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Spotify. Tiki Room Area Music - Disneyland. Let's Tiki. Tiki Brian. Swanky’s Blather » Adomono – A Night at the Beachcomber. View topic - The lost days of Paul Page and his steel guitarists. Paul Page - Hawaiian Honeymoon. Paul Page: By Domenic Priore It's pretty easy to see how time and adulation could pass by an old salty sea dog like Paul Page.Why, it's clear that a lot of New Orleans' greatest R&B pianists never bothered to make recordings; they made too good a living working in bordellos to bother with the budding recording industry and its pratfalls.

Paul Page:

We'll never hear “Sullivan Rock,” Frank Duston, Robert Bertrand, “Rocker,” “Drive “Em Down,” “Boogus” and “Kid Stormy Weather.” But hey, jazz, blues and R&B are at least well-documented genres. Who's ever bothered to write the history of that Hawaiian hybrid that's become known as Exotica? A Nite Cap with Larry - The 1000 Albums of Capt. R.H. Falernum. Tiki Central. Search. Vinyl Archives - The 1000 Albums of Capt. R.H. Falernum. The 1000 Albums of Capt.

Vinyl Archives - The 1000 Albums of Capt. R.H. Falernum

R.H. Swanky’s Blather » George Paoa Trio Live! LP. Martin Denny - Misirlou. The Spin-O-Rama Hour. The Les Baxter Collection. The Les Baxter Collection. <<< BAX MUSIC MP3'S >>> WELCOME TO BAX MUSIC. Search. Search results « Les Baxter – Que Mango! [Alshire Records, 1970] « Technically the last of Les Baxter’s albums (and the last real Exotica album, as some have said), “Que Mango” (done with the help of 101 Strings) is a 30-minute “virtual tour” through the sunny skies, beaches and romance of South America, and one that will leave many a buff of the style satisfied, though perhaps in a different way than they’re used to.

Les Baxter – Que Mango! [Alshire Records, 1970] «

People often insist that an artist’s later work is inferior to their earlier material, such as a kind of “running out of ideas” phenomenon that actually is fairly common. After I had listened to this album all the way through, it was pretty obvious to me that this is not quintessential Les, per se. This album is, however, quite distinguishable in essence from every album he had released prior. For one thing, the songs on this album are simpler, lighter, shorter and more digestible than most of his other repertoire. Cover Art: The Les Baxter Pages. Hawaiian Hula Archives. Aim at Melanoma - Stage IV. To share your story click here Mark Rine -- March 2014 My story begins 2 years ago.

Aim at Melanoma - Stage IV

There I was standing in my bathroom with my shirt off, and my wife is bugging me about an odd-looking mole on my back. Of course, I make multiple efforts over many months to disregard the conversation in attempts to dodge a visit to the dermatologist, but she wasn't having anything to do with my excuses. I finally told my wife that if it meant that much to her, I would make the appointment. In August of 2012 I walked into Central Ohio Dermatology. In the fall of 2012, I had surgery to remove cancerous sections on my back and right flank. In July 2013 I spent 9 days in the hospital with complications to all the medicines and a severely infected gallbladder. Wonderful World of Disney ✨ on Pinterest. Disney History on Pinterest. Disneyland At Its Best on Pinterest. The Lady in Red on Pinterest.

More Martin Denny Exotica. More Martin Denny Exotica. Exotica. "The name Arthur Lyman symbolizes the exotic percussion era.


There have been other albums by the same title but none as apropos of the real spirit of exoticism... contrasting the native and the modern, the group, their instruments of sound, and their music, are native, pulsatingly primitive, often eerie. The Aluminum Dome is unmistakably modern, the product of 20th century modern genius. "- Back cover notes, Arthur Lyman's Yellow Bird (originally released under the title Percussion Spectacular, to which the notes obviously refer.)

For an Exotica record that inexplicably opens with "Hava Nagila," I have to say: Yellow Bird is not half bad. The song-by-song back cover notes, on "Hava Nagila": "How exotic can exotic be? Home - – Music Reviews of Ambient & Tiki Exotica Albums. The Space Age Pop Music Page. - Welcome to the quiet village.

The Surfmen. Arthur Lyman. Born 2 February 1932, Kauai, Hawaii Died 24 February 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii Considered by many to be at the top of the pantheon of exotica artists, Lyman got his start as a vibes player in Martin Denny's combo and can be heard on Denny's legendary first album, "Exotica.

Arthur Lyman

" Lyman's family moved to Honolulu after his father was blinded in an accident. Arthur began playing with a toy marimba and from playing along with records, was able to reproduce Lionel Hampton solos note for note. His performing career began early, when he won a talent contest on Honolulu radio station KGMB. The Official Les Baxter Website. The Martin Denny Blog. FLASH STRAP: exotica.