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What is Linen? What are the types and uses of Linen? Linen is made from a plant called flax.

What is Linen? What are the types and uses of Linen?

Linen is famous because of its strength and durability hence it is known as versatile fabric. It is highly absorbent and can absorb up to 20% of its own weight. Linen is 100% natural and oldest fabric used by ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece. Russia is the largest cultivator and China is the largest producer of linen. Linen is one most stylish and charming bedding and clothing fabric, you can buy any kind of bedding which can be planned or printed. Linen is the oldest fabric which comes from nature. Polyester Vs Cotton Sheets - Full Comparison. There is just something about your bed that makes you want to make it as comfortable as possible.

Polyester Vs Cotton Sheets - Full Comparison

There are other things to consider besides just the mattress type you choose, such as what type of sheets is the most comfortable to sleep under. Cotton and polyester fabric are two of the most dominant types out there, but which is better? To know which is better you should read the full blog Polyester Vs Cotton Sheets. Polyester sheets are not Natural sheets Where cotton sheets are made with Natural fiber sheets. Polyester sheets last longer than cotton sheets. Things to Consider To make a knowledgeable decision there are many things to consider. As you can see from the chart above, there are many differences between polyester vs cotton sheets. Dark Grey Sheet Set. However, we do not limit you.

Dark Grey Sheet Set

If you would like any other fit other than these, then email us your order at and we will make one tailored just for you. You can order as many as you would like. No limitation. What qualities make these set the best in the market? This is made in analogy with the market standards, but most important with you in mind because our customer's feedback is very important. Get Lavender Bed In a bag. While these sheets are a beautiful lavender color, they are also 400 thread count of 100% cotton.

Get Lavender Bed In a bag

How awesome is that? What makes this even better is that it is a complete bed in a bag set of eight pieces, including one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, one Duvet cover, 2 pillow shams, 2 pillowcases, and one comforter! All the pieces match! Cotton Twin XL Bed Sheet Sets. Enjoy the superior quality of 400 thread count twin xl sheet sets.

Cotton Twin XL Bed Sheet Sets

Designed with 100% high-quality cotton. A product designed with good taste for a comfortable and satisfying night's rest. We use wrinkle and stain-resistant materials to make sheet other bedding accessories. The sateen material is great because of its durability and strength. It is definitely the best quality sateen material to invest in.

Buy Cotton Flat Sheet Only. Avail Flat 20% OFF on First Order of Flat Sheet Only. Use Coupon Code "NEWUSER" to Avail the Offer Now. Shop Red Bed in a Bag. The Red bed in a bag may be a little intimidating due to its red color, but these 300 threads count 100% sateen cotton, is awesome.

Shop Red Bed in a Bag

There is just something about the feel and quality of bed linens of this quality that will make you want to spend more time in bed.This bedding contains Sheet set and high quality duvet cover set ,300 GSM Comforter. What Makes the Red Bed in a Bag Unique The look of good taste and design, this red bed in a bag comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, one duvet cover, two pillowcases and two pillow shams. These sheets adjust to the size of your mattress, is wrinkle free and also resists stains.

The cotton fabric is soft and has a sheen that will provide an understated, but elegant and comfy look at any time of the day or night. Its colors are bright and vibrant but also blends well with any decor. It will not tear or fade, and Red bed in a bag set will keep its true colors for years to come. What to Expect Regarding the Color of this Product. Grey Bed in a Bag. RV Queen Short & King Sheets 72x80. A Most Amazing collection of RV Bedding sheets available in all colors and sizes like - rv queen short sheets and rv king sheets 72x80 on AanyaLinen.

RV Queen Short & King Sheets 72x80

You can get flat 20% discount on using this coupon code "NEWUSER" at RV bedding sheets set product. Ivory RV Bedding Set Solid Bliss Sateen Ivory RV Bedding Set Your RV bedding worries are over. Because Aanya Linen brings you a collection of RV bedding sets like no other. One bedding sheet that really stands out... From $80.99 White RV Bedding Set Solid Bliss Sateen White RV Bedding Set RVs are becoming a fast-track trend. How to wash Rayon? & Can you wash Rayon. How to wash rayon has been the most asked question by homemakers, when buying linen made with this material.

How to wash Rayon? & Can you wash Rayon

Rayon is a natural based fabric that is made from the cellulose fibers that are contained in wood pulp. These wood fibers are treated with chemicals in the laboratory to get the finished product. Rayon can be labeled as lyocell, viscose, modal or rayon. Rayon makes up some of the most popular fabrics used today in the clothing industry and in the finishing of home accessories. This is due to the low-cost of the base material and its adaptability. What Do I Need to Safely Wash My Rayon? You need a very mild detergent to avoid damaging the colors.Water should be cold. How long is Twin XL? Find Out Here. Introduction There are different types and categories of mattresses and bed frames, with each having their own dimensions and sizes.

How long is Twin XL? Find Out Here

Each of the types has its own implications and applications that are based on their structure and dimensions and therefore understanding the specific sizes and dimensions of the specified types is key understanding what mattresses would best suit your needs. For instance, you might be looking for a bed and mattress for a child’s room; in this case, you would not get the same size as the one you would get for an adult. Full Guide For How To Wash Comforter. "Useful Tips to Sanitize a Comforter for a Good Night Sleep" What makes your bed unmistakably heavenly?

Full Guide For How To Wash Comforter

No dollars for guessing though, it’s a comforter! People nowadays are spending on buying comforters not only to spruce up their bedding but also to ameliorate the sleeping experience. A comforter is a perfect continental quilt for keeping your body and soul warm in the truest sense. So, steering back to the crux of the topic- How to wash a comforter? Studies show that 78% of people have confessed washing their comforters once in a blue moon.Additionally, recent surveys revealed that approximately 2 out of 15 homeowners opt for laundry wash. What is a Coverlet, Quilt and Bedspread? There are many terms used today when we start to discuss bedroom linens. What is a Bedspread? Find Best Answer. In the world of home interior design, there are many names for different things like "Bedspread". What is a Bedspread?

You know, a bedspread is sometimes used interchangeably with the name duvet. What is Egyptian Cotton? Egyptian Cotton is a plant-based fiber. Egyptian cotton is grown for long fibers usually ranges from 1 ¼ to 2-inch staple. It is used in many articles including sheet sets, towels, and clothing. What is a Body Pillow and Types of Body Pillow. Basically a Body Pillow is bigger than the usual size of a pillow, which is long and narrow that is purporting to be supported between your legs as you rest on your side in the bed.

The standard size of a body pillow is ("26 X 54") Inch. One of the biggest reasons to use this body pillow is to improve spinal alignment and it also helps in presser point problems. These body pillows help your mussels to loosen up while you are tired of an all-day routine and you are looking for more comfort or relaxation. One of the biggest advantages of a body pillow is that scientifically proven. These pillows help in spinal or solder arrangement on the bed. Best for those people who actually want many pillows to support his hips, back, and neck while they sleep. Sleeping in the wrong position or choosing wrong sized bedding accessories mainly pillows, the problem of pressure point can arrive.

Difference Between Silk and Satin. Many people don’t know the facts about silk and satin. After all, they are both smooth to the touch. They both are also shiny to look at, right? People love them both for their look and feel. What is Linen Made of. There seems to be some confusion in the marketplace when it comes to comparing linen and cotton. Most consumers think of ‘bed linens’ as being either cotton or linen, but the name can be confusing. While both materials come from plant fibers, there is a wide and vast difference between the two. What is a Coverlet, Quilt and Bedspread? What is Pillow Sham or Sham Bedding? What is Pillow Sham or Sham Bedding? What is Mulberry Silk? Find The Best Answer.

Mulberry silk, also called ‘natural silk’, is a continuous fiber made by silkworms when spinning their cocoon. There is a specific type of moth larvae that consumes nothing but mulberry tree leaves and thus the name for the product called mulberry silk. Where does Silk Come From? Full Article. Can You Wash a Bamboo Pillow? Read More.

Perhaps you have seen the ads on late-night TV or on-line about a bamboo sleeping pillow. When this writer first heard the ad, visions of sleeping on a pillow of hard stick like material didn’t sound all that appealing. After researching, it was discovered this was not the case at all, but more questions arose, such as ‘can you wash a bamboo pillow?’ Flat sheet how to use. Flat sheet how to use. What is a Comforter? 6 Steps to choose comforter.