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Ananda Presents Fresh & Healthy Dairy Products. Pure & Hygienic Cow Milk - Ananda. Enjoy Tasty Milk with Gopaljee Milk Products pvt ltd. Enjoy Fresh Toned Milk from Ananda. Let Your Good Days Start with The Ananda Healthy Breakfast. Ananda Quiz - Find The Item Prepared By Using Ananda Milk. Ananada Chocolate Milk. Guess The Drink – Ananda Quiz. Benefits of Ananda Ghee. Benefits of Ananda Milk. Ananda T20 Fever. Ananda Yo Milk - Your Breakfast Champion. Ananda Quiz-Find The Odd One Out.

Ananda T20 Fever

Pelican Dairy & Food LLC. Pelican Dairy & Food LLC. Welcome Back in Ananda Quiz Time. Ananda Quiz- Guess The Flavour. Gopaljee G+ Pure Desi Ghee. Benefits of Ananda Paneer. Ananda Quize- Which way out. Celebrating The Grand Opening of Our G+ New Store. Support World Cancer Day with Ananda. Ananda-Special Tea and coffee Milk. Sip & Share!! The joy of your growing friendship. Ananda Winter Special Event!! Pure Happiness With nanda Flavoured Milk. Guess The Missing Ingredient? Celebrate Season with #Ananda products. Count No. Of Paneer Cubes. Celebrate This Christmas With Ananda Milk. Way To Get Bottle - Ananda Quiz. Best Full Cream Milk in Delhi. Gopaljee Ananda Winter Special Event!! Natural Moisturiser For Winters. Ananda Job Openings. Skimmed milk powder- A Healthy Way to Keep Fit. Skimmed milk -The best and complete food for everyone. Milk is one of the important drinks that one should take to fulfil the nutrients requirement of the body.

Skimmed milk -The best and complete food for everyone

It is easily digestible and so it mostly given to born babies and old people who cannot digest food easily. Apart from calcium it also comprises of other nutrients and vitamin D. Cow's milk has saturated fat in it. This is one reason most of the people who are health conscious search for milk with low fat content. And this low fat content is called as skimmed milk. Let's see the benefits of skimmed milk: It is a low-fat product and so it is suggested to many people who want to reduce their waist size or wish to be healthy A protein called casein is present in it which facilitates easy building and sustaining lean muscles. It contains calcium which is very good for bone, muscle and teeth development The number of calories in this is ninety in comparison to whole which has 150. It aids in decreasing the risk of obesity Blood sugar levels can be maintained It is also thin compared to other.

Dairy India – Largest Producer of Dairy Products. Gopaljee Ananda Cute Baby Contest. Refreshing flavoured milk with unique flavors - Gopaljee Anada. Butter Milk - An Ancient Healthy Drink. A healthy drink for life, yes it is the 'old but gold' as it is mentioned, our 'butter milk'.

Butter Milk - An Ancient Healthy Drink

This particular drink is made in each and every household. It does not have any occasion to be made. When you travel down south near the coastal areas, this would be called as 'Amrutham' or the life-saver for the people who complain about the symptoms like stomach burning, diarrhea. The benefits of buttermilk: For ailments that you face through the lack of digestion, buttermilk is a very useful drink. The secret of Beauty for longer period - drink a glass of buttermilk drink: The components in the buttermilk would enable you to have a healthy body and slow down the age process by cleaning the blood.

It is helpful for bleeding diseases: Gopaljee Dairy Foods Pvt ltd Awarded By Make In India. Aloo Paneer Paratha Recipe from Gopaljee Ananda. Dahi Bhalla Recipe from Gopaljee Ananda. Chana Chaat Recipe from Gopaljee Ananda. Chana Chaat Recipe from Gopaljee Ananda. Benifits of dahi - Gopaljee Ananda. Dairy Products is Key of Healthy Lifestyle. A good health helps to keep the spirit, mind and body in a state of harmony.

Dairy Products is Key of Healthy Lifestyle

You will look good, feel better and live a better life by having healthy lifestyle which is not at all a difficult task. Dairy products are also one of the keys of the healthy lifestyle. The danger of developing diseases can be reduced by consuming healthy and balanced diet. Small alterations in the lifestyle can help us to have a healthy body, mind and spirit. Dairy products basically comprise of milk, yogurt and cheese. Importance of dairy product: There are many reasons to have these products in our diet.

A) Healthy bones: Bones requires calcium for growth and development and this calcium can be provided by the dairy products instead of supplementary food items. B) Teeth: lack of calcium leads to weak teeth. C) Blood pressure: Dairy products provide calcium, potassium and magnesium which help in controlling blood pressure. e) Cardiovascular problem: It helps to diminish the risk of heart attacks. Get the most popular paneer recipes from Gopaljee Ananda. Paneer is an indispensable ingredient in the life of all vegetarian food preparations.Ananda Paneer offers a hygienic and international quality product that is having smooth, uniform texture and softness.Our paneer is high on fat and low on moisture.

Get the most popular paneer recipes from Gopaljee Ananda

Get fresh & pure Milk in Delhi from Gopaljee Ananda. Do Dairy Products Help To Improve Your Health?? Get fresh & pure Gopalji milk in Delhi. Flavoured Milk – A Best Alternative of Milk. Be the First to Read What The Experts Are Saying About Gopaljee Milk And Paneer. Milk and Paneer are an important part of our daily diet.

Be the First to Read What The Experts Are Saying About Gopaljee Milk And Paneer

Being loaded with vital nutrients, these foods are your best bet when it comes to providing holistic nourishment to the body. Of the many brands claiming to sell high quality milk and paneer, we would recommend you to opt for the Gopaljee dairy products. When it comes to Gopaljee milk delhi or Gopaljee paneer, we can assure you that the product has been manufactured in accordance to the highest standards of quality. Be it selecting the raw materials or processing the milk, Gopalji has made it a practice to adhere to processes that are in tandem with the FPA act of the country.

Each time you buy any of these products, you are bringing home a healthy option that will help in maintaining the well-being of you and your loved ones. Purity and quality are two important aspects of any product. For more details – Uttar Pradesh 201307, India Like this: Dirty Facts About Gopaljee Ananda Food Products Revealed. Paneer, also referred to as ‘cottage cheese’, is a hugely popular food item with vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians; in fact, a paneer dish is always a must in a menu that caters to both food types.

Dirty Facts About Gopaljee Ananda Food Products Revealed

With a smoothly uniform texture and softness, paneer is a carefully crafted by-product of milk and is produced by many dairies in India. Gopaljee Dairy Food Products is one of the premium manufacturers of paneer in North India under the brand name of G+ as well as Ananda. However, the group as well as it premium paneer brands were the subject of a controversial report made by Consumer Voice, a voluntary organization that educates consumers about making informed choices in lifestyle and living.

Most of the brands tested above crossed the permissible maximum microbiological parameters and therefore, were certified unfit for human consumption, at least in the raw form. There were variations on several counts from brand to brand but in total, they were all found unsuitable. For more details – The truth about Gopaljee Ananda  - Healthy Ghee for a Healthy Life! Ghee or clarified butter is an integral part of Indian kitchens.

Healthy Ghee for a Healthy Life!

In addition to the mesmerizing aroma, ghee is packed with a series of important nutrients that nourish the body. Though ghee originated in India, over the year’s its popularity has grown making it an important ingredient in Asian kitchens. Prepared by boiling butter, Ghee is a more concentrated form that can survive for several days without refrigeration. What Are Items Sold by Dairy Products Manufactures? Several years ago when the White Revolution took place in India, it gave Indian women especially those in the rural pockets of the country, a unique opportunity to earn money and do their bit for the economy.

What Are Items Sold by Dairy Products Manufactures?

Procurement of a simple yet crucial ingredient of our everyday life was organized into a business and even today the dairy products suppliers continue to reap the rich benefits of this movement. From taking care of our everyday needs to exporting products, the dairy products suppliers are a growing segment. Post the White Revolution era, several companies like Gopaljee Dairy Foods Pvt. Ltd. are steering the industry towards new found realms of growth. Maintaining the standards of quality and using the latest advancements in technology, manufacturers like Gopaljee Milk Products Pvt. Milk Products Manufacturer - Gopaljee Dairy Foods. Dairy Products Manufacturer -Gopaljee dairy products. Dairy Products Manufacturer -Gopaljee Rsd Group.

Dairy Products in India - Gopaljee Dairy. Dairy Products in India - Gopaljee Rsd Group.