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DIY Kitchen Remodel Details {and Cost Breakdown} You know what’s almost as exciting as having a revamped kitchen?

DIY Kitchen Remodel Details {and Cost Breakdown}

Reading all the comments that you guys left on the Kitchen Reveal post! DIY Kitchen Remodel Details {and Cost Breakdown} How Our DIY IKEA Butcher Block Wood Countertops Look 2 Years Later - Interior Projects. 2C Oil - Monocoat Natural Oil Finish. Natural Monocoat Oil Plus 2C Finish PROTECTS AND COLORS WOOD IN ONE LAYER Contains 0% VOC or other harmful chemicals.

2C Oil - Monocoat Natural Oil Finish

Grains, Wood Blocks and Flooring. Our vintage home love: Master Bath Redo Featuring Reclaimed Barn Wood. I love to add warm, rustic wood to rooms with a mostly white color scheme, as you saw in our kitchen makeover.

our vintage home love: Master Bath Redo Featuring Reclaimed Barn Wood

The two colors, as well as the texture of the wood, pair together beautifully. White rooms have a tendency to feel cold and sterile but if you throw some wood into the mix, it instantly warms it up and creates a cozy feel. Our master bath was boring, a sea of white. The countertop, which consisted of white/cream ceramic floor tiles, had no personality and drove us crazy. So, with an abundance of reclaimed barn wood, the idea of incorporating it into a countertop, and a couple of other special things, was born. First thing we did was remove the large generic mirror that seems to come with all bathrooms.

Next we pulled out the sink and removed the tile back splash and tile countertop, but left the existing plywood that the tiles were attached to, in order for us to have a base to attach our boards to. Pumpkin, Pie, Painter: My Coffee-stained, Chain-beaten Wooden Counter Top. Beautifully Contained: Kitchen. Hey all!

Beautifully Contained: Kitchen

So this past weekend we got started on our hardwood countertops. I mentioned back in January that I had wanted to use hardwood flooring for the counters. We ended up getting "tobacco road acacia" wood flooring from Lumber Liquidators, which you can see here: Acacia wood is one of the harder hardwoods and we both really liked the nice color variation that is on the cooler side of the color spectrum.

When we had our hardwood floors refinished over the summer I purposely picked a finish that would complement the acacia wood. We did some rough measurements back in January and guesstimated that we were going to need about 1 box of flooring, which we got for about $150. That's right, the longest pieces are 29.5" long...which is really short if you think about it. We worked on laying all of the wood pieces out over the weekend. Good durable bar top?[Completed - Pic added!] Concrete Stamps - Stamping Mats & Texturing Tools.

Stamped concrete is more popular today than ever before, even though the technique originated on the West Coast way back in the 1950s.

Concrete Stamps - Stamping Mats & Texturing Tools

Why is decorative stamping now all the rage? One of the main reasons is the availability of better concrete stamp mats and concrete texturing tools that produce very realistic results. Many people can't tell the difference between stamped concrete and pricier paving materials such as natural stone, slate, or brick. If you were to flip through the pages of a decorative concrete history book, you'd probably come across old photos of the first concrete stamps. These stamps were made from cast aluminum and resembled giant cookie cutters with handles attached. Concrete Countertop Supplies. Kitchen Countertops. Kitchen Counters on Houzz: Tips From the Experts. Kitchen Remodel {The Reveal!} Welcome!

Kitchen Remodel {The Reveal!}

I'm so glad you are here! The Inspired Room was recently voted 2014 Readers' Favorite Decorating Blog by Better Homes & Garden's magazine! I love sharing simple decorating and organizing ideas to inspire you to love the home you have. For more inspiration, visit the inspiration galleries, the popular How to Decorate series and my own House Tour!

Outdoor Countertops. Outdoor countertops are a great amenity if you plan to do a lot of cooking and entertaining outdoors.

Outdoor Countertops

Consider installing enough counter space for food prep and serving areas. Outdoor kitchen counters are typically installed at a height of 36”, which is the same as indoors. However, if you want guests to be able to socialize with the cook, a split-level counter with the raised portion at bar height (42”) is especially nice. To accommodate the grill, outdoor countertops tend to be deeper than what you may be used to indoors.

Kitchen Ideas & Design with Cabinets, Islands, Backsplashes. Today's kitchen countertops come in many materials, colors and styles, so how do you choose what's right for you?

Kitchen Ideas & Design with Cabinets, Islands, Backsplashes

Here's what to consider when buying kitchen countertops including function, what looks good in your room and budget: Although granite has been popular for many years, the latest trends in countertop surfaces include soapstone, solid surface and laminate. Kitchen Designs - Choose Kitchen Layouts & Remodeling Materials. Whether your kitchen island countertop is an extra space for food preparation or an area for casual dining, the style and materials you choose will play a large part in your overall design.

Kitchen Designs - Choose Kitchen Layouts & Remodeling Materials

Materials for kitchen island countertops come in a range of surfaces, including marble, stainless steel and wood. Marble is a gorgeous countertop choice, but it tends to be prone to staining, which can make it a poor option for a surface that will be used as an active cooking area. If you are seeking a solid material that can withstand cooking activity, then you may want to consider granite. On the other hand, a wood butcher's block is an ideal surface for chopping, slicing and other food preparation activities. Stainless steel would also work well in this case, acting as an easy-to-clean surface. When it comes to deciding on the shape and style of your kitchen island, it is important to consider the size of your kitchen in addition to the main purpose the island will be serving. Kitchen Designs - Choose Kitchen Layouts & Remodeling Materials.

A wide variety of kitchen countertop styles, colors, textures and materials means your options are endless when choosing a surface area. Ideas for 30" deep countertop material ? Ideas for 30" deep countertop material ? Kitchen Counters: Plastic Laminate Offers Options Aplenty.