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Karan Dubal

Rushkar has 10+ years of experience in Cusotm Software Development with Desktop and Web Based platform including Windows/Mac operating systems, We are a group of experts with long vision and the great can do attitude which are always ready to acheive challenging things. We have main development center in india, Ahmedabad, with 2 branches in USA and 1 in Australia.We provide Custom Software Development, C# Windows App development, WPF rich UI Development, DevX experts for windows app, .Net Core Web app development, Electron Desktop App, React JS Applicaion, JAVA pletform indepedent app development etc.

Rushkar Information Technology LLP Supports Small Businesses Across Nevada and the World. Here at Rushkar Information Technology LLP, we’re committed to providing the best software and mobile app development services to our clients.

Rushkar Information Technology LLP Supports Small Businesses Across Nevada and the World

We’re comprised of a team of experienced certified developers with experience in Microsoft Technologies (ASP.Net. MVC, .Net Core), BizTalk, MS Dynamics CRM, Python, Java, and Mobile Applications (Hybrid & Native). Since 2016, we have been committed to building relationships and providing benefits to businesses of all sizes across the state and the globe. We want to especially praise small businesses today. Small businesses are the backbone of the Nevadan economy — making up over 99.1% of Nevadan companies and employing 41.3% of all Nevadans currently working in the state! We are partnering with Clutch to recognize businesses during this uncertain time! Clutch, and its sister site The Manifest, are the world’s leading provider of ratings and reviews for B2B service providers. Top 10 App Developers South Africa. Top 10 App Developers South Africa In the present mobile era, we are ruled by apps.

Top 10 App Developers South Africa

We can many different apps for nearly anything and everything. Mobile apps have now become the best method for a business to reach out to their clients. Hence, there are numerous app development companies and app developers South Africa sprouting up. Best Mobile App Ideas By Leading App Developers in 2020. By Karan Dubal19-02-2020Mobile Apps There are more than 6 million apps in the app store which is actually a lot.

Best Mobile App Ideas By Leading App Developers in 2020

Hire Dedicated Developers In India For The Development Of Custom Emr/ehr. By Author: karan dubalTotal Articles: 1Comment this article Considering all the complications that a medical system has to undergo for recording, storing, and maintaining the vast amount of data, an Electronic medical record system was introduced.

Hire Dedicated Developers In India For The Development Of Custom Emr/ehr

An Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) is software that enables electronic recording, maintaining and storing the information which is collected by the healthcare professional in the form of medical histories, test results, diagnoses, treatment, contraindications, allergies and many more. In the past, the medical data was used to store as a hand written notes on the papers and charts with your name on top of it.

Maintaining and organizing those handwritten notes was not easy. However, with EMR and EHR systems, the medical charts and patient notes are taken in a proper way. 1. Hire Dedicated Developers In India For The Development Of Custom Emr/her. Creating A Dating App With App Developers India. Most app developers India suggest to follow the steps below to create a successful dating app: The key principles of a dating app’s functionality The dating apps call for special attention to meet the specific needs of users and support human interaction as they belong to the social apps family.

Creating A Dating App With App Developers India

Though you will not find any two similar dating apps, certain features guarantee the required results. Getting started with a dating app. How to Develop an Ebook App Like Kindle? With the constantly changing technology, you will find nothing untouched.

How to Develop an Ebook App Like Kindle?

Paper books are no exception as they are being replaced by eBooks. eBooks have become the go-to means for offering education. An eBook uses an eBook reader, mobile phone, or computer to display texts in the form of a book. Market for eBooks is thriving because of people loving to read on the go. So, let us find out how you can create your own eBook app and what the market offer you. If you are a niche bookseller or publisher or a group of authors, you will find many benefits of having your app like: How to develop a Restaurant app like Open Table or Zomato? The time has changed immensely.

How to develop a Restaurant app like Open Table or Zomato?

Now you don’t have to wait to book a table in your favourite restaurant. You can order food online from the restaurant of your choice and enjoy the meal in your comfortable sitting at home watching your favourite TV show. The apps like Zomato and open table are getting popular because of the ease that these bring in our lives in getting the food of our choice whenever we want.

Software Outsourcing Company India - RushKar. With the increasing demands for mobile apps, Mobile application development has developed as a unique and ever-expanding sector.

Software Outsourcing Company India - RushKar

These days, many businesses use apps to reach their customer base. Mobile apps have actually become an integral part of the technological world at present. How do you schedule online appointment efficiently. If you have a business that counts on customer appointments, you understand how much effort is needed to plan and handle the calendar.

how do you schedule online appointment efficiently

Customers, clients, or patients call you for appointments, and you need to determine when it can work. Further, it gets complex when you’ve to schedule emergency appointments, reschedule others, or cut your loss. However, now you don’t have to do this manually, because there are many best appointment scheduling software and systems available for you. These online scheduling software and apps can handle the work with ease for you. What Is an Online Appointment Scheduling System? An online appointment scheduling system helps you schedule your appointments more easily. The advantages of online appointment management, when implemented in your online transformation are countless. Appointment-driven businesses should focus on making a high calibre, streamlined customer experience. Features of a Good Online Appointment Scheduling System Lesser No- Shows 10to8. Custom Software Development Company Canada & USA.