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Bottle Ship - All. When I saw my first bottle ship as a kid, I was puzzled how it got into the bottle.

Bottle Ship - All

Well now I know. You have to construct the ship in a way that allows the masts and booms to collapse. This way, the ship can be made small enough to enter the bottle through the bottleneck. Furthermore the rigging has to be made so you will be able to erect the masts again, once the ship is inside the bottle. The trick here is that the rigging to the left and right of the masts must be places a little behind the masts. Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc. Build your own castles easily. Papier Mache, Folk Art and Paper Clay. KitMaker Gallery - Main Index. Dollhouse Needlepoint Kits. BEGINNERS START HERE!!

Dollhouse Needlepoint Kits

Baskin Robbins Inspired Polymer Clay Ice Cream Tutorial. GIANT OCTOPUS IN A BOTTLE Kraken Resin and Polymer Clay Tutorial. PalkoJewels. SugarCharmShop Craft; Polymer clay, jewelry and 1:12 scale miniatures: Tutorial: Cutting boards and knives. As I said in my other post today, I'll be posting a fair amount of tutorials in January to kickstart 2013.

SugarCharmShop Craft; Polymer clay, jewelry and 1:12 scale miniatures: Tutorial: Cutting boards and knives

You're probably looking at your calender right now, aren't you? Thinking; "it's the 31st of December! "... No! I hereby declare this day January the 0st... ehem, so let's get started, shall we? :) Paint, Wallpaper & Add Flooring To A Dollhouse with Crown Jewel Miniatures! How To Finish The Interior Of A dollhouse!

Paint, Wallpaper & Add Flooring To A Dollhouse with Crown Jewel Miniatures!

If you’ve read the “Meet The Artisan” page on my website you know that I was the go-to person for dollhouse interior design while I worked at Dollhouses Plus. In addition to selecting and matching decorating components, I installed them and over the years I’ve had several requests for tips. While I no longer finish dollhouses, except my own, I know that even the most amazing dollhouse food won’t look like much in a bare mini kitchen!

Here are my recommendations for finishing the interior of your dollhouses. I hope this helps! FINISHING MATERIALSEach of the following items can be found at Home Depot, Lowe’s or any hardware or home improvement store: Miniatures, Dollhouses and Dollhouse Miniatures. Dollhouse Miniatures, Mini Foods and Miniatures. Miniature Apples in their Crat // Polymer Clay Miniature Food Tutorial. TUTORIALS. //Fimo Book/ Livre Fimo /Fimo Miniatur BuchParty Food In Miniature / Repas de Fête en Miniature A how to book about miniatures in fimo (polymer clay).


It’s about the holidays of the year (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Birthday and Weddings).See the content. Entirely made by myself and available in my online shop //Miniature Bread Tutorial (English) You can view the tutorial on CraftArtEdu //Watch me build a crate and sculpt miniature apples. Scale : 1/12 Media used : wood, polymer clay, beading wire, dry pastels, acrylic paints.

DIY Owl Necklace - Polymer Clay. Because owls are cute and all over the internet, I tried my hand on those, it was so easy I thought a tutorial would be cool.

DIY Owl Necklace - Polymer Clay

Follow the pictures.At the end, bake it once and then cover the back of the owl with clay to ensure the finding is secured in the clay. Bake again. Decorate? If you wish to decorate your owl you can paint it with acrylic paint (using the end of a toothpick for instance). To ensure the paint stays on the owl, either varnish or cover with liquid polymer clay (and bake yet again) (you can bake the clay as many times as needed). Add the chain and clasps to make the necklace You could also make just a owl (or many, go crazy!) Want the owl necklace without the hassle of making it? PetitPlat - Miniature Food Art. Paper Models: Page 3. The Shopping Sherpa. Магазин мастера Наталья Кузнецова (art-wool): игрушки животные, сказочные персонажи, броши, шкатулки, приколы. FILM MAKING 101: MINIATURES - THE HIGHTOPS OF BROOKLYN. How To Shrink Yourself Into a Miniature Village. DEPT 56 ish VILLAGE IDEAS on Pinterest. Miniatures - Lesley Shepherd's Projects, Tips & Advice.

Deluxe Materials Water Products. Mini Tuts on Pinterest. Do not open before Halloween - focus on both big scene by emptyv. Miniature Witchy on Pinterest. MINIATURES... how to make... on Pinterest. Doll tutorials on Pinterest. Doll tutorials on Pinterest. Tori West Miniatures Sculpture Illustration by MeadowLaneStudios. Lerryn Meza on Pinterest. Miniature Books on Pinterest. Jackolantern. How to Make Paperclay Jack-O-Lanterns You will need: Creative Paperclay1 piece of plastic wrap, approx. 6" X 6"craft knifemasking tapethreadscissorssand (or baking soda)sculpting toolswater for smoothing paperclaypaints * optional but not necessary: tweezers, needle files, 600 grit sandpaper ------------- - Cut masking tape in to strips approx. 5" long by 1/8" to 1/4" wide - Apply strips of tape to plastic wrap, in diagonal criss-cross pattern as shown. - turn plastic wrap over so side with tape is facing down At this point you will have a little floppy baggy of sand.


You should end up with a firm bag, in the shape you desire. - Roll or press out a circle of paperclay big enough to cover bag, and about 1/16" thick. Cover bag and smooth clay by dipping your fingers in water and rubbing over clay. Here is the bag covered with clay and smoothed out. Sculpt sections and stem into clay. When you are finished sculpting the pumpkin, cut top and face design into pumpkin. Paint with acrylic paints. Tori West on Pinterest. Miniatures and other unique works of art by Tori West. Hotwtopage. How to's and How done's.......


Quarter-scale pumpkin house... though the directions can be used for any scale STAIRS For your pumpkin house, or anywhere else you choose. General Guidelines for Working with Creative Paperclay© Need a nice flat sheet of Dry Paperclay? Well of course you do! Here's how to make one in the thicknessyou choose, and how to KEEP IT FLAT! MiniMumLoon.