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Product Detail. From Clipboards to iPads: Mobile Apps for the Meeting Planner Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2011Start Time: 11:00 AM CST/6:00 PM CETPresenters: Midori Connoly, Sam Smith and Ruud Janssen Member Price: FREEMPI Connect Price: $25 USDNon-Member Price: $50 USD Technology Series: Part 5 of 5 Meeting planners were some of the first people to carry mobile phones – the immediacy of communications and urgent nature of our meeting industry required constant contact.

Product Detail

Today almost every meeting planner has a phone in their pocket, purse or strapped to a belt – but are we utilizing these mobile devices to their fullest extent? FRESH Dinner IMEX11 Frankfurt. Right beneith the ECB building, a unique location in Frankfurt, our underground gathering unfolds ...

FRESH Dinner IMEX11 Frankfurt

FRESH dinner is the place where you meet others with an interest in the content side of meetings. You will have the opportunity to meet meeting planners, meeting designers, facilitators, ROI specialists, technology suppliers, actors etc. Our last dinner at IMEX Frankfurt was a great success attracting 85 participants with the functional fun of More Balls Than Most, pioneers in using actors to drive communication in meetings and Wim Rombaut as an ‘energy cocktail’ for conferences. This time We will have the international communication theather YESSI JADA on stage, re-FRESH-ing our batteries with their performance. Remember that this is not your average party with loud music and free drinks.

A big congratulations and thank you for a very successful edition of the MSI dinner at Living XXL. Online Learning. 2011_CMM_Award_Release. 5 Lessons From the TED Conference. The annual TED conference, held at the Long Beach (Calif.)

5 Lessons From the TED Conference

Performing Arts Center, brings together diverse speakers and listeners for four days of presentations and networking. And it has one advantage that corporate planners may never have: TED chooses its audience. “Without an amazing audience, we couldn’t attract amazing speakers,” organizers say at “Our speakers aren’t paid—they attend because of the audience.” That’s not the only meeting tenet flipped on its head by TED. You may have seen some of those presentations, in fact.

Youtube lanceert livestreaming voor events. Understand your online social capital. Land of Opportunities and Possibilities « Making It Happen. What is it about a destination that makes it the right fit for any given event?

Land of Opportunities and Possibilities « Making It Happen

Is it the glorious beaches and fantastic weather? Is it the pristine transport infrastructure? Is it the reputation for quality and excellence? All of these are certainly important, but I would say that above all the desire to host events is the most important factor, especially when it manifests itself in the desire and willingness to learn from more established destinations and recognised experts on industry best practices.

The Polish MPI Club, soon chapter, has with two excellent events done a great service to the Polish meetings industry. As part of my travel to Warsaw I was able to experience a sample of what Warsaw has to offer, thanks to the kind hosting of the Convention Bureau of Poland. 5th Association Congress London. NBTC en Facebook Places slaan handen ineen - Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. Wine Fairies - Keeping Service Fun - Slowfood concepts for Meetings & Events. Two of the things that make a book, a book. Subscribe to our free email newsletter.

Two of the things that make a book, a book

We'll update you once or twice a week, and we'll never rent or sell your email address to anyone. Thanks. 1. Kevin Kelly has a fabulous (as usual) post about the nature of a book. In essence, it’s a container for an idea. The web isn’t/can’t be a book because it has no edges, no start, no finish. Sign In To The essentials of creating social-media friendly websites. Professional Development On Demand. You have to have JavaScript enabled to use this portal.

Professional Development On Demand

Your browser appears to be running in compatibility mode. You may experience issues using this portal. To take this page out of compatibility mode, please click the "Broken Page" link on the right side of your browser's address bar. Sign In To The essentials of creating a social-media friendly event site. Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Start Time: 11:00 AM CST/6:00 PM CET Presenters: Ruud Jannsen Member Price: FREE Non-Member Price: $50 USD While we are racing to jump on the social media bandwagon, we forget to check if our websites are ready for Social Media.

The essentials of creating a social-media friendly event site

Most aren’t – and you are missing attendees. This webinar will show you five simple things that you can change on your website today to make it social media friendly. WEC_Prospectus. WEC2011. #MPI #GCMBE3 2-7 April 2011, Doha Qatar. Share photos and videos on Twitter. The SAPPHIRE NOW Experience‬‪‬‪ EMT Home. Green Meeting Industry Council - Home. Information. #MPI #GCMBE 3, Sharq Village, Ritz Carlton, Doha, Qatar : un album. TEDxMaastricht 2011 The Future of Health - Event - Simon Sinek. #gcmbe3 - MPI Global Training GCMBE level 3. Foursquare. TEDxEarthquake9.0. Product Detail. Building A Team to Execute Effective, Impactful Hybrid Events.

Product Detail

Research > Webinar: Economic Significance Study. Video Player Webinar: Economic Significance Study Once the US Economic Impact Study results have been released, the e power of the results will becoma juggernaut of momentum for the meetings and business events industry.

Research > Webinar: Economic Significance Study

Harnessing the power of this data will be challenging, but if done effectively it can drive major positive change for our industry and the professionals within it. The study will provide proof for what meeting professionals knew all along – our business drives value to organizations, value to individual participants and positive monetary impact to the economy, and is also critical to the evolution and success of humanity, commerce and culture.

Multimedia: gospodarka, giełda, finanse, komentarze. #MPI Poland 2nd General Assembly 17 March 2011. Foursquare. Ruud Janssen, CMM at BSL EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. Foursquare. 20 Wordpress Themes for Your Event Website. March 9, 2011 | AUTHOR: Julius Solaris | POSTED IN: wordpress This post showcases some of the hottest WordPress themes to make your event website look amazing.

20 Wordpress Themes for Your Event Website

I’ve covered extensively how WordPress is a fantastic alternative to create a fully functional, cutting edge website for your event when on a limited budget. A common mistake is that when you have decided to opt for WordPress as your event Content Management System (CMS) you rely on free themes to handle the look and feel of the website. Twitter Directory and Search, Find Twitter Followers. Get the TED2011 Program Guide for iPad and desktop. The TED2011 program guide — containing short speaker bios and sharp portraits by Siegfried Woldhek, plus a magazine of info about TED projects — is available in a couple of electronic forms this year, for the first time at a Long Beach TED. First to drop: the TED2011 iPad app. Using some new software, Adobe helped us port the program guide over to iPad, for a zippy and interactive way to learn more about TED. You can scroll easily through pages, take notes on each speaker onscreen (and mail them to yourself), fill out a wish card to support a TED Prize project, and play with some fun animated and interactive ads that take advantage of the iPad’s large screen and some new Adobe technology.

For desktop, the TED2011 Program Guide offers a smooth and easy browse. The Air-based reader is searchable and clickable, and a real pleasure to turn the pages of. Meet the Farmer, over an open air organic lunch @Loews Don Cesar Hotel & Beach resort - Slowfood concepts for Meetings & Events. Scalable slowfood concepts for meetings + events - Slowfood concepts for Meetings & Events. Foursquare. Attendee led session experiment-what attendees have to say about The Visual Shift Experiment at #mpi #emec11. Attendee led session experiment-what attendees have to say about The Visual Shift Experiment at #mpi #emec11 - ©TNOC. Foursquare. Introducing: MPIWeb Connect. If you are a qualified planner, you're in. There are thousands of meeting professionals around the world who don’t belong to any professional associations. MPIWeb Connect gives you not only an opportunity to experience MPI’s meeting and event planner resources but, also a taste of our vibrant community — FREE of charge.

Get Started >> Here are a few ways the MPIWeb Connect service can help advance your career. Simply provide your qualifications and credentials as a meeting or event planning professional, and you’ll get connected to MPI's industry leading meeting and event planner resources, vibrant community and networking, and knowledge sharing through member groups.

Get Started Terms:MPIWeb Connect is a program designed to connect professional meeting and event planners to the resources and education of MPI. About TED Conversations. How to earn TEDCred We won't divulge exactly how we calculate your TEDCred score, but here's a hint about how you can earn points: starting great conversations, adding comments that other users love, translating TED Talks, organizing a TEDx event, watching a TED conference via the TED Live webcast, even joining the TED staff. TEDCred medals When your TEDCred score reaches 10 points, a TEDCred medal reflecting that score will appear on your profile. A new medal will replace it every time you surpass another level. Solution Room Experiment at #MPI European Meetings & Events Conference #EMEC11 Dusseldorf #tnoc #eventprofs - ©TNOC. Central Desktop Collabosphere 2011 User Conference: Elevate.

Foursquare. Foursquare. In Seattle, real-time ride-sharing with rewards for participants - Springwise. Gain instant and exclusive access to over 5,000 of the most creative ideas, innovations and startups on our database and use our smart filters to take you direct to those that are most relevant to your industry and your needs. Not interested? You can still browse articles published in the last 30 days from our homepage and receive your daily and weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas through our free newsletters. "Visual Shift" Result Room #MPI #EMEC11  : un album. The New Objective Collective. TodaysMeet. Ruud Janssen, CMM at CCD Stadthalle Duesseldorf. Photo : - Shared by RuudWJanssen.

MPI CMM class of 2010, SKEMA, Cote D'Azure, France. Foursquare. Facebook Rolling Out Brand New Photos Interface. Ruud Janssen, CMM at Hilton. Ruud Janssen, CMM at DUS Düsseldorf International. Ruud Janssen, CMM at BSL EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. Marketers Optimistic About Finding Social Media ROI [STUDY] Marketers are hopeful that this will be the year that they finally link social media marketing to ROI, a new survey says.

According to the report from Bazaarvoice, 74% of CMOs predict they will finally tie social efforts to hard ROI this year. The survey polled 175 CMOs from The CMO Club, including those from B2C and B2B companies in various industries. In 2009, 84% of companies did not measure social media ROI — in 2011, that's not an option. Business decisions are best made when they are based on hard numbers that measure success, and social media efforts are no longer an exception. For the past few years, marketers have been content to measure "soft" metrics, such as the number of "Likes" or followers their brands have acquired. While those soft metrics still rank highly in importance, marketers are now turning to more traditional metrics that showcase true value.

10 Mobile Apps for Event Planners. Visualizing the web by (interconnected) #pearltrees in realtime #tnoc #eventprofs #mpi - ©TNOC. Catalyst. From Long List to Shortlist: how to evaluate, select and measure the success of your event technologies. European Meetings & Events Conference - 2011. Solution Room Wouldn’t it be great if, while attending EMEC, you could network with colleagues that are in a similar situation, talk about current issues in the industry and share ideas? Creating Event Engagement through Technology. European Meeting & Events Conference - 2011. #emec11 Solution Room.