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Trader Halls. Collecting Coco Joe's of Hawaii Legends in Lava. Coco Joe's was located in Punaluu Hawaii.

Collecting Coco Joe's of Hawaii Legends in Lava

Coco Joe's was located in Punaluu Hawaii was a maker of Lava based resin souvenirs sold in Hawaii. The company was started in the 1950s and was at its peak in the late 1960s, and continued through the 1970s, and into the 1980s before going out of business. The original company is long out of business. The Coco Joe's black resin pieces were made from lava. The lava from the Hawaiian Islands was pulverized and mixed in with the resin to create these works of art that the tourist just loved to take back home as souvenirs.

Illustrated Vancouver, Waldorf Hotel dining room Polynesian mural,... Waldorf Hotel dining room Polynesian mural, basement level, via City of Vancouver archives CVA 1444-53.06 and an ebay postcard.

Illustrated Vancouver, Waldorf Hotel dining room Polynesian mural,...

You can see another angle of the dining room here. I have extruded the mural from the archives photo, and cut it into 3 pieces to show the complete mural with ‘relative’ accuracy, though it is unfortunately in black and white. I would be very curious to learn if better colour images of the complete mural exist somewhere, and I do not know who the artist would have been I now know who the artist was - see below! I presume the mural is dated 1955 or thereabouts - close!

It was 1957! In 1953, a man named Bob Mills purchased eight black velvet paintings by Edgar Leeteg in Honolulu.

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Humuhumu - Website Developer. Beachbum Berry. 581_large.JPG (JPEG Image, 452 × 700 pixels) Popular items for ui maikai. Designing Paradise: The Allure of the Hawaiian Resort. Tropical Space Age Architecture- Part 1. Cover Art, Amazing Stories, 1963 Tropical Space Age Architecture is a term coined by Desoto Brown of the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Tropical Space Age Architecture- Part 1

Welcome to the Fraternal Order of Moai. Tiki: Native Drums in the Orange Grove : un album sur Flickr. Beachbum Berry. Sundance Geico Tiki. Tiki Room Construction. Demolition Starts (plaza fountain temporary) 11-15-05 Various wood is purchased 11-21-05 Welcome to "Plastic House" Leveling Catwalk/Balcony with a rotary laser level @ 12ft high 11/28 Ledger Boards for Balcony.

Tiki Room Construction

How to install LCD TV on Tiki Hut. Matt HH's Photostream. William Westenhaver - The Primitive Modern. By the late 50s, Tiki-fever was in full swing and Americans couldn’t get enough of it.

William Westenhaver - The Primitive Modern

Tiki temples and Polynesian-themed bowling alleys, golf courses, television shows and pop music saturated the land from coast-to-coast. But strangely enough, Tiki’s presence was still largely missing from the ultimate mid-century sanctuary: the American home . That would soon change with the mass production of primitive décor and home furnishings that made it possible for Americans to finally bring Polynesia right into their own living rooms. Tiki’s ultimate triumph was due largely to cartoonist and artisan William Westenhaver. A would be graphic designer and painter, Westenhaver studied at the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles during the late 40s. Westenhaver was no stranger to it either, having visited Melanesia during his time in the Navy. Yet it wasn’t until the late 50s that Westenhaver would finally be able to fuse his own modernist artistry with the native kinds he had observed. Goldenwest Mfg., inc. - Urethane Casting Resin, Prototype Design Material, Silicone Mold Making Supplies.

Roadside America - Guide to Uniquely Odd Tourist Attractions. Tiki Room & Carvings - aridjungle. Tiki Room 8-15-06. What's Up Wit' That? - Tiki Culture. Ignite Phoenix #8 - What is Tiki? A brief history of Polynesian Pop Culture in the U.S. Keeping Costa Mesa Safe for Democracy, One Mai Tai at a Time. Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt (1907-1989) legally changed his name several times, first to Don Beach-Comber, then to Donn Beachcomber, and finally to Donn Beach.

Keeping Costa Mesa Safe for Democracy, One Mai Tai at a Time

To most of the world, he was known as Don the Beachcomber. Gantt left his native Texas in 1926 to explore the Caribbean and South Pacific. He returned to America, where he worked numerous jobs, including bootlegger. 7 Free Bar Plans. Print off one of these free bar plans to help you build the home bar you've always dreamed of.

7 Free Bar Plans

There are free bar plans for indoor bars, outdoor bars, and even tiki bars, to help you get just the style you're looking for. Building a home bar can be a simple project and pretty budget friendly. The free bar plans all include building directions, diagrams, material lists, tool lists, photos, and some even include videos. After you've used these bar plans to build you dream bar, how about using a wine rack plan to give you even more storage space? Microsoft Word - aCover.doc - BarPlans.pdf. Bar.cdr - plywoodplans_bar.pdf. The Open Library Blog. Derek "Monkeyman" & Roxanne Weaver: South Pacific Room; Vista, CA.

Name: Derek & RoxanneLocation: Vista, CA What was your inspiration for the South Pacific Room?

Derek "Monkeyman" & Roxanne Weaver: South Pacific Room; Vista, CA

Hard to say. We've been looking at photos and books of old Tiki Bars and Restaurants and pouring over images of newer builds for the past 10+ years. Its a blend of everything we've seen. To a large degree the shape of the room dictated how it was built out. The Tikiyaki Orchestra. Tikiyaki 5-0 in the lounge at the Tonga Hut Palm Springs The all new Tonga Hut in Palm Springs is THE spot to see and be seen in Palm Springs.

The Tikiyaki Orchestra

All the great cocktails you know and love from the North Hollywood Tonga Hut, including the Tikiyaki Orchestra signature cocktail, the Jungle Jetsetter. Full dinner and appetizer menu with classic Polynesian/Cantonese, American and Asian fusion dishes, Pu-Pu platters and more. HOME. Welcome to the project. Cnsv-tapa.PDF - cnsv-tapa.pdf. Jungle is "101" - Disneyland's Jungle Cruise And Other Disneyland Stuff. Horizons: Resurrected.

Seven Tiki « Geoff Francis. The The Wreck Bar... Pool. The Mai-Kai Pool. Mai-Kai Restaurant - Fort Lauderdale. The Tiki Chick. Hands down #1 on my list of the Best Tiki Bars is the Mai-Kai Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

The Tiki Chick

(And I say that coming from California where we’re pretty spoiled by all the awesome tiki spots close by.) It was started by Chicagoan brothers Robert and Jack Thornton in 1956, and it’s still family-run to this day. It’s a tiki timewarp that you can’t miss. As covered in my previous post, we started out at the Molokai Bar for happy hour.

Then we went out to the tropical garden filled with waterfalls and tikis, where photo opportunities abound. Throwback Thursdays. Mai-Kai, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I mentioned the Mai-Kai briefly in a earlier post on romantic restaurants for Valentine’s Day. The Mai-Kai has been celebrated online and in books. But since I recently returned from my seventh trip to Florida to visit the Mai-Kai (and my third Hukilau tiki event in Fort Lauderdale), here I would like to offer my personal story about the Mai-Kai, and try to explain why it is my favorite restaurant in the world so that I may inspire people to visit (or revisit) the fabulous Mai-Kai. I suggest you make a cool tropical drink before we start and come back and start this live Martin Denny track: We arrived in Fort Lauderdale on a night in May of 2000, had dinner at the Caves Restaurant, which was cave themed with dinosaur sculptures in front and cave-like rooms for dining!

Sadly, when I returned to Florida in 2002 the restaurant had burned down. After our cave man and woman dinner of ribs, we drove along U.S. Mai-Kai, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Bamboo, Palm Leaf Thatching, Wall Mattings, Tropical and Polynesian Decor. Bamboo, Palm Leaf Thatching, Wall Mattings, Tropical and Polynesian Decor. Phoenix:godblessamericana.

Squid art - art & music by dave cohen. Past news posts. Tour To Another Island [11/16/10] If you're anything like me (heaven forbid), you remember coming home from school, turning on the TV to the local station (no cable), and watching reruns of Gilligan's Island to pass the afternoon. Some of us even remember the terrible animated series that could be seen on Saturday morning cartoon shows. Well, if you're a fan of the seven stranded castaways, you'll love an upcoming show called...appropriately enough "The 3-Hour Tour. " North Hollywood is the locale, the Mayflower Club is the hut and the Tikiyaki Orchestra will be providing the tropical soundtrack. Home - Auckland War Memorial Museum. 'Te Papa' Museum, Wellington, New Zealand (image heavy)

Va_tiki_modern_05.jpg (JPEG Image, 5933 × 4125 pixels) Tiki Objects by Bosko - About Bosko. From his background to news coverage, learn a little bit about the artist behind the Tiki creations. Biography From 1963 to 1976 my family moved four times, but always in the same area: Just off of Rosemead Blvd in Southern California's San Gabriel valley. The Tikipedia. Alibi. The Islands of the Fraternal Order of Moai. Hand crafted, flavored rums from the beautiful island of St. Kitts. Ohana Luau at the Lake 2014 - Lake George, NY. Disney Tourist Blog - Disney World & Disneyland Photos, Food Reviews, Planning Guide & Trip Reports. Tiki Lust on Pinterest. Arkiva Tropika. Critiki. Browse Images. Edge and corner wear's photos tagged with restaurant.

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Install in FirefoxInstall in Chrome Search plugin Add 'Search on Flickriver' to your browser's search box. "View on Flickriver" Greasemonkey script Also, allows quickly viewing any Flickr photo on black background in large size. Install "View on Flickriver" script. Real-life Tiki Room - The wonders and history of Oceanic Arts, Polynesian Art Kings - Randomland. Amazon. Amazon. HOME Page of South Seas Cinema! Careless Navigator. KegWorks is an International Bar Store for Beer Supplies and Barware - KegWorks. Arkiva Tropika. Tiki Mugs & More for Sale - Ooga-Mooga! Tiki Mugs & More. Bamboo, Palm Leaf Thatching, Wall Mattings, Tropical and Polynesian Decor. Tiki Objects by Bosko - Tiki Poles, Tiki Masks, Tiki Mugs and Tropical Gifts and wood carving, Witco.

DrinkBoy : Adventures in Cocktails. The Hukilau. Mai-Kai Restaurant - Fort Lauderdale. Tiki-Ti Entrance. TIKI NEWS WEBSITE. Forum Index.