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Thoughts on SMcongress and the future of ITSM. The Service Management Inaugural Congress (SMCongress) is the output of the "RevNet" event at the 2013 Fusion ITSM conference in the USA.

Thoughts on SMcongress and the future of ITSM

As a few of you know, twenty-something ITSM thinkers got together in a room to see what would happen. This happened. It has been followed by some unlovely debate and a number of articles. I had hoped SMcongress would pass me by, but it seems not. A number of you really want to know what I think about SMcongress, (especially those who would like me to say the things you can't), so here you go.

In summary, SMcongress is full of emotion and short on ideas, it lacks clarity or focus, it is addressing the wrong problem in the wrong way, and like all these collaborative "community" movements in business it is unlikely to come to anything. First, a caveat: I wasn't there. Second: a personal remark. Pflichtlektüre für Blogger: Was macht ein Blog vertrauenswürdig? (Info-Grafik) Wohl jeder Blogger möchte, dass sein Blog gute Resonanz findet.

Pflichtlektüre für Blogger: Was macht ein Blog vertrauenswürdig? (Info-Grafik)

Die Glaub- und Vertrauenswürdigkeit spielt dabei sicher eine beträchtliche Rolle. Ein ganz aktueller Survey hat interessante – zum Teil vielleicht auch überraschende – Ergebnisse hervorgebracht. Der Urheber, Mitt Ray, Gründer von Social Marketing Writing, Autor von White Paper Marketing und selbst Blogger, hat die Ergebnisse in einer anschaulichen Info-Grafik zusammen gefasst. My First ITSM Conference. To balance out my own view of this year's itSMF UKconference I've asked Andrea Kis to provide a practitioner's perspective: " I have been always a keen follower of itSMF and its events, contributors, publications and occasionally I have even managed to get hold of the Service Talk Magazine to read too.

My First ITSM Conference

Sadly so far I haven't worked for organisations who were members so attending the annual ITSM conference was always a very distant wish. This year, however, thanks to an amazing offer from Matthew Burrows at BSM Impact to collaborate on an article about Business Relationship Management, I have found myself being involved with itSMF UK despite not being a member. Our article was published in the summer edition of Service Talk Magazine and later it became a finalist in the Submission of the Year Awards. Then thanks to even more kindness and generosity by Sophie Danby of Ovum and Ben Clancy and itSMF UK I was invited to ITSM12 taking place in London. The Small Business Guide To YouTube – Simply Business. Google Nexus 10 Wi Fi Only 32 GB GT P8110HAVXAR 813774015190. Place bid Review and confirm your bid Bid confirmation d h m s day hour hours.

Google Nexus 10 Wi Fi Only 32 GB GT P8110HAVXAR 813774015190

Beginners Guide: 25 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid. Everyone make mistakes.

Beginners Guide: 25 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

Oscar Wilde says it very nicely: “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”. Experience is a great teacher and everyone learn from their mistakes. However, it is much more efficient to learn from the mistakes of others. In this article, we will share 25 most common WordPress mistakes that we see most beginners make. Hopefully you will use this guide avoid making the same WordPress mistakes. 1. There is a huge confusion between self hosted WordPress vs. Compare the pros and cons and use this guide on how to move from to 10 kostenlose Google Tools die jeder Online-Marketer kennen sollte. Warum hat die Google Suche, Youtube und Google+ ein stetiges Wachstum von Nutzern?

10 kostenlose Google Tools die jeder Online-Marketer kennen sollte

Weil Google den Nutzern ein tolles Nutzungserlebnis bietet. Dabei ist Google nicht nur eine Suchmaschine, Videoplattform und soziales Netzwerk, wie dies von vielen angenommen wird. Google stellt Online Marketern geniale Tools zur Verfügung, damit diese die besten Ergebnisse mit ihren Webprojekten erzielen. 1. Kanban zu sehr vereinfacht. Free vectors icons for download and Icon font. Landingpage-infografik. ConversionSUMMIT 2013: Meine drei Highlights - ConversionBlog. Integrating configuration management into existing processes.pdf.

How Organizational Management of Change is Like Quitting Smoking. Organizational Management of Change is a lot like quitting smoking.

How Organizational Management of Change is Like Quitting Smoking

Most of us know a current or former smoker, and how hard it is to quit. What can we learn to help us better manage organizational change? I recently saw an on-line conversation between a currently-quitting smoker and a former smoker. The latter was encouraging the former to continue. Seem like an odd stage for Management of Change? Best Practice? Schmesse Practice! Posted March 7th, 2013 by Larry Cooper - Agile and ITSM The term “Best Practice” has been part of our lexicon for at least the past 20 years now.

Best Practice? Schmesse Practice!

It is used to describe everything from how to install and configure software to how to run IT operations (ITIL v2 anyone?) , to the how to best treat patients with critical illness, to how we run our minor sports. Den richtigen Preis für das eigene Produkt finden: Tipps & Erfahrungen – Blog-Parade : Startup-Erfolg. Posted on | Februar 22, 2011 | 15 Comments Was ist der richtige Preis für ein Produkt oder eine Dienstleistung?

Den richtigen Preis für das eigene Produkt finden: Tipps & Erfahrungen – Blog-Parade : Startup-Erfolg

Nicht nur aus Sicht des Marketing ein spannendes Thema… So, are we there yet? Is ITIL as successful as we hoped? Similar to mission and vision determining direction, the goals of an ITIL (or any best practice) implementation are a good indicator of how successful it will be for the business.

So, are we there yet? Is ITIL as successful as we hoped?

There are still many organizations chasing the elusive concept of business alignment or business integration and there’s still much talk about “the business” and IT. If you’re one of those still struggling, you can start by considering that there is no “business and IT”, there’s just the business! The minute we start putting in the division between the two, we have actually created it.

Much has been written about where and why ITIL fails. Looking at what’s written and said about this topic, it’s clear we’re missing something, so I’ll throw in my two cents. Google Analytics Vertrag zur Auftragsdatenverarbeitung (Datenschutz) Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht. Onlineprüfung Google Analytics (Stand: April/Mai 2012) Ein sehr weit verbreitetes Programm, das von der Firma Google für die Webseitenbetreiber kostenlos angeboten wird, ist das Programm Google Analytics. In einer Onlineprüfung untersucht das Bayerische Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht, ob das Programm Google Analytics datenschutzkonform eingesetzt wird. Nach der Feststellung, dass Google Analytics zum Einsatz kommt, überprüft das hierfür vom BayLDA selbst entwickelte Prüfprogramm, ob Im November 2009 hatte sich der Düsseldorfer Kreis, das bundesweite Gremium der Aufsichtsbehörden für den Datenschutz im nicht-öffentlichen Bereich, zu den Voraussetzungen für eine datenschutzkonforme Ausgestaltung von Analyseverfahren zur Reichweitenmessung bei Internetangeboten geäußert (siehe Beschluss vom 26./27.11.2009) .

What makes for a compelling metrics story? In my first article “Do your metrics tell a story?” I discussed the “traditional” approach to reporting metrics, and why that approach is ineffective at driving action or decisions. Personal observations are far more effective. Personal observations appearing to conflict with the data presented can actually strengthen opposition to whatever decision or action the data suggests. Presenting data as part of a story reboots the way we receive data.