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Pricing. What are Sites? Sites are like mini-websites you create to deliver your documentation. For each site on your account you control: Who has access to the site (anyone or only certain users)What the site looks like (each site can use its own custom template) You can also use a site to publish to an external service such as Zendesk,, WordPress, Jive and Help Scout. You can add additional sites above your plan limit for an additional cost. What is Basic Customization? With basic customization you can upload your own logo, add custom links, modify the colors as well as the icons for manuals on your site.

What is Advanced Customization? Advanced Customization lets you wrap your ScreenSteps site in your own header and footer. What is Remote Authentication? Remote authentication allows you to authenticate readers to view your content using your own user management system or a third party user management system. Do I also have to purchase separate desktop software? No. Yes. That is up to you. A Look At Photoshop Plug-In - OnOne Perfect Resize 7 - TipSquirrel. Newsflash! I love OnOne Software’s Perfect Resize 7! I’ve gone on for years about the resizing wonders of Genuine Fractals, and that hasn’t changed just because the name has; in fact, now there’s even more to love! The resizing power of Perfect Resize 7 (PR7) is better than ever. To get the best results in Genuine Fractals, I used to go up to 200% resize, then another 200% in Photoshop. 400% was nothing to sneeze at, but that was just about all I could do with most photos and have it still look great.

With the improved algorithms, I can go 400, 600, even 800% without ever leaving PR7. I’ve even gone up 1200% on occasion! Oh yes! Let’s look at some of the features of PR7. Another way to access PR7 is in the OnOne Panel. The next tab in the same panel is the Loupe. The next two panels are the areas where the resizing magic happens (yeah, I can’t believe I used that one, either!). Next up, or down in this instance, is the Document Size panel. Next is the Tiling feature. Sound Studio 4 Downloads. MindNode. eLearning software, Education Software, Screen Capture, HTML5 Publishing, mLearning | Adobe Captivate7.

Camtasia, Screen Recorder and Video Editor.