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Slingshot. Instructions: (after you've read these, click here to get a bigger picture.)


Click and drag the arrow to change the direction of launch of the spaceship. Choose Jupiter's path distance (the shortest distance of the initial launch point from Jupiter's orbital path) and initial speed of the spaceship. RESET: puts Jupiter into ready position at far left START: Jupiter begins moving at its orbital speed SHOOT: launches the spaceship Zoom in or out to see the full orbit of the spaceship! You can also right-click on the movie and zoom in to get a better view of the objects. Note: Jupiter moves through a distance equal to its diameter in about 3 hours. *** This flashlet demonstrates in a semiquantitative way how a properly directed spaceship can pick up energy from a moving planet. Jupiter Data : Chinese version Copyright © Michael Fowler 2004.

Animal did you knows. A Little History of the World Wide Web. See also How It All Started presentation materials from the W3C 10th Anniversary Celebration and other references. from 1945 to 1995 Vannevar Bush writes an article in Atlantic Monthly about a photo-electrical-mechanical device called a Memex, for memory extension, which could make and follow links between documents on microfiche 1960s Doug Engelbart prototypes an "oNLine System" (NLS) which does hypertext browsing editing, email, and so on.

A Little History of the World Wide Web

He invents the mouse for this purpose. Ted Nelson coins the word Hypertext in A File Structure for the Complex, the Changing, and the Indeterminate. 20th National Conference, New York, Association for Computing Machinery, 1965. Andy van Dam and others build the Hypertext Editing System and FRESS in 1967. While consulting for CERN June-December of 1980, Tim Berners-Lee writes a notebook program, "Enquire-Within-Upon-Everything", which allows links to be made between arbitrary nodes. March May Same proposal recirculated September October November Christmas April. 10 Cool Things You May Not Know About The Museum's Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. 1.

10 Cool Things You May Not Know About The Museum's Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

Continuous, Supersonic Afterburner. Ever wonder what causes the diamond pattern in the SR-71 jet engine exhaust? It’s due to the extra thrust provided by the afterburner which is actually supersonic, creating successive shock waves that show up as the diamond pattern. The SR-71 engines fly continuously in afterburner, except when refueling. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Museum Docent Buz Carpenter was also an SR-71 pilot and instructor, though he did not fly the Museum’s aircraft. 8. Landing gear door cover bearing Decepticon emblem from "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. " 9. SR-71 outside former storage hangar at Dulles International Airport. 10. Skunk Works logo on Museum's SR-71. Learn more about the Museum’s Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Vicki Portway is Chair of Web & New Media and Dik Daso is a curator in the Aeronautics Division of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Tags: Blackbird, cold war, SR-71. Amazing and Interesting Facts Generator – Mental Floss. Human Body in a Vacuum. The Question (Submitted June 03, 1997) How would the unprotected human body react to the vacuum of outer space?

Human Body in a Vacuum

Would it inflate to bursting? Or would it not? Or would just the interior gases hyperinflate? The question arose out of a discussion of the movie 2001. The Answer From the now extinct page How long can a human live unprotected in space? If you don't try to hold your breath, exposure to space for half a minute or so is unlikely to produce permanent injury. Various minor problems (sunburn, possibly "the bends", certainly some [mild, reversible, painless] swelling of skin and underlying tissue) start after ten seconds or so. You do not explode and your blood does not boil because of the containing effect of your skin and circulatory system.

At NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center (now renamed Johnson Space Center) we had a test subject accidentally exposed to a near vacuum (less than 1 psi) in an incident involving a leaking space suit in a vacuum chamber back in '65. References: Bettie Page, FBI Consultant. APRIL 12--Though J.

Bettie Page, FBI Consultant

Edgar Hoover's minions often probed the interstate transportation of obscene material featuring Bettie Page, the notorious pin-up model was nonetheless willing to help agents when it came to FBI inquiries about the production of certain 'flagellation and bondage pictures,' according to bureau records. When a 1957 police drug raid on a Harlem apartment turned up a cache of obscene magazines and photos, paddles, a riding crop, a whip, and lengths of chain, rawhide, and rope, FBI agents contacted Page for some expert guidance. Specifically, they wanted to know if the apartment was a photo studio where obscene material was produced.

According to this memo sent to Hoover, Page told investigators that she 'had never heard of that type of photography being made in Harlem.' An agent reported that Page also advised that the 'flagellation and bondage pictures that she had posed for' were shot 'in photographic studios or photographers apartments.' Caught on camera: The stunning moment Venus peeps out from behind crescent Moon after eclipse. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 17:11 GMT, 17 May 2010 A rare celestial show unfolded this evening as Venus was eclipsed by the crescent Moon.

Caught on camera: The stunning moment Venus peeps out from behind crescent Moon after eclipse

Known to astronomers as planetary occultation, the phenomenon was observed in the twilight sky when the Moon came between Venus and the Earth. An occultation is an event that happens when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer. Occultation: Venus appears on the other side of the moon having just been eclipsed by the satellite Venus eclipses are rare and occur only when the Earth, Moon and Venus are in alignment with one another.

During spring time, Venus shines brightly, and as these photos show, Venus appears as a bright object before it disappears behind the moon and then reappears on the other side in a game of celestial hide-and-seek. 'The show begins at sunset when Venus and the moon emerge from the twilight in close proximity to one another,' NASA said in a public advisory.

The Shapes of Medieval Swords. Medieval Sword Shapes - Their unique shapes and changes over the centuries The Shapes of Medieval Swords Swords from the medieval Period went through some wonderful changes as the tools and technology of metal working changed.

The Shapes of Medieval Swords

This change is also nicely seen in cultural differences in the swords. Here is a look at some of the major shapes of swords and a little explanation of them. In a future post I will take a closer look at each type of sword. From Left to Right 1. the Katana: This sword has a beautiful line with a delicate curve that is continued through the handle. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Browse through my Amazon store and check out the Swords and Medieval Armor: Medieval Armor and Weapons Here is an unusual shape for a real weapon. Ancient Egyptian Sword: A Khopesh This is an easy project where you can make a cardboard sword called a Khopesh. Books. The King is Back! More From the Anal-Retentive Pencil Tip Sculptor « How-To News. Yes, that's Elvis Presley.

The King is Back! More From the Anal-Retentive Pencil Tip Sculptor « How-To News

Yes, that's a pencil tip. Yes, that's simply...insane. The Telegraph shares more work from the incredible Dalton Ghetti. Miss the last post? Check it out. "Dalton uses three basic tools to make his incredible creations - a razor blade, sewing needle and sculpting knife. So Dalton's a purist. Prepare to have your mind boggled: Previously, Anal-Retentive Miniscule Pencil Tip Carvings. The SwissMiniGun" According to Guinness World Records, the title of the smallest working revolver in the world goes to the Miniature Revolver C1ST, manufactured by SwissMiniGun [source: Daily Mail].

The SwissMiniGun"

The tiny firearm measures just more than 2 inches and weighs less than 1 ounce. It fires bullets made by SwissMiniGun that are 2.34 mm caliber, rim fire cartridges and come as either blank rounds (which don't produce a bullet) or live rounds (bulleted) [source: SwissMiniGun]. Only a very small number of the guns have been produced since they were first manufactured in 2005. They're largely collectors' items. About 300 have been made -- this tiny gun carries a big price tag. There's also a customized version of the revolver -- the Nr. The novelty SwissMiniGun will likely never be mass produced. One reason the guns are outlawed in the U.S. is due to the small size of their bullets. The SwissMiniGun's 2.34mm-caliber ammunition travels just under 400 feet per second.

Speed Trap Sharing System - Trapster. Free Text-to-Speech (TTS) Avatar Widget by SitePal. A Village in Holland with no roads « Funny Pictures wallpapers paintings collections. 40 Stunning Photos of Beautiful Clouds. Clouds are the noble contributor for awesome photos.

40 Stunning Photos of Beautiful Clouds

Have a look at these following photos: #1, #2, #3, and #4. They are some of the really great examples of natural portraits taken by professional photographers and as you can see, in each of every photo, the clouds defines or deliver the dramatic effect. Moving on, clouds comes in various forms and some can only be seen in certain weather and places.

Taking a decent photo of beautiful cloud is no easy task. (Image source: prelovac) Here, with great attempts we collected various stunning photographs of clouds. Beautiful Clouds Below are the first part of the showcase where we sorted beautiful clouds. Purple smoke. Loch Tree Clouds Reflections. The other side of the clouds. Sky. Bohol Beach Club. Black Clouds And Dreams. Above the clouds. Just morning. Winter dream on christmas eve. Before The Storm. Breadth. Giant cloud. Storm In Whistler, Bc, Canada. Long Jetty Cloud Reflection. N/a I See Light. Voices of Solitude. Rare Clouds Fury. Magenta Ain't A Colour. You should have seen a green afterimage, but why is this significant? The afterimage always shows the colour that is complementary to the colour of the image.

Complementary colours are those that are exact opposites in the way the eye perceives them. It is a common misconception that red is complementary to green. However, if you try the same experiment as above with a red image, you will see a turquoise afterimage, since red is actually complementary to turquoise. Similarly, orange is complementary to blue, and yellow to violet. All the colours in the light spectrum have complements that exist within the spectrum – except green. When our eyes see colours, they are actually detecting the different wavelengths of the light hitting the retina. If the eye receives light of more than one wavelength, the colour generated in the brain is formed from the sum of the input responses on the retina. You can do this in photoshop, just do RGB layers and then use the opacity feature to fade.

10 Most Fascinating Castles and Palaces - (castles of the world, malbork castle) The Potala Palace: Tibet's greatest monumental structure Perched upon Marpo Ri hill, 130 meters above the Lhasa valley, the Potala Palace rises a further 170 meters and is the greatest monumental structure in all of Tibet. In 637 Emperor Songtsen Gampo decided to build this palace on a hill, and the structure stood until the seventeenth century, when it was incorporated into the foundations of the greater buildings still standing today.

Construction of the present palace began in 1645 during the reign of the fifth Dalai Lama and by 1648 the Potrang Karpo, or White Palace, was completed. The Potrang Marpo, or Red Palace, was added between 1690 and 1694; its construction required the labors of more than 7000 workers and 1500 artists and craftsman. The Potala Palace was only slightly damaged during the Tibetan uprising against the invading Chinese in 1959.

Mont Saint-Michel: a Medieval Castle on a Small Island Predjamski Castle: Integrated in a Cave. 7 Sites That Can Help You Deal With Information Overload. In the past, this was done by keywords. There is a problem using keywords to categorize content on the broader scope of the internet – the first is that many items cannot be put into neat categories. What one person might think fits in a certain category doesn’t match what another person things is relevant. Also spammers have learned to capitalize on simple keyword matching so this further dilutes the quality of content you can find via keywords.

New technologies have been popping up all over the web to help mediate this ‘information overload’ problem. Below I mention a handful of these tools which will help you to ‘do more with less’. For Text Summarity Summarity is a web application with an available bookmarklet that will automatically take text, either pasted in or from the referring webpage, and summarize it in as few lines as possible. There is a great article over at their blog about how great summaries disambiguate topics. Sniply For News Geneio Google News TechMeme For RSS My6Sense. This isn't happiness.: Archive. 12 Events That Will Change Everything, Made Interactive.

Amazing and Interesting Facts Generator – Mental Floss. What happened in my birth year? Tsa.jpg (JPEG Image, 612x792 pixels) - Scaled (73%) Relationshipmapv1. How 16 Electronics Companies Got Their Names.