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Learning is an integral part of growing. My aspirations in life are to continue crafting my passions: online marketing, building interpersonal relationships and being a leader who leads by example.

10 Tips to Revolutionize Your B2B Marketing Plan for 2021. Determine your endgame.

10 Tips to Revolutionize Your B2B Marketing Plan for 2021

Top 13 Benefits of Agile Marketing in 2020. Businesses use many strategies to help improve efficiency and effectiveness within their company.

Top 13 Benefits of Agile Marketing in 2020

One tactical method is agile marketing, where teams identify issues and focus collective efforts on high-profile projects. To help you to make the right choice, we present this solid, data-driven collection of the benefits of agile marketing. These projects are completed with a group effort and then these results are measured and used to improve future results with similar or bigger projects. The collective efforts are made to help complete large-scale projects faster so that more high-value projects are completed to help further the company.

What Is Server Message Block and How It Works? The Server Message Block protocol works by enabling either an application or its user to gain access to files located on a remote server, in addition to other means such as named pipes, mail slots, and printers.

What Is Server Message Block and How It Works?

Therefore, a client application is able to open, process, transfer, establish, and upload files on the remote server. It will also interact with any server software that has been created to accommodate a client’s SMB request. This SMB protocol is also called a response-request protocol, and this means that it communicates numerous messages between the client and server in order to create a connection. Common Internet File System (CIFS), an early form of the SMB protocol, achieved infamous popularity as a chatty software that made a mess of wide-area network (WAN) performance as a result of the joint effects of lagging and several recognitions of CIFS. Today, the Server Message Block protocol works in dialect 7. 20 Popular Robotic Process Automation Tools (RPA) In 2020. Redwood SoftwareIt offers two kinds of automation software.

20 Popular Robotic Process Automation Tools (RPA) In 2020

The first looks after finance automation which allows organizations to automate tasks like asset accounting, invoicing and payments, cash collection, etc. The second tool looks after workload automation that helps in automating tasks over various platforms. This includes cloud, on-premises, and hybrid situations.This offers a highly scalable tool without much hassle.NintexIt is a workflow automation tool that offers an exceptionally easy to use drag and drop interface. It helps create simple workflows to avoid error, time wastage, and miscommunication. The tool works across various applications like excel, developer apps, emails, etc.PricingBlue PrismIt is one of the market leaders in the RPA segment. 25 Best Data Visualization Tools in 2020. Top 13 Benefits of Agile Marketing in 2020. Ultimate Guide on HRIS (Human Resources Information System) As the work environment becomes more complex, in this current time, it is imperative for companies to keep their workers interacting with their job and remaining happy with the rise of work-from-home jobs.

Ultimate Guide on HRIS (Human Resources Information System)

HRIS can help employers in keeping up with their staff to create a more satisfactory work environment, no matter if it is brick-and-mortar or digital. Not only does HRIS make the jobs of workers easier, but it also takes a load off any human resources departments shoulders. Acquiring and storing information, creating in onboarding sessions, analyzing trends, and monitoring employee work performance and approval rates can be a daunting task for even a large team of people.

HRIS has reduced the difficulty, time, and strife that it takes to complete all of these tasks, which has made the work environment less stressful and easier to navigate in these difficult times. People Analytics: A Step-By-Step Guide. Analytics has a strong potential for reforming and improving HR functions.

People Analytics: A Step-By-Step Guide

As times progress, it will become an important tool for companies to scale their business, improve employee workforce, and leadership development. In 2020 and beyond, it will become incredibly important for employees to work on sourcing for their talent pool. By using strong analytical tools and measurements, a company can eliminate candidates that may not be a fit very early. How Google Big Query Changed the Game - Download Whitepaper (PDF) For the past few decades, the approach to data analysis and storage has been standard without much innovation in the database warehouse technologies.

How Google Big Query Changed the Game - Download Whitepaper (PDF)

Previously, the process of joining large data sets from various sources for analysis and reporting was laborious and cost in-effective. The entire ETL process, both internal and external, in its usual form is time-consuming because of the various process involved like designs, approvals, governance, etc. It also sees itself becoming obsolete as datasets keep going bigger and bigger.

Another problem that arises is the storage of such large quantities of data. The solution to this is a new innovation in the market, public datasets. Transgender Discrimination in the Workplace - Download Whitepaper (PDF) After an abundance of research studies, it had been widely known that the transgender community continues to face discrimination in their workplaces.

Transgender Discrimination in the Workplace - Download Whitepaper (PDF)

Such despicable practices are aided by prejudices, biased power relations, and poor workforce policies in the corporate world. The victims of transgender discrimination can suffer both mental and physical issues and are more prone to suffer from depression as well. Organizations often ask what can be done to abolish such practices. It needs to be understood that one cannot weed out such rooted cultures overnight, but can take steps in the right direction. The first step would be to recognize and support the transgender community in the workplace in the form of policies. Another step to reduce prejudices would be enabling the employees to self-identify their gender rather than simply recognizing them by their legally listed genders.

25 Best Data Visualization Tools in 2020. Cloud Security Challenges in 2020 And How to Avoid Them. Check Point and Cybersecurity Insiders have released their global 2020 Cloud Security Report, wherein the emphasis was placed on the cloud security challenges that business security systems face in the protection of data and workloads in their public cloud systems.

Cloud Security Challenges in 2020 And How to Avoid Them

According to the report, 75% of respondents revealed that they were ‘highly concerned’ about public cloud security as it continues to remain a big challenge for them. Data Infiltration/BreachesOne of the current cloud computing security issues and challenges affecting cloud security in 2020 is the problem of data breaches. In all, although all of the issues discussed above pose a threat to cloud security, they are however not insurmountable.

With the proper approach, technology, and partners, businesses can overcome the cloud security challenges and begin to enjoy the abundant benefits of cloud technology. Online Marketing Conferences to Attend in September to December 2020. 20 Top Applicant Tracking Systems in 2020. Oracle TaleoThis is a cloud-based platform that offers solutions for talent retention, development, and acquisition.

20 Top Applicant Tracking Systems in 2020

Oracle Taleo can be integrated to meet the demands of any organization through end-to-end automation of recruitment procedures.Pricing:For starters, Oracle Taleo has a free demo option. However, their business edition plan allows you to choose from 3 pricing plans:Developed EDU – $83/monthDeveloping EDU – $54/monthEmerging EDU – $29/monthBest features:Seamless integration with iGoogle, MyYahoo, and Microsoft OutlookData Access anytime, anywhere.The use of social media tools to increase employee referralsSimple recruitment marketingBullhornBasically, this is a recruitment software platform that is based on the cloud and designed particularly for recruitment and staffing needs.

The following factors should be considered when searching for the best applicant tracking system: In essence, the importance of the best applicant tracking systems can not be undermined. How to Leverage IoT for a Sustainable Supply Chain. Is Cognitive Technology the Future of Automation? - Business World iT. Is Cognitive Technology the Future of Automation?

Cognitive technology is the future of automation in many industries. Advanced AI can save time and money in many spheres of life. With the power of cognitive technology, people can see changes in many industries. Cognitive automation is a feature of artificially intelligent software systems that learns rules, understands languages, reasons with purpose, and will naturally behave with humans. It uses various methods to mimic human thought processes, language learning, analyzing text, mine data, and match patterns. Cognitive automation provides a comprehensive solution by combining human strengths like complex problem solving and deep thinking with machine capabilities like analyzing, reading and processing data. These are powerful systems capable of understanding, learning, reasoning and interacting.

6 Techniques for Creating Engaging Business Processes - Download Whitepaper (PDF) Business process management or BPM as it is referred to is all about building and sustaining process improvement. Business processes that are well-constructed make it extremely easy for teams and departments to understand, use, and, most importantly, identify and suggest improvements that can move the business forward. So how can you create engaging business processes? Here are 6 key techniques for making process documents that can be used. 1. The Ultimate Guide on Cryptocurrency. There are many different use cases for Cryptocurrency. One example is by using cryptocurrency to purchase goods. Retailers such as Overstock and Newegg accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. They can be used to purchase goods or services related to travel, entertainment, and education. Another example is investing. As the value of cryptocurrency rises and falls, users can purchase shares of cryptocurrency just as one would a stock or fund.

Recognizable cryptocurrencies have been valued at amounts close to $20,000 at one point or another, with the peak happening in November 2017 when Bitcoin skyrocketed to this price and valuing the market at around 230 billion dollars. 4 Ways to Transform the IoT in Business. Top Challenges Faced in Application Development. Do you know that 53% of IT experts say the major issue is the high cost of IT management? This is not so surprising since many businesses today are in need of agile, efficient, and integrated business applications in order to make sure that their operations run better than ever before.

In this contemporary digital world, it has become necessary to build a secure, flexible, and manageable business application that works seamlessly. However, there are certain common challenges that are being faced in application development. The essence of this whitepaper focuses on these challenges. Why Companies Should Build Automation Systems. Why Companies Should Build Automation Systems The word automation is mentioned often in business and marketing, and many organizations have a decent understanding of what it is. However, there are still many business professionals that are making no moves toward it.

Some argue that building automation systems will take time and money. Initially, that is the case. The Pivotal Role of Video in Internet of Things (IoT) 23 Best Customer Journey Mapping Software in 2020. Customer journey mapping software helps to streamline strategic business planning. Should you Outsource IT Services as a Startup? Overview. How to Create a B2B Social Media Strategy in 13 Easy Steps in 2020. Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and its Importance Explained. The Comprehensive Guide to AIOps - Download Whitepaper (PDF) The Ultimate Guide on Cloud Security. Top 20 Interview Scheduling Software for Business in 2020. The Ultimate Guide on Robotic Process Automation. Attended AutomationTypically, attended automation is most often described as the kind of RPA that operates on the computer of the user.

However, this is very much off the point for those businesses whose aim is the automation of their processes.Although it is accurate that attended robotic systems are incorporated into the laptop or desktop of an employee, it remains that the most unique element of attended automation is the fact that each robotic system has been programmed for a specific user.The robot will always be available whenever a worker wants a robot to execute a procedure. All the employee has to do is activate the functions of the robot so as to benefit from the time-saving features and accuracy of automation.With more advanced technology, it is possible for the robot to be activated automatically by predefined user behavior. A Report of Top Database Strategies and Contact Acquisition - Download Whitepaper (PDF) The Complete Guide on IoT Sensors. Top 30 Benefits of Social Media for Business. In the past when a business wanted to reach out to as many people as possible, they would utilize radio, television, and print ads.

Remember those? A Complete Guide on B2B Content Syndication. Employee Engagement 101 - Download Whitepaper (PDF) People Analytics: A Step-By-Step Guide. Industrial Internet of Things: A Complete Guide To IIoT. What is Employee Engagement. Unlike employee satisfaction, employee engagement is a workplace approach where suitable right conditions are set for all the employees so that each day can be their best day at the workplace.

Top 12 Global Marketing Trends for 2020. The future of marketing isn’t affecting companies across the U.S., but rather around the world. With the trends going on within the marketing world, it’s time to take a look into what are the current global marketing trends. Leading with a PurposeEvery company should lead by example. In this case, you want to lead the purpose of your brand; going by your company’s promise. The Complete Guide on HR Management Software. There are a lot of options to choose from in the market. However, before we learn about the different types of HR Systems, let us learn the two major categories they fall into.

34 Questions To Ask In An Employee Engagement Survey. 9 Effective Talent Management Strategies for 2020. 8 Questions to Ask Before Replatforming - Download Whitepaper (PDF) Top 30 Video Marketing Tools & Software for Marketers in 2020. A Strategic Guide to Data Privacy for Financial Services - Download Whitepaper (PDF) 25 Benefits of Employee Engagement That You Did'nt Know. Steps on Mobile Payments Risks, and How To Avoid Them. 15 Digital Advertising Trends You Can't Ignore in 2020. Sprint Team Benefits in Application Development and Management. A Guide: How To Implement Blockchain In Your Business. How to Create a Customer Journey Map that Works. Top 23 Talent Management Software in 2020. An Introduction to App Development Platforms - Download Whitepaper (PDF) What is the IoT? Everything You Need to Know. 32 Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategies to Know for 2020. Top Practices for a Marketing Database Cleanse - Download Whitepaper (PDF)

Bitcoin Halving: Everthing You Need To Know. Top 15 Cloud Migration Tools in 2020. Top 18 Marketing Communication Tools to Build your Business. Lead Magnet: Ideas and Examples to Grow Your Business. Modern Marketing Concepts: Importance, Features & Benefits. How to Make RPA Your Strongest CX Agent - Download Whitepaper (PDF) Top 25 AI Chatbot Platforms for Business in 2020. What is the IoT? Everything You Need to Know. Global Marketing: Impotrance, Strategies, Benefits, Examples. Bitcoin Halving: Everthing You Need To Know. A Guide For Hiring a B2b Marketing Agency. Video Marketing: Importance, Benefits & Best Practices. Applicant Tracking System - All You Need To Know. 20 Effective HR Compliance Checklist for Business in 2020. Employee Engagement: Turn Feedback into Action - Download Whitepaper (PDF)

Digital Identity: Everything You Need to Know. Guide to Bitcoin Wallet Everything Beginners Need to Know. Cold Calling Tips & Tricks - Download Whitepaper (PDF) A Guide on Cloud Computing Architecture. Top 30 Video Marketing Tools & Software for Marketers in 2020. Top 30 Video Marketing Tools & Software for Marketers in 2020. The Complete Guide on Cloud Based ERP. 26 Best Virtual Meeting Platforms for your Business in 2020. Top 30 HR Compliance Software in 2020. IT Transformation: The Definitive Guide. Top 48 Employee Time Tracking App to Boost Your Productivity. Branding Your Business Online in 2020. A Guide: How To Implement Blockchain In Your Business. 13 Types of Hackers You Should Be Aware Of. What is Employee Engagement.

Best Practices For Conversion Rate Optimization

The Ultimate Guide on Digital Advertising. What is Advertising Technology (Ad Tech) 30 The Most Common Hacking Techniques and How to Deal with Them. Branding Your Business Online in 2020.