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Ryan Brown

Blogger and health enthusiast connected with an MMA gym Melbourne specialising in various mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids. Visit for more details.

MMA Melbourne Gyms - How to Choose. How to Spot an Authentic BJJ Melbourne Gym. 5 Important Facts about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Everyone Should Know. Getting started with us - MMA gym Melbourne. Benefits of Thai Boxing for Kids. Change Your Life with Boxing Melbourne - Ryan Brown - Medium. In my previous post, I recounted my love affair with Thai boxing.

Change Your Life with Boxing Melbourne - Ryan Brown - Medium

But the truth is, before I fell in love with Muay Thai, I was actually an avid amateur boxer. What initially propelled me to scour MMA gyms in Melbourne was the thrill of hitting heavy bags and speed bags. I sincerely enjoyed the adrenaline rush I received with every boxing sesson. Much like Muay Thai, boxing is heavily criticised as a violent sport. Players get beaten to a pulp. But not many people understand that there’s more to boxing than meets the eye. Below are key principles I learned from years of boxing lessons: Strike while the iron is hot Boxing is about throwing the right punches at the right time. 2. This is the hardest part and not everyone can pull it off cleanly. You summon the right amount of force, release it on your fist and wait for the other party to drop. 3. Patience is key for boxers — amateur or not. Throwing the right punch at the right time means waiting for the perfect opportunity.

How to Make Your Children Enjoy Kids Thai Boxing by Ryan Brown. Articles by Ryan Brown Fitness & MMA Melbourne Blogger Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is one of the more famous contact sports and mixed martial arts.

How to Make Your Children Enjoy Kids Thai Boxing by Ryan Brown

Originating from Thailand, Muay Thai penetrated its way into the mainstream as a defensive type of martial arts before becoming a popular fitness activity for both adults and kids. Kids' Self-Defence Classes While many adults enrol in Thai boxing classes in Melbourne, they are usually sceptical when it comes to their kids. Needless to say, as long as you do your research, you will be able to find a reputable MMA gym in Melbourne and enrol your kid(s) without worrying about their safety. Benefits of Kids' Thai Boxing Without further ado, we list down the top benefits of Thai boxing for kids: (1) Increases mental strength, which children need as they grow older (2) Enhances physical strength and immune system (prevents them from easily getting sick) (3) The physical nature of Muay Thai helps manage your children's weight When to Enrol. Why Enroll Your Child in Kids’ Thai Boxing Classes? Martial arts is a healthy form of exercise for growing children who need a physical outlet to their excessive energy.

Why Enroll Your Child in Kids’ Thai Boxing Classes?

But more than just enhancing their physical strength and utilising energy, Thai boxing classes for kids and martial arts in general can teach your kids important life skills. Benefits of Kids Thai Boxing Here are a few other skills that kids can learn from martial arts : Self-disciplineInner strengthBetter reflexesFlexibilitySelf-defenceHumility/graciousness ( especially in defeat) Tips Before Joining an Intensive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fitness Program. Behance. My 2019 MMA Melbourne Resolutions : ryanbrowncms. Brazilian Jiu jitsu and MMA classes near me in Melbourne. For a genuine MMA experience, Invictus provides up-to-date MMA and generic gym equipment that accommodate members of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Brazilian Jiu jitsu and MMA classes near me in Melbourne

From free weights and cardio to strength and endurance, you can find a diverse range of MMA and fitness equipment for both basic and advanced workouts. Invictus is conveniently located in Assembly Drive, Tullamarine, a suburb in Victoria. Finding us is easy. Just type Invictus MMA Gym Melbourne on any map application to view directions to our fitness centre. There is a nearby freeway so you can easily drive to and from our location. We are surrounded by recreational spots and commercial zones, where you can chill, hang out or relax after a rigorous sweat session. Invictus offers more than just regular MMA classes. Membership at Invictus Gym. FREE TRIAL!

Membership at Invictus Gym

No joining or cancellation fees! ​ We understand the importance of feeling safe and comfortable in any training environment, whilst being challenged to push your limits and reach your goals. It is because of this that we provide an opportunity for new members to train with us for a whole week absolutely FREE, before making the decision to join the Invictus family. We are so confident in our coaches, classes and overall training environment, that we believe you will trial and only want MORE. To activate your trial with Invictus, come in and see us! Invictus Gym. MMA is a full body combat that involves a range of fighting techniques to overcome an opponent.

Invictus Gym

Involving techniques such as striking, grappling, sprawl and brawl, ground and pound, and cross-training, this discipline is a multidimensional craft that will have you ready for any situation, whether it is in the ring or self-defence when necessary. This exhilarating sport is a combination of techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai and Boxing. This class will equip members with knowledge, skills and fitness that can be utilised across many situations.

Boxing Boxing is a combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and will by throwing punches. Wrestling. Our Invictus Gym team members. Empower Yourself with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids: 5 Reason Why Kids Should Learn BJJ.