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10 cloud startups to watch in 2012 — Cloud Computing News 10 cloud startups to watch in 2012 — Cloud Computing News Updated: The past few years have been nothing if not a boon for entrepreneurs looking to cash in on venture capitalists’ lust for all things cloud. All the activity has been great, and we’ve seen some exciting new companies emerge and prosper — companies such as Heroku, RightScale and New Relic — but it also means there’s precious little room on the playing field for newcomers. Startups that want to get noticed, get funded, and ultimately have a winning exit must either find their own unique niche or stake out ground on a different field altogether. Here are 10 cloud computing startups that launched in 2011 and that have a chance to make it big in 2012. 1.
» Occupying the Internet ProjectVRM As he so often does, Dave Winer nails it, this time with The Un-Internet. Some pull-quotes: At issue is this: Control.For whatever reason, the people who run the tech companies want it. » Occupying the Internet ProjectVRM