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Gloom Card Game Video Review.

Interesting but F*ed-up Reads 2017

...I found April 2017. This month I found: OCT 2016. Today's Inspiration: January 2011. Tracking a mid-century illustrator's career by way of advertising art is always tougher than by way of editorial art.

Today's Inspiration: January 2011

Magazines almost always make sure to include a credit line for the illustrator -- ad art, by its very nature rarely gives credit to the artist and was rarely signed (or more likely the signature was cropped off in production). Since Mike Ludlow didn't have a particularly unique style for that era I may have seen many examples of Ludlow-illustrated advertisements and not realized it was him and not, say, Lynn Buckham. What makes it even tougher to determine Ludlow's career trajectory is that, while I've got a good selection of ads placed in trade publications by mid-century art studios, none list Mike Ludlow on their roster.

Since the Charles E. Cooper studio always made a point of listing who their artists were, the one thing I can say with certainty is that Ludlow wasn't a Cooper artist.