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Façade Engineering Blog: Hotel Me in Barcelona (Dominique Perrault, 2008) Summary--The specifications of the Hotel Me project required a particularly innovative facade design.

Façade Engineering Blog: Hotel Me in Barcelona (Dominique Perrault, 2008)

This article describes and explains the unusual solution developed by the façade designers, in answering the specification’s requirements. 1. Introduction One of the Engineer’s tasks is to execute the Architect’s design. 3D-Fassaden: Einzigartigkeit in Serie. Die Gestaltung der Fassade basiert auf parametrischen Entwurfsmethoden.

3D-Fassaden: Einzigartigkeit in Serie

Bisher waren individuell gestaltete 3D-Fassaden nur sehr aufwendig und als Sonderlösungen realisierbar. Wirtschaftlich und einfach zu planen ist nun dieses neue, nach dem Prinzip der Mass Customization entwickelte Fassadensystem. Komplexe Fassadengeometrien in Verbindung mit parametrischen Gestaltungsmethoden charakterisieren das “Schüco Parametric System”. Zentraler Baustein ist die durchgehende Digitalisierung der 3D-Prozesskette in allen Entwurfs-, Ausschreibungs- und Fertigungsstufen auf Basis der Schüco Standardsysteme. Das Parametric System ist die konsequente Weiterentwicklung der Schüco Systemfassaden hin zu geometrisch individuell gestaltbaren Gebäudehüllen und bietet damit enorme planerische Freiheitsgrade: Die Einzelflächen der 3D-Hülle lassen sich beispielsweise mit opaken oder transparenten Funktionselementen zur Lichtlenkung oder solaren Energiegewinnung belegen.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie HIER. Untitled. March 26th, 2014 by Sumit Singhal Article source: LAB Architecture Studio This competition winning design proposal for a new city government office complex in Xitaihu New Town incorporates a 5 star hotel with full conference and meeting capability together with a range of restaurant and support facilities.


One World Trade Center February 17th, 2014 President's Day. CTC Curtain Wall Install Video. Dalian Daily Skyscrapers Resemble Shards Of Glass / GraftLab. German based GraftLab designed three towers in the heart of newly prestigious Chinese city of Dalian.

Dalian Daily Skyscrapers Resemble Shards Of Glass / GraftLab

The development will rise in the center of business district and it comprises of two residential towers, a high-rise for Dalian Daily Newspaper’s headquarters and commercial facilities housed in lower, three-story volume which provides base for the towers. The focus of the design on the extreme verticality of the proposed volumes and each volume is composed of multiple vertical planes, breaking off at the top of the structure resembling shards of glass. Business Innovation Centre FiftyTwoDegrees. Anchor At the start of the new millennium, Philips Semiconductors (now NXP) wanted to expand its current production and research site in Nijmegen by creating a new knowledge centre for the development of semiconductors.

Business Innovation Centre FiftyTwoDegrees

The existing production site is sealed off and fenced in for security reasons, yet the new knowledge centre, where technology, science, culture, work, living and leisure come together, encourages encounters and collaboration among diverse parties. The name of the complex refers to the site’s 52nd degree of latitude, which like the ambition of its initiators, spans the entire world. Not only the name, but also the building’s figure must illustrate this ambition. Status: Built Location: Nijmegen, NL Additional Credits: programmeMultifunctional complex of 70,000 m2 with offices, conference halls, a theatre (2400 seats), catering facilities, apartments, retail and sports facilities clientICE Ontwikkeling, Nijmegen; Ballast Nedam Speciale Projecten (uitvoeringsfase) Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture . Projet . Tour Majunga. Twin. The World's Best Photos of parkwaygate. Flickr Hive Mind is a search engine as well as an experiment in the power of Folksonomies.

The World's Best Photos of parkwaygate

All thumbnail images come directly from Flickr, none are stored on Flickr Hive Mind. These photos are bound by the copyright and license of their owners, the thumbnail links take to you to the photos (as well as their copyright and license details) within Flickr. Because some other search engines (Google, etc.) index parts of Flickr Hive Mind, you may have been led here from one of them.

Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind, almost certainly the best search engine for photography on the web. Ian Simpson Architects. Ian Simpson Architects. Ian Simpson Architects. Ian Simpson Architects. Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. Guangdong Bravo Pazhou Mixed Use Project. JAHN. Lahdelma & mahlamaki architects: museum of the history of polish jews.

Apr 18, 2013.

lahdelma & mahlamaki architects: museum of the history of polish jews

Studio Two - Relational Architecture. Laying out the industrial program on site in accordance to different degrees of flexibility and requirements of the elements.

Studio Two - Relational Architecture

This is the first of 3 drawings showing the individual approaches of users, planting and industry. These drawings will then be over layered to form a specific site strategy. Page looking at the requirements for ethanol / vodka production, I have chosen to manipulate the process structure in such a way as to place unusual elements in close proximity to each other. This reflects the users of these spaces whom would not usually be found sharing place. Also indicated is how the by products could be potentially used to make temporary structures around the ring. choosing a site March 26, 2007. Organicités Piraeus Tower. Two layers are added to the existing structure: A perforated concrete façade and a screen of glass panels.

Organicités Piraeus Tower

The perforated concrete facade wraps the skeleton breaking with its emphatic verticality and replacing it with a more homogenous texture of openings. The materiality of this added layer and its perforations introduce a notion of solid, which underlines the strong presence of the tower in Piraeus. The openings are positioned within a grid by an engine that tends to create bigger windows the higher the floor to accentuate the stunning views over the port of Piraeus and the city of Athens.

Jinao Tower. Jinao Tower will anchor the entry to Hexi District, an emerging commercial and civic hub.

Jinao Tower

The building’s distinctive faceted form is derived from the juxtaposition of its major systems. A double-skin facade provides solar shading and creates a climatic chamber of air, offering excellent insulation in the hot summer months. Vented openings in the outermost curtain wall allow wind pressure to draw built-up heat out of the cavity, lowering temperatures along the inner exterior wall.

The structural system, an “infinite column” (named in homage to Brancusi’s Endless Column sculpture in Romania), consists of a tube-in-tube system of reinforced concrete.

CCTV Facade

Work Is Continuing At The Construction Site Of The University Of Seville Library By Zaha Hadid. Work is continuing at the construction site of the University of Seville Library. The building will provide residents and visitors to Seville with a state-of-the-art public library and reading rooms, exhibition hall, and conference facility. Projects such as this library – offering a wide range of civic, cultural, educational and research programs – are vital for every community.

Wenzhou High-Rise. North-east of the city centre, not far from the banks of the Ou Jiang river, lies the new Central Business District of the eastern China metropolis of Wenzhou. Located on the southern edge of the business district, the 160 m high Wenzhou Tower forms an impressive architectural gate condition for the entire new city development. The tower consists of a five-storey podium for spacious retail arcades, restaurants and spas, office units are at mid-height and a hotel on the upper storeys. Elevated pedestrian footbridges connect the retail area to the neighbouring buildings within the masterplan for a continuous shopping experience. The programmatic division of the tower is legible from its façade setback and two main sky lobbies. Revestimientos-fachadas-mallas-metalicas-64960-1885631.jpg (600×600) Proposal for New York Skyscraper Cantilevers Lobby Over Its Neighbors (511660) Fachada Receptiva, para remodelación de torre de oficinas en Seúl, UNStudio.

© UNStudio UNStudio ha ganado el concurso para la remodelación de la sede Hanwha en Seúl. Con el objetivo de transformar el edificio en un símbolo de los valores del liderazgo en tecnología amigable con el medio ambiente de la compañía; el proyecto ganador de UNStudio reemplazará los paneles opacos de una sola capa de vidrio oscuro del rascacielos, por una fachada dinámica diseñada para reducir la ganancia solar, aumentar la luz natural, generar energía, e interactuar con su entorno. Como describe Ben van Berkel de UNStudio: “Por medio de un gesto sencillo e integrador, el diseño de la fachada de la sede de Hanwha HQ implementa sistemas inclusivos que impactan significativamente el clima interior del edificio, mejoran la comodidad del usuario y aseguran un alto nivel de sustentabilidad y economía. La proporción entre muro y vanos de la fachada tuvo como objetivo lograr 55% de transparencia a través de todas las elevaciones.

090706_type_f.jpg (640×604) Performative Envelope Lab. “It’s a systemic approach—they presented different strategies for different envelope and shading propositions,” juror William Massie says, explaining why Performative Envelope Lab research by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) stood out from the pack. SOM based its research on nine buildings, designed by different teams within the firm, each illustrative of forward-thinking building-envelope design. Projects covered techniques from frit patterns to parametric design to environmental shading.

The SOM team looked at curtainwalls post-construction and drew conclusions from real conditions, not solely from modeled performance. The jury lauded a large firm’s commitment to self-evaluation and a continual manipulation of the exterior envelope in order to respond to the demands of each site. The lab’s criteria went beyond factors of energy consumption or sustainability, and included issues of cultural context, identity, and security. Project Credits. “Fangda Business Headquarters” Winning Entry / Huasen Architects "Fangda Business Headquarters" Winning Entry / Huasen Architects – ArchDaily. Tadawul Tower|NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD.