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Global Guar Gum Powder Market. Although the global guar gum powder market witnessed fluctuating trends in recent years, IMARC Group expects the market to grow at a stable rate from 2016 onwards.

Global Guar Gum Powder Market

Extensive uses of guar gum across numerous industries will be a major driving factor for this market. A recently published report by IMARC Group titled “Guar Gum Powder Market – Industry Trends, Manufacturing Process, Plant Setup, Machinery, Raw Materials, Cost and Revenue” provides an extensive and thorough analysis of the global guar gum powder market.

Global LED Bulb Market. With advantages of cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, higher durability, wider adoptability and their environment-friendly technology, the global LED bulb market has exhibited a robust growth over the past five years.

Global LED Bulb Market

These bulbs are now extensively being used in offices, hotels, restaurants, malls, showrooms, hospitals and can also be used with small portable generators which homeowners may use for backup power during emergencies. A recently released report by IMARC Group titled “LED Bulb Market – Industry Trends, Manufacturing Process, Plant Setup, Machinery, Raw Materials, Cost and Revenue” extensively discusses the global LED bulb market. LED bulbs emit visible light from a semiconductor chip when an electrical current passes through them. Based on solid-state lighting technology, these bulbs are highly cost-effective.

Wheat Flour Market. Flour is a fine powder that is obtained from grinding food grains that contain starch.

Wheat Flour Market

Among the various food grains such as barley, corn, lima beans, peanuts, oats, potatoes, soybeans, rice and rye, wheat remains the most widely used raw material for making flour globally. It consists of all the nutrients which are essential for human consumption and as a result, wheat flour represents the most preferred flour across the world. Cheese Market Report. Cheese production dates back to ancient times and almost every region in the world has its distinct process of making cheese.

Cheese Market Report

The flavour and texture of cheese depends on a number of factors like country of origin, milk used for production, fat content, process, bacteria, aging, etc. Cheese is one of the most commonly consumed dairy products in developed countries as it can be consumed on its own and is also used as a basic ingredient to make a number of food items. Although its penetration in developing countries remains low, it is now being used as commonly as butter and ghee in most of the urban areas. According to IMARC Group, the global cheese market reached a volume of around 19 Million Tons in 2015, growing at a CAGR of around 2.2% during 2008-2015. Some of the major factors driving this market include growing population, changing tastes, trends of experimentation in the food industry and westernisation of traditional foods. Global Peanut Butter Market. The global peanut butter market has grown at a CAGR of around 6% with sales reaching US$ 3 Billion in 2015.

Global Peanut Butter Market

Although, peanut butter is a popular part of the American diet, its presence in other markets is significantly low. However, growing emphasis on the nutritional value of peanut butter is gradually leading to its popularity in the emerging markets. According to IMARC Group, the unpenetrated markets, outside the United States and Canada, will account for the majority of the growth during 2016-2021. In a recently published report by IMARC Group titled “Peanut Butter Market: Industry Trends, Manufacturing Process, Plant Setup, Machinery, Raw Materials, Cost and Revenue”, a thorough analysis of the global peanut butter market has been provided along with the market size, trends and future growth prospects. LED Flood Light Market. LED floodlights are highly energy efficient, reliable and a very economical solution for a diverse range of lighting applications.

LED Flood Light Market

Some of their major applications include- lighting of building facades, architectural lighting, recreational areas lighting, parking lots lighting, etc. Unlike traditional lights that use fragile filaments, these lights use fixed LEDs encased in an unbreakable covering that give light similar to daylight. These lights are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and remain stable even in freezing conditions. They offer energy-savings up-to 90% compared to their traditional counterparts which convert large amount of the energy into heat that just dissipates in the air. Led Down Light Market. LED downlights currently represent one of the most popular types of recessed lighting fixtures in both residential and commercial lighting applications.

Led Down Light Market

The new developments in LED technologies and luminaire designs have enabled significant energy savings through this lighting product. Although these lights were initially intended for directional lighting, their recessed versions are now extensively being used for hallways, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, malls, showrooms, etc. Today, they are available in a broad range of sizes and lumen packages offering a viable alternative to compact fluorescent and incandescent lamps. PET Bottle market. PET bottles are bottles made-up of a plastic resin chemically known as polyethylene terephthalate.

PET Bottle market

Due to some inherent properties of PET resin, these bottles are transparent, light-weight, high in strength and impermeable to carbon dioxide. Unlike other plastic containers that use PP or HDPE or PVC, PET bottles are translucent, leave no residues and can be easily recycled. Primarily used in the packaging of water and beverages, PET bottles are also gaining prominence in other industries like – juices, salad dressings, household cleaners, medicines, dish detergents, mouthwashes, etc. Being light in weight and easy to handle, they are preferred in the packaging of carbonated soft drinks (CSD’s) and are continuously replacing glass bottles which tend to break and are not user friendly.

With an increasing demand for bottled beverages and replacements of glass and metal containers, the demand for PET bottles is currently rising at a healthy pace. Instant Noodles Market. Available everywhere from fast food cafeterias of the U.S. to the roadside hawkers in India, instant noodles are swiftly gaining prominence as they are quicker to make and easy to store.

Instant Noodles Market

Chiefly precooked at the factory, they are packaged as dried noodles along with a special powder that adds flavour to the noodles. A mainstream food category, instant noodles are produced in more than 80 countries worldwide. According to IMARC group, the global instant noodles market growing at a CAGR of 1.8% during 2008-2015, reaching production volume of 104 Billion packets in 2015. Growing population in developing countries, hectic lifestyles, rising number of working women along with the desire for minimal cooking labour are some of the major drivers encouraging the growth of the global instant noodles market. Other factors such as low cost of the product, a large variety of flavours and flexibility according to regional taste also help to maintain an unfailing demand for the product worldwide.

Guar gum powder market. Guar gum powder is obtained from guar plant which is commonly found in Pakistan and India.

Guar gum powder market

It is a free-flowing powder and has a very fine texture. In addition, this powder contains excellent thickening capacity with high solubility in water. Guar Gum powder has numerous applications in a variety of industries. As a food preservative, it emulsifies, binds water, prevents ice crystals in ice-covered products, moisturizes, thickens, stabilizes and suspends many liquid-solid systems. Global Milk Powder Market Driven by its Increasing Popularity as a Functional Ingredient. Inherent benefits of milk powder such as longer shelf life, easy storage and transportation, low distribution costs and strong growth in emerging markets are driving the global milk powder market. The market reached a production volume of 9 Million tons in 2015, representing a CAGR of 4% during 2008 – 2015. Milk powder, also known as dried milk, is currently being produced by the process of pasteurization, evaporation and spray drying of fluid milk. Converting milk into milk powder resolves a lot of complications involved with the storage, distribution, transportation and penetration of milk across wide ranging areas.

Moreover, milk powder offers an extended shelf life as compared to fluid milk and can be reconstituted or recombined to produce milk during lean months when the production of milk is low. Soybean Oil Market - Industry Trends, Plant Setup, Manufacturing Requirements. Soybean oil is a clear yellow vegetable oil with a neutral taste and a high smoke point. It is extracted from soybeans seeds that consist 18-20% of extractable oil by weight.

Solvent extraction currently represents the most common method for extracting soybean oil and involves cracking, heating and rolling of the seed to extract the oil. Being high in omega-3 fatty acids, polyunsaturated fats and low in saturated fats; soybean oil is considered as one of the healthiest cooking oils. It currently represents the second largest (after palm oil) edible oil consumed in the world with the United States and China representing the largest markets. Led Bulb Market. LED bulbs are a cluster of LEDs that are mounted on a single base and encased in a diffuser lens to spread the light across a larger area. These bulbs which are based on solid-state lighting technology, emit light from a semiconductor chip and generate lesser heat than traditional incandescents.

LED bulbs last up to ten times longer than compact fluorescents and far longer than typical incandescents. They are available in a range of watts, colors, bases, shapes, dimmable controls, etc. each having specific use in various application areas.

Peanut butter market

Led Tube Light Market.