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Skin Brightening with Orange Peel powder - ?

Skin Brightening with Orange Peel powder -

Orange, rich in Vitamin C, is the best all-rounder when it comes to your skin. From the peel to the juice all work in the best possible ways to keep you glowing and healthy. It’s rich n antioxidants and helps your skin to get smoother and better. If you wish for younger-looking, healthy skin, then instead of applying, switch to an orange a day. Here, I m sharing some wonderful benefits of of orange peel powder. 3 Feet Of Healthy Long Hair In Just 6 Months! Homemade Herbal Hair Oil Preparation - Your hair will grow long, thick & strong within a month and you will see extraordinary results in just 6 months.

3 Feet Of Healthy Long Hair In Just 6 Months! Homemade Herbal Hair Oil Preparation -

Dandruff is one of the main reasons for hair fall. So first we need to keep our hair dandruff free. Chemicals in the shampoo just wash out dandruff which is on the roots of the hair but it keeps on reoccurring. So the best way to get rid of it by using the permanent solution by using homemade techniques. Only if dandruff goes, then the growth of hair will be good. So the things needed to prepare the homemade oil are as follows - 1 liter of pure cold-pressed coconut oil 10 big Amla 2 fist full of fresh karvepak(curry leaves) 4 big onions or 30 small onion 30-40 dry hibiscus (Sembaruthi poo in Tamil) flower 20 Evion capsules (Power 400) – Vitamin E capsule Preparation:


Skin Care Smarts - We hold these truths to be self-evident: that you need to cleanse, nourish and protect your skin.

Skin Care Smarts -

But some skincare facts haven’t made it into conventional wisdom. Top dermatologists share five ways to tweak your skincare regimen to get your most radiant complexion ever. Moisturize Frequently To fight acne, don’t forget the moisturizer, which improves the skin’s ability to keep bacteria out and water in. Why is water important? Flaky, dehydrated skin is irritated skin, which sends distress signals to our immune cells, distracting them from healing the inflammation that can accompany acne. We are on a mission to help women learn, grow, connect, explore opportunities, earn and build an identity. Be a Woman, Be You! Join Us. MILK WAX NEVER HEARD BEFORE THIS - ?


This post is very special, in this I m telling u how can u remove ur unwanted body hair and also be fairer. This is 2 in 1 formula that u can easily do at ur home. And trust me after that u will never go to salon for waxing. Five tips on using makeup to boost your look - 6 Ways to Grow Long and Healthy Hair - From the age of Adam and Eve to the current modern society, women have always been very fond of hairdos and hair styles.

6 Ways to Grow Long and Healthy Hair -

Hair requires proper care and protection for proper growth. Each strand of hair is a protein structure which requires proper conditioning and taming to grow longer, stronger and thicker. Accept it or not, dense hair attracts our eyes. Just like the human body, hair too needs proper nutrition at proper intervals. Behold ladies; do not take this for granted! Top Best Hair Care Products Available In India That Actually Work!!! -

5 mistakes that ruin your hair - Manicure Tips - Combat Oily Skin! - Would you believe it, Kajol once suffered from oily skin!

Combat Oily Skin! -

The Bollywood star has worked miracles as she boasts of a baby soft, clear complexion! Lots of you out there may be suffering from oily skin. You could be prone to acne or breakouts on account of this. And people with oily skin end up with a “greasy” look halfway through the day! Yes, most people are born with their skin types, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it! Bridal Mehendi - Mehendi or kumkum is the most important part of the wedding for an Indian bride.

Bridal Mehendi -

In fact, it is one of the occasions in the wedding that the bride, her female friends and cousins wait for anxiously and enjoy the most. Mehendi has been the reflection of marriage for a very long time and is applied on the hands of the would-be bride at the time of her wedding. In the midst of all the festivities and celebrations, there is one occasion that is solely given for the mehendi, which is called the mehendi ceremony. Sometimes, the mehendi ceremony is clubbed together with the sangeet ceremony where the females of the house apply mehendi on their hands and along with males, dance and enjoy every moment of the wedding season. Although mehendi endorses the hands of women on many occasions such as rakshabandhan, diwali, and Id, among others, its most important and vibrant colors are seen during weddings. Be a Woman, Be You! Join Us Hashtag :- #bridalmehendi #mehendidesign #beauty. Bridal Make up - The wedding date is the most important day in the life of everybody, especially girls when they are dressed like a bride.

Bridal Make up -

They know that all eyes will be on them and this makes them dream of looking the most stunning, gorgeous, and beautiful on their wedding day. Owing to this reason, women work very hard in trying to look the best on their wedding day. They start preparing for their looks much before the actual wedding day, sometimes many months before the wedding day. User Login - PINKDESK. User Login - PINKDESK. Cheap and Easy Skincare Routines for the Bride to Be - User Login - PINKDESK. User Login - PINKDESK. User Login - PINKDESK.