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Curation. 3 Digital Reading Challenges for Summer. This summer, more than ever, how we read may be just as important as what we read.

3 Digital Reading Challenges for Summer

In April, researchers at West Chester University published a report arguing that eReaders could lead to decreased comprehension and fluency. In this New York Times article, the professors suggest that the interactivity, easy access to a dictionary, and constant use of text-to-speech could actually hinder the development of students' reading skills. However, the examples highlighted in the article focus on the content -- comparing traditional, paper-based books to electronic versions with a high level of interactivity such as games and video -- rather than addressing the skills and strategies implemented in the reading process. Fun Assessment for Silent Sustained Reading. My 90 minute English class begins with 15 minutes of silent sustained reading every day.

Fun Assessment for Silent Sustained Reading

I prioritize this time because I know students won’t love every book we read as part of our curriculum. I want to give them the opportunity and time to read anything that interests them. They can read whatever they want…graphic novels, biographies, popular young adult books or science fiction.