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Court says public has right to video police in public places. » Wireless Hacking Live-CD (FBI version){Must Have} Rapidshare Links. 35 million Google Profiles collected into private database. Posted on 26 May 2011. If you are one of those individuals that made their own Google Profile, chances are that you knew and agreed to the fact that the information you included in it will be available for anyone who searches for it online.

But, maybe you haven't thought about the possibility of this information being harvested and indexed in order to make mining of it easier. Whether you have or not, it is ultimately irrelevant - you have shared the information with Google, and it does not forbid the indexing of the list. Nor does it limit the amount of data that can be extracted. According to Matthijs Koot, a Ph.D. student of the University of Amsterdam who attempted this feat, Google didn't attempt to throttle, block, CAPTCHA or in any other way make his mass-downloading more difficult.


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