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RSD Bikes is a leading manufacturer of fat bike and mountain bikes in Toronto. The company has been in operation since 2012, and have manufactured and sold thousands of mountain bike frames with unmatched quality and precision.

Health Benefits of Riding a Mountain Bike - Eco Velo. Explore the outskirts for some major outdoor fun times and what better way to do that than on a mountain bike?

Health Benefits of Riding a Mountain Bike - Eco Velo

The love for the fresh cool breeze running through the hair is bound to have you craving a bike ride, and when it’s a mountain bike, the fun gets a little more intense. Be it a fitness freak or just someone seeking some mountaineering adventures; a mountain bike finds its sweet spot on everyone’s wish list. The thrills of steering through rocky terrains or the dirt, mountain bikes are not just meant for the mountains.

A fairly recent addition to fitness workouts, biking has rendered many health benefits to people of all ages. An off-road bike can aid you in plenty of expeditions, be it recreational activities or just a means of commute to work. Benefits The ultimate getaway for the adventurer is not limited to just the gym-goer. Is Fat Bike Meant For Everyone?  - Night Helper. Image credit The fat bike seems to be one of the newest developments in two-wheeled transportation.

Is Fat Bike Meant For Everyone?  - Night Helper

A fat bike is a regular bike having “Fat wheels and Fat tires.” Originally, fat bikes were developed for use in snow. The tires of the Fat bike can be up to four inches wide. And this size offers much traction when you are riding on soft terrain. Fat Bikes: Be in the Know. In the past there were only so many surfaces fit for biking, such as roads and select trails.

Fat Bikes: Be in the Know

However, since the rise of fat bikes that has changed. Fat bikes allow their users to bike on all sorts of previously inaccessible terrain, like snow, sand, and bogs. They’re a great investment for those who would rather have one all-purpose bike rather than multiple different bikes for different situations. Fat Tire Bikes – The Latest Cycling Trend. Fat tire bikes are the next big thing to hit the world of cycling and their popularity is rocketing.

Fat Tire Bikes – The Latest Cycling Trend

But what are fat tire bikes and who is using them? What are fat bikes? These bikes are known as fat-tire bikes, fat bikes, fat tires, or snow bikes. They are one of the latest trends among off-road cyclists. They enable better riding in soft and unstable conditions, like snow, sand, and mud. Fat Tire Bikes – The Latest Cycling Trend. Everything You Need To Know About Mountain Bikes - The Seeker Newspaper Cornwall. Do you love the outdoors?

Everything You Need To Know About Mountain Bikes - The Seeker Newspaper Cornwall

Do you long for adventure? Top 10 Mountain Bike Trails around the World. Mountain biking is a sport that is sweeping the world in popularity, and for those who catch the bug, cycling their local trails is brilliant – but discovering what the world has to offer mountain bikers is even more exciting.

Top 10 Mountain Bike Trails around the World

Who is to say which are the top 10 best trails around the world, but here are ten to mull over as you plan your mountain bike holidays for next year, and the year after and the year after that. 1. Whistler, British Colombia, Canada Whistler is transformed from a skiing and snowboarding haven in the winter to the mountain biker and hiker heaven when the snow melts away in the spring and summer.

There are more than 70 trails for mountain bikers of every ability on the two mountains that make up the Whistler area. 2. This is a journey rather than a one-off route. 7 Reasons You Need a Fat Bike - All Peers. Cycling on the ice and mud has become the new craze in Canada.

7 Reasons You Need a Fat Bike - All Peers

So many bikers have added fat bikes to their collection of bikes. Winter is no longer boring as it used to be. If you don’t enjoy ice sketching and wonder what else you can do on the snowy season, the fat bike got your back. It doesn’t matter if you reside in bad terrains or local trails; this beast can tackle them all up. Most enthusiasts have sold off their old bikes to buy this new trendy bike, don’t be left out, join the bandwagon. Fat Bike in Canada. A fat bike is also known as a fat-tire bike, is a bike with large tires and large rims.

Fat Bike in Canada

Fat bikes are designed for off-road cycling and also on unstable terrain. These bikes can easily steer through snow and mud without getting stuck. Mountain Biking in Canada! This guide will give you the lowdown on the current situation, some great places to ride, where to buy a new bike and what bike to buy.

Mountain Biking in Canada!

Vamos! With the current Covid-19 epidemic affecting almost every country globally, it has been a challenging time for many industries. Here in Canada, we have seen the 2020 World Cup Mountain Biking event in Mont-Sainte-Anne cancelled. Visitor attractions have closed, retail stores have shut (except grocery), professional services are only available online and people have increasingly been working from home. So, it might not be that much of a surprise to discover that Canada, like many other countries is seeing a lot more cyclists both on the road and off-road due to not being in the office.

Stanley Park in Vancouver is now cycling and walking only as well as the Eastbound lane of Beach Avenue; Winnipeg now have 4 streets dedicated to walking and cycling only from 8am – 8pm and in Calgary, some traffic lanes have been given over to cycling. The Fat Bike Experience - That Path, Just Got Defeated! The time to go and get yourself that Fat bike is now.

The Fat Bike Experience - That Path, Just Got Defeated!

As it is easy to say that the fat-biking experience is unlike any other biking adventure. Can this unique riding experience on this Fat bike be attributed to those obviously big and fat tires that are attached to this sport cycling machine? This Fat tired bike has the tire size covering the measurements that range from roughly 3.7 inches to the whopping 5.2 inches. Indeed this fat bike has the ability to cover the varied terrain like no other un-motorized vehicle. What Is A Fat Bicycle And What Do You Use Them For?: Home: awarenes. Bicycling isn’t anything new. Bikes have been around for two centuries now and are popular in just about every country in the world. It also seems that innovative people always manage to keep reinventing the wheel with a number of different types of bike coming out over the last thirty or so years.

There are bikes for the woods, bikes for the city, and bikes for professional racers. So, what is a fat bicycle and what do people use them for? The fat bicycle does go back to the 1980s, but has only seen more widespread use and popularity in the last ten years, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them before!

So, who needs wide tires, anyway? The Costs of Mountain Bikes Drop at Certain Times and Great Sales Abound! If someone enjoys mountain bikes for pleasure or uses one to run chores or within their jobs as a courier, mountain bikes can now be purchased on sale sometimes at a fraction of the cost. The typical mountain bike can run thousands of dollars and some individuals just can’t afford these. However, sales now abound and in certain seasons there are more sales than in other seasons.

Selecting when to purchase a bike can save a lot of money! Mountain bikes are basically designed for off-road biking but do lend themselves to any type of rough terrain and “off product” usage, where consumers find their own reasons to prefer these bikes. The bikes are sturdier, with fatter tires, better braking ability, and overall greater agility. Prices of a quality bike can start from a few thousand and go upwards towards five figures in price. Why are Mountain Bike Sales Soaring?

The Best Canadian Fat Bike Dealers. Fat bikes are the newest trend on the Canadian sport and outdoor adventure scenes. In recent years, these revolutionary bikes have changed the way Canadians ride. First developed in the 1980s, as a way to ride on snow and sand, fat biking is now entering the mainstream. Fat Bike Dealer Stores and Sales of the Equipment Needed are Expanding Rapidly. If someone now owns a Fat Bike Dealer Store, they are at the cusp of a renewed interest and usage of fat bikes and other bikes.

Fat Bike Dealer Stores and the interest in fat bikes is blossoming as more and more enthusiasts worldwide take up the extreme biking sports and extreme biking sport competitions. Fat Bikes are generally purchased for competitions, and sales of these are now increasing because of the competitions that occur all over the world. Competitive cyclists flock to any Fat Bike Dealer Stores, not only for the initial purchase of the bike, but also for all the accessories that are necessary to succeed in the competition and promote safety at the same time. Fat bikes are used on very rough terrains, with speed, endurance, and an ability to maintain safety all a requirement to win in any competitions.

Mountain Biking in Canada: Top Trails and Bikes - Gauge Magazine. Mountain biking in Canada has been steadily increasing in popularity over the years.Canada is known for its spectacular trails, which can be found in every province and territory. In this vast country, new trails are also being discovered or being built each day. In addition, various associations are working diligently to improve the mountain biking experience and many applications are now available, making riding safer. Enjoying mountain biking in Canada is now easier than ever. Fat Bikes 101: Revolutionizing Riding Year-Round - Stackward. For those living in colder climates, putting away your beloved bike for the season can be difficult.

Extend Your Riding Opportunities with a Fat Bike : Motorcycling 2019/2020. If you’re looking to extend your riding opportunities or your riding season because you live in a colder, wetter area, then you might want to consider riding a fat bike. In colder, wetter climates, a mountain bike’s regular tire might prove problematic, taking away the fun and opportunity otherwise provided by the freedom of an outdoor bicycle adventure. For those people who want a more extended riding season, or enjoy “bike-packing,” or want to ride on the sand, the bigger, lower-pressure fat tires are ideal for riding over these types of areas. Are Those Fat bikes And Mountain Bikes At Local Bicycle Stores Confusing? Most people out there only think of a bike as something to hop on and drive to the store or go to the park with. So, it is understandable that seeing some of the different bikes at bike stores can be a little confusing.

For a person looking for a new bike, choosing one that fits their needs is important and they don’t want to end up with a bicycle that they can’t really use. So, here we will look at two of the bikes that people see around bicycle stores, but aren’t aware of exactly what they’re used for. First, realize that a regular bike is specifically designed for use in more urban areas.

Improving Your Climbing: Tips for Getting Your Mountain Bike’s Tire Pressure Right. When a mountain bike isn’t performing well, many people are quick to conclude that it must be because it needs an advanced electronic shifting, a new set of wheels, or any other upgrade. However, oftentimes, the issue revolves around inappropriate tire pressure. To give the Fabien Barel a run for his money, and make that climb effective and seamless, you must begin by understanding your tire pressure. A Guide to Re-Purposing Your Fat Bike for Snow Adventure – We're driving – The Best Mountain Bike Gear Ratio for Climbing and Descending Explained – Monotukuru – Go on to touch the way. Fat bikes vs. Mountain bikes: Riding Experience Compared – help you buy the right car at the right price. Fat Bike Tire Secrets for Cold Temperatures. If you have a mountain bike, you must know how hard it is to ride it during the winter.

Snow normally covers the tires and it becomes hard to move over it. There’s also the risk of slipping when riding. 5 Steps To Prep Your Fat Bicycle Before A Biking Adventure. A biking adventure is supposed to be a thrilling experience full of beautiful sights, fresh air and memorable times. For many riders, however, their quest for adventure is abruptly cut off when their bikes develop malfunctions. You may be an ordinary adventurer far from a pro rider, but this is no excuse to neglect your bike before you’re set for a long distance riding escapade. So, to help set you up for an unforgettable riding experience, here are 5 steps to help you prep your fat bicycle before you go for your adventure.

Check The Condition Of The Wheels. A Quick Guide to Choosing Fat Bicycle Tires for Different Terrains – Mass Auto Mation. Fat Bicycle Beach Riding: Simple Upgrades You Need to Boost Your Experience – Krt Motor Care. Everything You Need to Know about Mountain Bike’s Pedal Efficiency – Gioia Auto Body. Mountain bikes might have been created a few decades ago but they have changed the face of cycling in a remarkable way. Since its inception, the mountain bike (MTB) has undergone constant metamorphoses with the end result being a masterpiece enjoyed by hobbyists and professional racers alike. Simply put, a mountain bike is a bicycle created for the purpose of off-road cycling. It looks like a classic bicycle and actually uses the same riding principle but an MTB has superior features that make it capable of handling tricky terrains such as large rocks, potholes, bumps, and tree roots.

There are many elements that make a mountain bike powerful but one that stands out is the pedal frequency. In this article, we’ll highlight a few aspects you need to know about your MTB’s pedal frequency. What Does Pedaling Efficiency Mean? In cycling, the term pedaling efficiency refers to the energy output of the legs compared to the amount of energy used by the body to create it. Simple Tricks to Boost Your Mountain Bike’s Performance - Auto Pilot Sender. Professional cyclists make cycling seem effortless. Before You Buy A Mountain Bike: A Guide - South Florida Reporter. According to recent studies, mountain biking is a very popular activity in the U.S., with nearly 40 million+ participants, annually. Beating the Weather – Mountain Bike Indoors in Toronto – Glovue – Blog For Information.

Mountain Biking Clubs in the Toronto Area - Youth Practices. Where to go for Mountain Bikes and Accessories in Toronto - News ch. Getting Started Mountain Biking in Toronto – Make It Magic. Beginners Mountain Bike Trails In and Around Toronto. Where to Find The Best Mountain Bike Terrain In The City of Toronto.  Finding Great Mountain Biking Trails In The City and Countryside of Toronto. How to Prepare For Mountain Biking In Toronto. Improving Your Health With Mountain Biking In Toronto. Why You Might Want To Try A Fat Bike.