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New Zealand KET Reader worksheet. Trip to Canada KET Reader worksheet. Problems at the train station. Station manager: Good afternoon. How can I help you? Makayla: Hello … Erm … yes. I’ve just missed my train! Station manager: Ah. Where are you going? Makayla: To Manchester. Station manager: Ah yes. Station manager: Good afternoon. A train timetable. Trains and travel. Passenger: Excuse me? Which platform does the train to Cambridge leave from? Train station attendant: The 10:15 train or the 10:40? Passenger: The 10:15. Train station attendant: The 10:15 train leaves from platform 3. Passenger: Thanks. Passenger: Hi. Train ticket vendor: Single or return? Passenger: Errr, single please.

Train ticket vendor: The next train is at 12:30pm, leaving from platform 2. Passenger: And how much is it? Train ticket vendor: £13:50 Ticket inspector: Tickets, please. Passenger: Yes, here you are. Ticket inspector: This ticket is for Oxford. Passenger: Yes, that’s right. Ticket inspector: But this train doesn’t go to Oxford, it goes to Liverpool. Passenger: What? Train station announcement: The next train arriving at platform 1 is the 15:45 train to Exeter, stopping at Bristol Temple Meads and arriving at Exeter St David’s at 18:30. Harry: What time is our train back to London? Angel: It leaves at 4:30. Harry: What platform does it leave from? Angel: Platform 2. ELLLO Mixer 124 Public Transport. Craze I had this gym craze. When you have a craze, that means you have an obsession for something.

You are crazy about it. People often have a craze for a food, a habit, a hobby or pastime. Notice the following: I went through a red wine craze a few years ago. Wearing tight jeans is the latest fashion craze. bring on Bring on the bacon. The phrase "bring on" or "bring it on" means you want something to happen or come to you. Bring on the final test. I'm down with (I'm down for) I'm down with fast food. When you are down with something, that means you like it or support it. I am not down with the new work schedule. 6 a.m. is too early to start. Stick to You should stick to a healthy diet. When you stick to something, that means you follow it. The teacher never sticks to his lesson plan. Every single You don't have to count every single calorie. The phrase "every single" is used to show emphasis. He always says hello to every single customer in his store.

An airport departures board. Transport announcements. The next train to arrive at Platform 2 is the 12.20 to Bristol Temple Meads, calling at Reading, Oxford and Bristol Parkway. Platform 2 for the 12.20 to Bristol. First class is in the rear carriage. This is a platform announcement for passengers for the 12.20 service to Bristol Temple Meads. This train is delayed by approximately 8 minutes.

The train will now depart from Platform 9. Passengers for the 12.20 train to Bristol, please make your way to Platform 9. Passengers for Flight EB380 to Paris please make your way to Gate 13 for boarding. This is a London Underground service to Liverpool Street. Holidays. TRAVEL-TRIP-JOURNEY-TOUR-VOYAGE -  online exercise. New York Travel. If you had time and money, what are three places in the world that you would visit and why?

Would you travel by plane, ship, or train? Would you rather stay in a big hotel, a small inn, or even a youth hostel? Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play Audio" button and answer the questions. Press the "Final Score" button to check your quiz. [ Other Audio Options: Play RealMedia | Play Window Media ] Listen to the conversation again as you read the Quiz Script. What kinds of things do you like to do when you visit a new place for the first time? Imagine that you are going on vacation to New York City, and you have $1,500 to spend on your entire week vacation. Want to Tell People About This Listening Activity? Now, write your ideas on a similar topic at Randall's ESL Blog HERE.

Randall's Sites: Daily ESL | ESL Blog | EZSlang | Train Your Accent | Tips For Students | Hiking In Utah. Journey, Travel & Trip. Travel & Vacations - Ideas for ESL Lesson Plans - Free English Resources Online. Travelling abroad. EVS - Class 2 - Safety Rules for Vehicles and Means of Transport. Means of Transport - Video for Listening Comprehension in English Classroom. Means of transport_learn English. TRAVELLING BY PLANE. Transports Lesson | Science Games for Kids | Educational Kids Game | Science Lesson Plan.