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BLOCKS. Corporate Gift Landing Page. Here at MOVA® International, we’re fully equipped to provide the type of astounding corporate gifts that leave clients excited to work with you and employees proud to be a part of your company.

Corporate Gift Landing Page

We ordered MOVA Globes as special deal mementos for one of our major clients to present to their partners and associates in the U.S. and Western Europe. The globes were a tremendous hit, described by one of the recipients as 'the best deal memento ever — and the most beautiful.' MOVA International set a high standard for customer service and client satisfaction — and we are proud to recommend them to others looking for unique, truly distinctive gifts. Gregory Hodges Hodges & Associates Engraved Base Engraved crystal or acrylic base with silk-printing and laser-engraving options. 2-4 weeks from initial request Timeline is based on purchase of an In-Stock MOVA Globe design.

Les Machines de l’île. Citizen Ex. It looks like you're using Google Chrome.

Citizen Ex

Citizen Ex can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Store. If you're using another browser, use the buttons above. It looks like you're using Firefox. Citizen Ex can be downloaded here for Firefox, and installed yourself (right click and choose "Save As"). If you're using another browser, use the buttons above. It looks like you're using Safari. Sorry, but it looks like you're using a browser we don't support (or a mobile browser). A browser extension is a piece of software that you install in your web browser.

As you move around the web, the Citizen Ex extension looks up the location of every website you visit. How to use 1. 2. Leonardo-net. ICT & ART connect. Evo. Welcome to the evo:art pilot study at Aston University.


It is our pleasure to invite you to take part in this evolutionary art experiment. evo:art pilot study is expected to improve our understanding of what humans consider nice. The experiment will require that you perform the following: progress through the interactive evolutionary art system allow automatic evolution to produce one image based on your progress in step (1) state how much or how little you like the image produced by automatic evolution, and finally submit your best image.

Where Science And Art Collide. This is a guest post by Susana Simões Pereira.

Where Science And Art Collide

Have you ever heard of using dance to study science, as, for instance, cells movements? Well, John Bohannon has. COST. Arts & Technologies (CAT) COST Arts & Technologies (CAT) The rationale behind the COST Arts & Technologies (CAT) workshop is that there are large potential gains in integrating arts on the one hand with technologies on the other, to a larger extent than what has been done so far.

Arts & Technologies (CAT)

Combining artistic creativity with technological expertise should in itself have a great potential to lead to new products, services and social innovations. Robert Praxmarer. Downloads. _2Real Framework get it from _2Real Bundles see for more information _2Real Bundles UberCode see for more information UberQuick see for more information other tools. Roy Ascott. Planetary Collegium. Director: Professor Roy Ascott Within a transcultural, transdisciplinary perspective, the Planetary Collegium is concerned with the advancement of emergent forms of art and architecture, in the context of telematic, interactive and technoetic media, and their integration with science, technology, and consciousness research.

Planetary Collegium

The Collegium's hub (CAiiA-Hub) is located in the School of Art and Media, with nodes in Zurich, Milan and Kefalonia. M-Node Milan: Nuova Accademia de Belli Arte. Director: Francesco Monico Z-Node Zurich: Hochschule fuer Gestaltung und Kunst. Director: Professor Jill Scott I-Node Kefalonia: Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture.

Currently there are 43 doctoral candidates enrollded in the Collegium, and 53 PhD graduates since its original founding as the CAiiA at the University of Wales, Caerleon. Marco Bischof Dr. For further information visit the Planetary Collegium at Wikipedia. Cristina Miranda de Almeida. Mike Phillips. RoleProfessor of Interdisciplinary Arts, University of Plymouth, School of Arts & Media, Faculty of Arts.

Mike Phillips

Professor Phillips is Director of Research at i-DAT, a component of the Centre for Media, Art & Design Research. Phillips is a Principal Supervisor for the Planetary Collegium. Planetary Collegium. Plymouth University - Type to search for People, Research Interests and Universities Searching...

Plymouth University -

Change Photo. (2) Andrea Traldi. South African Digital Art. Benjamin Pothier. Seth Riskin. Seth Riskin is a researcher, teacher and artist working in the medium of light.

Seth Riskin

Blanka Earhart. Luis Miguel Girão. Artshare. Manchester's MadLab spends time with the FBI. At MadLab we're used to unusual requests.

Manchester's MadLab spends time with the FBI

We run a 3,000 square foot community space for science, technology and art in the centre of Manchester, and as a consequence organise and play host to a wide variety of events - from "hacking" toy robots to play football to making kimchi or dissecting octopuses (and eating them). But back in May we received one of our most unexpected queries yet: I wanted to reach out to everyone to invite you to an upcoming workshop being put on by the FBI. Skilled Art. Is a project on interface research and development and associated strategies for the creation and maintenance of transdisciplinary communities of knowledge. Telematic communication between physical spaces, for virtual interaction in the context of E-Learning, is its main focus. Laura beloff, media art, art, art& science, media, art & technology, artist. Artshare Collectron.

Mindelo´s Cultural Center- São Vicente, Cape Verde COLLECTRON is a platform for knowledge, a hybrid and collective space that allows all people, including those with special needs, to share information and generate knowledge through artistic practices, using their own bodies as interfaces to access, manipulate and exchange information among themselves. This platform allows easy integration of information about events, places of interest or any other information, as well as the presentation of pre-existing installations / performances, such as "Walking on Earth", "Opening Reading Frames", "Sound = Space Camera Based" and others, making them available to the public.

Cultural Center of Mindelo - São Vicente, Cape Verde Islands January 26th - morning 10:30 - afternoon 15:30 Maximum participants. 20 p/session* - children from 6 aos 13 years old January 27th - morning 10:30 - afternoon 15:30 Maximum participants. 40 p/session* - general public* 45´ p/session. Materials, Physics and Nanosciences (MPNS) The Domain Materials, Physics and Nanosciences (MPNS) is home to material science, extending from conception through to production and includes characterization, examination, evaluation, fabrication and development, to actual application and service, as well as related databases, codes, standards and inspections. The Domain thus also incorporates nanomaterials and nanosciences and the nanotechnological applications thereof.

It also supports exploratory basic and applied research in physics, theoretical and experimental, as a key to understanding the laws governing the behaviour of matter and energy. News. From nano to macro biomaterials (design, processing, characterization, modeling) and applications to stem cells regenerative orthopedic and dental medicine (NAMABIO). Descriptions are provided by the Actions directly via e-COST. Regenerative medicine is a new discipline based on biomaterial development and increasing knowledge in cell science.NAMABIO will be focused only in the interdisciplinary research related to biomaterials and stem cells of interest for the regenerative medicine of bones and teeth.The aim of NAMABIO is to coordinate research efforts (very often loosely correlated) of several actors belonging to different disciplines necessary in order to obtain a real breakthrough in these areas.In particular the partners of the present project are scientists involved in the following activities:

Black Holes in a Violent Universe. Descriptions are provided by the Actions directly via e-COST. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 3D-ConTourNet - 3D Content Creation, Coding and Transmission over Future Media Networks. HDRi: The digital capture, storage, transmission and display of real-world lighting. Descriptions are provided by the Actions directly via e-COST. The natural world presents our eyes with a wide range of colours and intensities from moonlight to bright sunshine. We can see detail in regions that vary significantly in luminance.

Current imaging techniques are incapable of accurately capturing or displaying such a range of lighting. European Network on Quality of Experience in Multimedia Systems and Services (QUALINET) Immersion in science world with arts. Science Gallery. Ict-and-art.pdf (application/pdf Object) Artandictreport.pdf (application/pdf Object) Giles Foden. Foden, G. Meet Me at Blue Leopard Faber UEA Repository. Jaromil - Conceptual art, digital media. VUB Artificial Intelligence Lab. Arts@CERN.