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圖書館上課 國際財經新聞 2016-10-17. Thomson Reuters - Wikipedia. Thomson Reuters Corporation (/ˈrɔɪtərz/) is a major multinational mass media and information firm founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Thomson Reuters - Wikipedia

Its operations are headquartered at 3 Times Square in Manhattan, New York City while its legal domicile offices are located at 333 Bay Street in Downtown Toronto.[5][6] Thomson Reuters was created by the Thomson Corporation's purchase of British-based Reuters Group on 17 April 2008,[7] and is majority owned by The Woodbridge Company, a holding company for the Thomson family.[8] Thomson Reuters was ranked as Canada's "leading corporate brand" in the 2010 Interbrand Best Canadian Brands ranking.[9] Thomson Reuters operates in more than 100 countries, and has more than 60,000 employees around the world.[4] History[edit] The Thomson Corporation[edit] The company was founded by Roy Thomson in 1934 in Ontario as the publisher of The Timmins Daily Press.

In 1989, ITOL merged with Thomson Newspapers, forming The Thomson Corporation. Reuters Group[edit] [edit] 2016 諾貝爾經濟學獎. All Prizes in Economic Sciences. 製造業景氣持續擴張 9月PMI連七月上升. 德國總理形容歐盟現在是「垂危」狀態 - BBC 中文网. 20160926 Google. 授課進度表 20160919. 學期成績架構. 國際財經新聞105 I 教案與書籤. OK TPP與東協市場契機 V4. Journalism in the Digital Age. The newspaper business has been in decline for the past twenty years.

Journalism in the Digital Age

Almost every single source of revenue, from newsstand and subscription sales to classified and retail advertising has fallen dramatically. This has led to the bankrupt reorganizations of a number of very prominent national newspapers. The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal all fired hundreds of journalists and staffers in 2009 in an effort to reduce costs. Even these efforts have not been enough to restore healthy profits, The New York Times reported a 26% drop in year-to-date profits in the fourth quarter of 2010. The forces driving these trends are complex, but the basic cause is that the newspaper business is organized around a model that was extremely profitable when newspapers were the only medium to receive news, but extremely vulnerable in the face of competition.

News as a product has two important economic features. The Internet has enabled disintermediation in many industries. SPGlobal Negative Interest Rates August 2016. 20161003 上課. International media. 一個你從不知道的新聞頭條…張憶芬風暴. 2016-07-11 02:06 聯合報 記者陳皓嬿╱報導 張憶芬。


聯合報系資料照 分享 這是一個發生在近兩個月前的「大新聞」。 它是媒體圈的風暴,自五月中起,延燒長達一個月,相關話題和爭執不時成為媒體的熱門頭條,就像前年318學運一樣。 引起風暴的人,是東森電視前總經理張憶芬。 你可能在過去的報導中聽過她,更可能這是你第一次聽到她;然而嚴格來說,她並不是這次風暴的真正主角。 真正的主角,是你。 很訝異嗎? 對你來說,這起風暴從未發生過。 電影的宣傳標語是「所有人,都脫不了關係」,因此,當然也包括身處風暴中心卻渾然不知的你。 親愛的讀者,不,桐島同學,請容我們為你揭露到底發生什麼事。 (*小提醒:本文引用許多討論文章,並於段落中附上連結,為避免點開連結會干擾閱讀,我們在文末彙整的所有引用文章的連結列表,供讀者延伸閱讀。) 引爆點:一篇來自INSIDE的張憶芬專訪 5月16日,網路趨勢觀察媒體INSIDE刊出一篇報導: Online TV. Journalism and Economics. 20160912 practice.

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