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Richards Wilcox

| Since 1880, Richards-Wilcox has been the leading manufacturer of SPECIALTY DOOR hardware and door accessories for slide, swing, and slide-fold doors used in barns, stables, RESIDENCES, contemporary buildings and historic buildings, too. Our products include sliding door track systems, heavy duty hinges, pulls, handles, and latches all backed by a 10 Year warranty, the longest in the industry. Richards-Wilcox Hardware is manufactured with pride in the U.S. in our plant in Aurora, Illinois.

From Sliding Doors to Décor Camouflage: 3 Clever Ways to Disguise Your TV. TVs are an essential feature of the modern home and every year they get thinner yet bigger.

From Sliding Doors to Décor Camouflage: 3 Clever Ways to Disguise Your TV

That can present problems for the more design-conscious among us. Although we’ve come a long way since the days when Americans watched their favorite shows on boxes that sprouted rabbit ears for antennas, modern flat screens can still be an eyesore to those who care about the look and feel of their living room. With each new model, TVs seem to take up more wall space, forcing homeowners to make tough decisions about their décor. Of course, a flat-panel TV can complement some ultra-modern spaces by its sleekness and slimness. Unfortunately, it often looks out of place in most other homes. Since a large black hole in the middle of a chic wall is hardly the most elegant statement, interior decorators have been busy coming up with creative solutions. Sliding Doors to Oversized Couches: Designing the Modern Home Office. A well-designed office can increase comfort, boost productivity, and spur creativity.

Sliding Doors to Oversized Couches: Designing the Modern Home Office

That’s as true of home offices as it is of corporate offices. From sliding doors to articulating keyboards, here are some of the top trends in home office design. The Modern Home Office These days, many employees and business owners work from home at least part of the time. The shift to a partially mobile workforce has moved the home office to center stage. You would be wrong. Lessons from the Tiny House Movement: 10 Ways to Maximize Space. Tiny houses are taking the world by storm.

Lessons from the Tiny House Movement: 10 Ways to Maximize Space

From homey and rustic to contemporary and sleek, these diminutive dwellings are as diverse as the people who inhabit them. Driven by a desire for financial freedom, more time, and a lighter environmental footprint, those who embrace tiny living come from all walks of life. Tiny houses are inarguably less expensive than the typical 2,600 square-foot American home. They generally involve less debt and risk, they’re easy to maintain, and they demand pared-down living, all of which are very appealing to a growing segment of the population.

At its core, tiny living is a back-to-basics movement. One advantage of going tiny is that it affords homeowners the luxury of investing in the finer details, from installing an interior sliding barn door with complementary hardware to choosing a handful of decorative statement pieces that you really love. Ready to Install Your Sliding Door? Here’s What You’ll Need. Congratulations on your new sliding door!

Ready to Install Your Sliding Door? Here’s What You’ll Need

Perfect for confined spaces that won’t fit a traditional swinging door or for open spaces that need a little extra privacy, barn doors are the ideal solution for the modern home. Now, however, comes the tricky part—putting it all together. First things first: You’ll need to gather all the necessary tools and materials. Thankfully, there are plenty of barn door hardware kits that make assembling your interior sliding door easier than ever. So, what do these kits include, and what other tools will you need to do the job correctly? The Pros and Cons of DIY Installation. 10 Ways to Transform Your Home with Sliding Doors.

If you’ve ever had to shimmy around a door to squeeze into a tight space or small room, you know how cumbersome standard swinging doors can be.

10 Ways to Transform Your Home with Sliding Doors

A door that opens into a room can significantly reduce the functionality of the space, especially in small rooms or spaces with odd dimensions. Installing a Sliding Door? 12 Questions to Ask Your General Contractor. Installing an interior barn door can be exciting.

Installing a Sliding Door? 12 Questions to Ask Your General Contractor

It can also be challenging if you’re not prepared for all the nitty gritty details of the job. While some people choose to do the installation themselves, many opt to hire professionals. If so, you’ll need to ask the contractor the right questions to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are 12 of the most important inquiries to make before installing that awesome new sliding door. Selecting the Right Contractor The first step is to choose the right contractor for the job. . #1: Are you a licensed and bonded contractor? Most likely, you’ll be hiring a professional general contractor for their universal knowledge. You’ll want to make sure the contractor you hire is licensed and bonded. Six Ways to Revitalize Your Home's Interior Spaces. There are some basic elements that help a room really stand out—these include lighting, color, and texture.

Six Ways to Revitalize Your Home's Interior Spaces

Even with all of these elements present, though, a room that isn’t properly balanced can feel either too cluttered, or cold and uninviting. Without enough texture, especially, a room can feel sterile—this is true even with minimalist décor. Ultimately, it’s about finding the balance that suits your taste and comfort level—you may prefer a space brimming with color, different visual elements, and textural details, while someone else might prefer minimal detail, clean lines, and a muted color palette.

Whatever your personal taste, here are some eye-catching ways to transform your interior spaces. 1: Sliding Doors Sliding doors are an innovative way to create visual interest and save space in any room.