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HINT.FM / Fernanda Viegas & Martin Wattenberg.


Men Can Fix Anything - Piano World Piano. That shopping cart bycicle is just epic.

Men Can Fix Anything - Piano World Piano

I mean that isn't even a shoddy idea, it's just brilliant. I would trade my bike for that one, any day. But that swimming pool... Insult.jpg (JPEG Image, 400 × 272 pixels) Visual Bulb Identification. Rubiks Cube Solution - Easy to follow printable instructions. From Memory I've started to play lots of online games involving memory.

Rubiks Cube Solution - Easy to follow printable instructions

It seems the common perception of our brains is they're muscles. The Best Sentence I Have Read All Year. Maslow.png (PNG Image, 596 × 509 pixels) Vol3Num1.pdf (application/pdf Object) Patent.pdf (application/pdf Object) Welcome to the TiLP web site. TiLP stands for 'Tilp is a Linking Program' (GNU recursive acronyms).

Welcome to the TiLP web site

Supported platforms are : Linux, Windows, Mac OS-X, FreeBSD. Supported link cables are : GrayLink, BlackLink, SilverLink, DirectLink ParallelLink, VTi (virtual) and TiEmu (virtual). Supported hand-helds are : TI73, TI82, TI83, TI83+, TI84+, TI85, TI86, TI89, Titanium, TI92, TI92+, V200, NSpire, NSpire-CAS. Capabilities : silent link, screendump, directory listing, send/recv of vars, send/Recv of backups, send/recv of FLASH apps, send of OS, ROM dumping, ID LIST, clock, create folder, delete var/app, ...

LIMITATIONS. Georgia Public Records Free Search. The Georgia Open Records Act, found in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, sections 50-18-70 through 50-18-76, ensures that citizens may inspect public records.

Georgia Public Records Free Search

These are defined as all documents, letters, papers, books, maps, computer files, or other recordings received by a public office in the course of public business. Here on the Georgia state page you will find popular databases at the statewide level. Scroll down to find those, or use the tools on the side to get to other levels of government records. MGM Film Noir. Film noir, that dark and cynical genre that found its niche in Hollywood films of the 40's...black rainy streets, criminal treachery, victimized anti-heros and femme fatales...Warner Bros., RKO, and Columbia gave us some of the best.

MGM Film Noir

Here, the Mave spotlights three movies from a studio known more for its colorful musicals than film noir: MGM. Even though all three films have the lush production values so characteristic of that studio, they are still disturbing and sinister enough to be considered noir...MGM Style. Onward to Ravin' Maven home. Philosophy since the Enlightenment, by Roger Jones. World's leading scientists announce creation of 'Encyclopedia of Life' Public release date: 8-May-2007 [ Print | E-mail Share ] [ Close Window ] Contact: Terry Collinsterrycollins@rogers.com 416-538-8712Encyclopedia of Life Many of the world’s leading scientific institutions today announced the launch of the Encyclopedia of Life, an unprecedented global effort to document all 1.8 million named species of animals, plants, and other forms of life on Earth.

World's leading scientists announce creation of 'Encyclopedia of Life'

For the first time in the history of the planet, scientists, students, and citizens would have multi-media access to all known living species, even those that have just been discovered. High_perf_crane.pdf (application/pdf Object) Spotting-a-hidden-handgun.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 760 pixels) Catacombs of Paris. Crypt of the Sepulchral Lamp in the Catacombs of Paris The Catacombs of Paris or Catacombes de Paris are underground ossuaries in Paris, France.

Catacombs of Paris

Located south of the former city gate (the "Barrière d'Enfer" at today's Place Denfert-Rochereau), the ossuaries holds the remains of about six million people[1] and fills a renovated section of caverns and tunnels that are the remains of historical stone mines. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Download & Streaming : Moving Image Archive : Internet Archive. IBM and the Holocaust. IBM and the Holocaust is a book by investigative journalist Edwin Black which details the business dealings of the American-based multinational corporation International Business Machines (IBM) and its German and other European subsidiaries with the government of Adolf Hitler during the 1930s and the years of World War II.

IBM and the Holocaust

In the book Black outlines the way in which IBM's technology helped facilitate Nazi genocide through generation and tabulation of punch cards based upon national census data.[1] Synopsis[edit] Black details the ongoing business relationship between Watson's IBM and the emerging German regime headed by Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). IBM and the Holocaust home. Return Infinity - BareMetal OS. BareMetal is a 64-bit OS for x86-64 based computers.

Return Infinity - BareMetal OS

The OS is written entirely in Assembly, while applications can be written in Assembly or C/C++. Development of the Operating System is guided by its 3 target segments: High Performance Computing - Act as the base OS for a HPC cluster node. Running advanced computation workloads is ideal for a mono-tasking Operating System.Embedded Applications - Provide a platform for embedded applications running on commodity x86-64 hardware.Education - Provide an environment for learning and experimenting with programming in x86-64 Assembly as well as Operating System fundamentals. Current version is 0.6.1 - released August 19, 2013. Newspapers & Magazines. Government is defined as rules and principles governing a community and enforced by a political authority; matters having to do with the control and administration of public policy in a political unit; the study of the processes, principles, and structure of government and of political institutions Browse Law, Government & Political Science Government | History of Law, Government and Political Science | Law | Law Enforcement | Law, Government and Political Science Blogs | Political Science.

Newspapers & Magazines

New Chinese Ballistic Missile Submarine Spotted » FAS Strategic Security Blog. By Hans M. Kristensen A commercial satellite image appears to have captured China’s new nuclear ballistic missile submarine. The new class, known as the Jin-class or Type 094, is expected to replace the unsuccessful Xia-class (Type 092) of a single boat built in the early 1980s. Scapy. Security Power Tools was out in August 2007. I wrote a complete chapter on Scapy Scapy trainings at CanSecWest, EuSecWest, PacSec. NEXT SESSION: CanSecWest march 7th and 8th, 2011 I can give trainings on many subjects (Scapy, networks, shellcoding, exploit writing, etc.). Contact me directly: phil@secdev.org About Scapy. Command Line Kung Fu: BRAND NEW: Index of Tips and Tricks. Site > Blog. November 15, 2010 I have redone the Google Ultimate Interface , a long-time favourite of many.

It now includes tons of options on all current Google services. Searching by date has been taken off that page and split into a separate Search by Date page which includes other tools as well as Google. Academic Video Lectures. 10 best (unknown) open source projects. July 14, 2011, 7:52 AM — That's right folks, another ten best! But this time I'll wager you're not familiar with any of them, or at best one or two. The free/open source software world is vast and full of excellent applications for all occasions. An interesting trend is the growth of large distributed projects such as OpenTox and AMEE.

FOSS presents a natural platform for building large distributed projects because of the low barrier to entry-- open code, open standards, and freely-available robust, high-quality high-performance software. And now I shall cease nattering, and invite you to enjoy the following best unknown open source software projects. Evernote Corporation. Builder and SDK. Kids Will Love Google's Easter Eggs: Secret Searches Full of Fun. Proof of the existence of God set down on paper. Common Crawl - now everyone can be Google. If you have ever thought that you could do a better job than Google but were intimidated by the hardware needed to build a web index, then the Common Crawl Foundation has a solution for you.

Google’s stranglehold on search information is seen by many as being contrary to the Web’s ethos of freely available information and openness. Of course there is nothing stopping you from setting up your own search facility in opposition to Google, Bing or any other search engine for that matter, but the hardware investment would be huge. Google, for example, has custom-built data centers that do nothing but index the web by reading each page and processing the information it contains - this is generally called crawling the web. Now we have a way to access an index created to make the web more open. Common Crawl Enters A New Phase. Trolls.htm: How to search the web, by fravia+ trolling for information. Luring.htm: Fravia's web-searching lore (¯`·.¸(¯`·.¸ Luring lore ¸.·´¯)¸.·´¯)