Pakketten (inclusief Design en volledig onderhoud) 1. 2. Wat is WordPress? WordPress is de afgelopen tijd enorm doorontwikkelt en tegenwoordig uitstekend te gebruiken als Content Management Systeem (CMS). WordPress is ontwikkeld door Matthew Mullenweg, maar het wordt door een flinke groep ontwikkelaars ondersteund. Oscar Gonzalez Trending. WordPress SEO Hosting Google SEO Zoekmachine Optimalisatie. WordPress 3.3 Beta 4. 10 WordPress dashboard hacks - Remove dashboard menus When building a WordPress blog for a client, it can be a good idea to remove access to some dashboard menus in order to avoid future problems such as the client “accidentally” deleting the custom theme they paid for.

10 WordPress dashboard hacks -

Paste the following code in the functions.php file from your theme directory. The following example will remove all menus named in the $restricted array. » Source Define your own login logo Although it doesn’t have any importance for the blog performance or usability, most clients will be very happy to see their own logo on the dashboard login page, instead of the classic WordPress logo. » Source Replace dashboard logo with yours Just as a client will love to see their own logo on WordPress login page, there’s no doubt that they’ll enjoy viewing it on the dashboard too.

» Source Disable the “please upgrade now” message WordPress constantly release new versions. One more time, nothing hard: paste the code in your functions.php, save it, and it’s all good.


Featured Images « Support — A featured image represent the contents, mood, or theme of a post or page. Posts and pages can have a single featured image, which many themes and tools can use to enhance the presentation of your site. With custom header images, you can display your own photo on your blog’s page headers. Featured images allow for even greater customization, giving you the option to display unique custom header images for specific posts and pages or set thumbnails for special features of your theme.

Setting a Featured Image Open the editor of the post or page where you want to display a unique custom header image, and locate the Featured Image module in the bottom right corner under Page Attributes. If you don’t see the Featured Image module on your Add New or Edit Post page, please make sure you’ve selected Featured Image in your Screen Options. You will see an uploading screen identical to that used when inserting an image into a blog post. Next, click the button Set Featured Image: ↑ Table of Contents ↑ Essential Wordpress Hacks to BOOST your Blog — tripwire magazine. WordPress needs no introduction.

Essential Wordpress Hacks to BOOST your Blog — tripwire magazine

It is THE blogging platform these days and usually known as the synonym for blogging. It’s a fact that WordPress is getting more and more popular and that tons of blogs are powered by it. The community around WordPress is excellent providing free themes and plugings in nearly any form ans shape to meet your specific needs. Still there are must have stuff that we don’t have simple out of the box solutions for except for using so called WordPress Hacks. (not sure Hack is the right word always but it’s what people call it.).

Advertisement Flexible Recent posts widget Most hits on a blog goes directly to post pages via referring sites, search engines, rss readers etc. To create the widget illustrated to the right you need functionality to pull out the most resent articles from the database and turn this into html. Below the interesting parts will be briefly explained. This is the SQL query that pull out the most recent posts from the database. <li><a href="<? Free WordPress Themes. Categories vs. Tags « Support — Once upon a time, only provided a Category option.

Categories vs. Tags « Support —

Categories allowed for a broad grouping of post topics, but when you wanted to describe a post in more specific terms, more categories were required. That led to very long category lists inside the blog and very long lists in Categories Widgets. So we now have tags, too. Tags are similar to categories, but they are generally used to describe your post in more detail. For example: Frequently Asked Questions We understand that it may be a bit confusing upon first glance (especially to new bloggers), so here are some common questions and answers that may help you out. Do I have to use tags? Are categories and tags hierarchical? Is Tag the same as tag ? Is there a limit to the number of tags I can have? Is there any advantage to using tags or categories, or both?