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Our 1928 home: Projects

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10 Questions to Answer Before You Store More Clutter. It has happened to the best of us: You’re fed up with the unused exercise machine, broken toaster, outgrown baby clothes or fill-in-the-blank taking up space in your home, so you pick it up and take it to storage.

10 Questions to Answer Before You Store More Clutter

Whether your storage area is in a basement, an attic, a backyard shed or a rented unit, chances are it’s filled with things you do not really want or need. While we’re not going to tackle cleaning out your storage here (a topic for another day), the first step is to stop yourself from creating any more clutter in there. So the next time you want to add something to storage, stop and ask yourself these 10 questions first. 1. Dulux - Becoming a Member. Preserve, display, protect and repair your irreplaceable paper items. Products for every collectors' need: display ... preservation ... protection ... repair...

Preserve, display, protect and repair your irreplaceable paper items.

We offer a concise range of products, including those of our own manufacture, for your irreplaceable autographs, documents, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, and other paper collectibles. From economical acid-free storage boxes and folders ... to the finest hand-crafted binders in a colorful array of leathers ...

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Start Your Car With a Rope (Dead Battery Life Hack) Corian Rain Cloud, Pot Filler and Open Shelving. DIY Chalk Paint. Jessica from Décor Adventures who was my roomie at the Haven blog conference left me a comment on my last post where I showed you how to make and paint a piece of furniture with chalk paint.

DIY Chalk Paint

Her comment: Hi Diane, Looks great! I have a question though. Choosing floor finishes that protect indoor air quality. Posted by : Ecohome | Mike Reynolds In North America, polyurethane varnish is used almost exclusively as a wood floor finish, but floor oils are gaining in popularity.

Choosing floor finishes that protect indoor air quality

There are a lot of benefits to oiled floors, especially with softwood which are prone to damage. Environmental impacts and indoor air quality (IAQ) Feelgood Friday with Tevin Campbell.


Summer @ 1928. Ovillantas_English Subtitles.mp4. Mini Cyclone Bucket Dust Collector. Keep your Lungs Healthy.

Mini Cyclone Bucket Dust Collector

If you are involved in woodworking by now you know that every woodworking workshop no matter how small it is needs a dust collector. Many say that the heart of a woodshop is the table saw, others say, it's their router table, band saw, planer... and so on. Hanging Storage Bins. Vintage Bike at 1stdibs.

The best advice for seasonong a CAST IRON pan (+usage tips)

CL. Outdoor kitchen our 1928 home. Downstream injection for Pressure Washing. Don’t ask, don’t tell: radon gas in Canada. I came across an interesting article today, which was published back on June 1st 2015 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (

Don’t ask, don’t tell: radon gas in Canada

Written by Diane Kelsall (MD MEd), it calls sharp attention to the fact that Canadian lawmakers have done well to protect Canadians from harm by way of seat belt laws (saving estimated 1,000 lives a year) and smoke alarms (reducing fire related deaths to somewhere near 40 per million households a year) yet have been lax in regulating protection from radon gas, a proven carcinogen that causes thousands of death each year. I supposed it’s sort of like the home owners and business owners I have met who say they don’t want to test for radon, because if the test comes back saying there are high levels present that means they have to do something about it. Outdoor Radiant Heating - Snow Melting Stones. Chest Coffee Tables, Pocket Hole and Pottery Barn Inspired.

Akurum Ikea cabinets

Kreg-Mini Cheat Sheet. I use my Kreg-Min Pocket Hole Jig quite often but I always forget the settings for different wood thicknesses so I made this little table to look up whenever I'm using my Kreg Mini.

Kreg-Mini Cheat Sheet

There are three measurements that you need. The depth collar adjustment, distance from edge and screw size. Kreg Mini Drilling Depth First you want to adjust the collar on the 2-set drill bit to control the depth of the pocket hole. Kreg-Mini Cheat Sheet. Grains, Wood Blocks and Flooring. Kitchens on Pinterest. KITCHEN COUNTER RESEARCH DEC 2015. Wat-een-goed-idee-voor-onder-een-schuine-wand.1389431520-van-titania.jpeg (JPEG Image, 700 × 714 pixels) Project House Weekly Wrap, Episode 5: Housewrap and Exterior-Foam-Insulation Details. Preventative Maintenance Checklist. How To: Save 80% on Home Repairs. How to save 80% on home repairs may sound like a marketing hype gone wild.

How To: Save 80% on Home Repairs

But anyone who has been a reader of this blog for more than a week will know that that is not my style. I am very serious about that title. What I’m going to share with you today is SO simple and it actually can save you around 80% on the cost of your home repairs. But be warned, while the advice is easy, following through is the hard part. Here’s the story: How To: Save 80% on Home Repairs. Products. Inside Storm Windows. Interior Storm Windows.

FLOORing for 1928 home

Finehomebuildings Project House: where best practices are put to the test. Recent Articles & Videos Weatherproof Window Installation, Episode 1: Prepping the Rough Opening How to Install a Toilet Ultimate Deck Build 2015.

Finehomebuildings Project House: where best practices are put to the test

How to Repair Rot Damage with a Dutchman. Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers. Step #2: Score PrevNext Score the pencil lines 1/16” – 1/8” deep with utility knife and square.

Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers

Step #8: Re-finish Re-finish the repair area to match.

SCARY **** for those of us in EARTHQUAKE zones oct 2015

Hypertufa 8-17-03 (1. Hypertufa 6-11-04 (13. Admin - Hypertufa molds. Because of it’s natural environment, hypertufa products are perfect to hold a wide variety of plants. You can plant pretty much anything you like but always keep in mind what the best growing season is for a particular plant. Take a look at the following plants that will happily grow in your artificial tufa trough, container or whatever you decide to put them in. Hypertufa Recipes are Quick and Easy There are a few variations on the basic Hypertufa recipe which includes amounts of: PerlitePeat moss or sandPortland cement (No Sand)Optional: cement color pigments Proportions run from 1 part cement to 3 parts non cement aggregates to a 1:6 ratio. For strength, embed metal rods or rebar for items such as stepping stones. And, an optional handful of fibremesh can be added as a reinforcement. Greenhouse Re-do. Five years ago I built a little greenhouse outside my basement door and thousands of mostly happy little plants have been grown in it since then.

The chronicle of the project is here. I had to make it narrow to fit the available space and that has always been a problem, principally because the widest door I could fit into it was 22 inches wide — not good for getting any bulky items in and out of the basement. Also, I had added a sort of bump-out on the side of it to get more room, which it did, but that bumped up the ugly factor a little more than I could stand. I’m no longer growing flowers for the local farmers’ market, so I don’t need as much room as I did. Hypertufa: ideas para usar este material - Página 9. Untitled. Сад. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников. MOLDES. Dry Creek, Landscapes and Low Maintenance Garden. JPM LANDSCAPING on Pinterest. The Coffee & Tea Station. Adding a coffee station to the kitchen was a given, being that The Man is Italian and pretty much bleeds espresso.

He can drink coffee unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I don’t know how he does it. We positioned it next to the refrigerator and walk-in pantry and it’s turned out to be a good location, with quick easy access to the half & half and skim milk. For the recessed shelf, I decided to use marble in lieu of maple like the cabinets, and had a 2″ mitered edge added to match all the counters. With the other open shelves in the kitchen being salvaged wood, I think the unexpected mix of the marble shelf is a nice compliment to the space. Shades of Gray: How to Use Vinegar & Steel Wool to Darken a Floor - Hardwood Floors Magazine. A few years ago, we had a situation where a reclaimed floor had to be repaired in a hurry, but it was going to take six weeks for us to get the same reclaimed flooring, which was a red oak and white oak unfinished product.

The customer couldn't wait that long, so we had to be more creative. We were able replicate the same appearance of the reclaimed floor with new wood flooring by using an old-school method: a vinegar and steel wool solution. This solution is often referred to in our trade as "iron acetate," although from a chemistry perspective, a true iron acetate would need to be more refined. Whatever you call it, the solution has a chemical reaction with the tannins in wood. Yvette C on Pinterest. How to Restring a Top Down - Bottom Up Cellular Honeycomb Shade (Hunter Douglas)

How to Remove and Prevent Black Algae Stains on Asphalt Shingle Roofs. Cleaning & Prevention Guide for Algae, Fungus, Lichens, Moss on Stone or Masonry Surfaces or Cultural Artifacts. Eliminate, Clean & Prevent Mold with Concrobium Mold Control. Pottery, China, Glass. DIY Raised Bed (Removable) Pest Gate. Woodworking Plans. Easy Gutter Fixes. Succulent Containers, Cacti and Propagate Succulents. Water Heaters, Maintenance, How To. Always-On Inactive Devices May Devour $19 Billion Worth of Electricity Annually.

Return Collection Facilities. Information archivée dans le Web. Safe Disposal of Asbestos. Native Tile. Pictures - Getting it right - Seattle Home Improvement. How to Build a Fountain. Expand your deck. Great Deck Ideas. SULIS: Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series. Concrete. DSC_0009.jpg (JPEG Image, 2300 × 3000 pixels) - Scaled (33%) Home. Guide to Growing Pimento Peppers. 50 Outdoor Games to DIY This Summer. Beetle Mania - How to apply a nematode treatment. Nematodes Control the European Chafer Beetle. European Chafer Beetle. Google Translate. Google Translate. Drum Floor Pouf DIY. Raised Garden Beds, Vegetable Garden and Garden Gates. BBQ Project - petermonaco.

Located on Finn Hill, Kirkland, WA. LS303F Hawaiian Stone - Mini Fault Lines, Heavy Salt Texture, Seamless Skin Concrete Stamp, 36", Floppy - How to Build a Fold-Down Greenhouse. I Finished It Friday: Ballard Designs Inspired Beadboard Drying Rack Tutorial - Inspiration For Moms. QUIKRETE® - How-To Videos. QUIKRETE® - Poured in Place Borders.