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Untitled. Twitter for Teachers. Using Twitter as a New Literacy Tool. Over the last decades, technology development provided unmatched opportunities for leaders in academia to invent devises and design applications that act as powerful interactive educational tools. With Literacy being so fundamental to such opportunities of learning, this research investigates whether Twitter can be used for academic purposes as a new literacy tool. It discusses how Twitter encourages students, especially graduate student, to work collaboratively. 5 Great Ways for Teachers to Collaborate on Twitter.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Twitter is an absolutely fantastic resource for teachers.

5 Great Ways for Teachers to Collaborate on Twitter

But it can also be something of a blunt instrument. The daily surge of information, the ever-changing timeline of tweets, the potential to miss entire conversations simply by failing to log in at the right moment… the pitfalls are considerable. Twitter HOTS & Establishing a Twitter Routine in the Classroom  Why and how to use Twitter in the Classroom has been occupying me for a while now.

Twitter HOTS & Establishing a Twitter Routine in the Classroom 

I have written about my thoughts in Twitter Policy and Rational and Guide to Twitter in the K-8 Classroom. A post for Twitter in K-2 is also in the making (stay tuned). As I am on a Twitter adventure with our 4th and 5th graders and their teachers @teitelbaumsteph & @shellyzavon, I am breaking down steps to tweeting and the process of learning during Tweeting as a classroom. My twitter account is sending spam messages - what to do? We’ve seen another outbreak of spam messages from accounts we follow on Twitter this morning – this time, it’s the usual “make millions of pounds working from home” type tweet, plus the more ingenious “Is this you in this picture?

My twitter account is sending spam messages - what to do?

<link>”. All have come through as Direct Messages from accounts we know fairly well, so we immediately recognised that the tone and content was unusual for them. Teachers Guide to The Use of Twitter in Classroom. 60 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom By Category. Social media offers some great opportunities for learning in the classroom, bringing together the ability to collaborate, access worldwide resources, and find new and interesting ways to communicate in one easily accessible place.

60 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom By Category

Teachers around the world have found innovative ways to use Twitter as a teaching tool (including TeachThought’s favorite), and we’ve shared many of these great ideas here with you. Read on, and we’ll explore 60 inspiring ways that teachers and students can put Twitter to work in the classroom. Communication. What’s happening? The ‘utility’ of Twitter in teaching and learning JISC CETIS MASHe. In this post I want to put down a marker as to the role I think Twitter could have within education.

What’s happening? The ‘utility’ of Twitter in teaching and learning JISC CETIS MASHe

When previously presenting on the use of Twitter in education I’ve always tried to emphasis its not just about a tool for discussion (in fact I try to avoid the word discussion because 140 characters can seriously hamper the depth you can go into), but instead Twitter which can be easily interacted with via its API and 3rd party services has the potential to be used as the building blocks for a service to support teaching and learning. Some examples for you. Setting up a Google Spreadsheet to capture search from Twitter. How to create Twitter lists and publications. 50 Innovative Ways To Use Twitter More Effectively. With over 170 million active users and playing a significant role in media consumption, Twitter has turned into the go-to site for real-time updates and gathering snippets of info from those we're interested in.

50 Innovative Ways To Use Twitter More Effectively

Pretty much everyone knows how to put a tweet together and how to reply to users, but what about more advanced features such as shortcuts, apps and SEO. If you want to improve your knowledge or want to pick up a few tips and tricks to help you get more out of the service, then read on. Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts. RSC South West Daily Twitter Feeds. Helps you communicate better. FrontPage.

Twitter for Teachers. The 100 Best Twitter Tools For Teachers (2012 Edition) RSC SW Twitter Stats. 15 Case Studies to Get Your Client On Board With Social Media - Summify. Jonathan Rick is a social media strategist in Arlington, VA.

15 Case Studies to Get Your Client On Board With Social Media - Summify

You can follow him on Twitter @jrick and read his blog at In business, definitions are everywhere. They’re your first line of defense in mission statements, job descriptions, expense accounts, statements of work, accounting principles and the like. Tweet Cloud. Twitter for teachers by Patrick Allen on Prezi. Why Educators should be using Twitter. Guardian Government Computing. How to Find Your Twitter RSS Feed & Profile ID Number. How to Find Your Twitter RSS Feed Twitter has announced that it no longer supports or displays your Twitter feed on their site in plain view; however, there are many reasons you might want to continue to use it, say in a WordPress blog text widget that displays your latest Tweets.

How to Find Your Twitter RSS Feed & Profile ID Number

You can still find your Twitter rss feed by using this url: Simply substitute your Twitter profile name where my name (glenwoodfin) is. It's All About The Hashtag - Summify. If you remember, in my 3 part series on Twitter, I wrote about how I completely changed the way I do professional development on Twitter.

It's All About The Hashtag - Summify

In a nutshell, I no longer start with signing up and tweeting the first day. I always show how to use Twitter without ever signing up. I believe it's important to establish the value in using it rather than using it and attempting to find the value. What a lot of people don't realize that Twitter is a very powerful search engine. SLTags. Download pdf: SLT/SLP Hashtags Dictionary Download CSV file: SLT/SLP Hashtags Dictionary To help others find relevant content and conversations,please add your hashtags to theSLT/SLP Speech & Language #Hashtags Dictionary Easy Data Entry Form -->


The Ultimate Twitter Guidebook For Teachers. Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter. Last week I introduced a pedagogical framework for using Twitter in your teaching, organized along two axes: monologic to dialogic and passive to active. These high-falutin terms are fine for a theoretical matrix, but what about the real life implementation of Twitter in and outside of your classroom? How do you actually do it? 3 Creative Ways Educators Use Twitter. Pop quiz: What’s the capital of Texas? It used to be that if you heard this question in your history class at school, you’d raise your hand to get the teacher’s attention and then answer the question (assuming you knew the answer).

These days, however, it’s becoming increasingly common for students to use social media tools like Twitter to chat with their teachers, each other, and even the rest of the world as part of their instruction. Every era has had its technical advances in the field of education . Visible Tweets – Twitter Visualisations. Now with added prettiness! FREE PowerPoint Twitter Tools. WARNING: From March 5th, 2013, Twitter will progressively drop support for RSS feeds, breaking the tools below (except the AutoTweet plugin, which I have updated to the new API). I will try to find a solution, but no guarantees, I’m afraid… Ever wanted to make presentations a more interactive, Web 2.0 experience?

How to Sign up for Twitter (How to Create a twitter account new for 2011) LSE produces new Twitter guide for academics - 10 - 2011 - News archive - News - News and media. How can Twitter, which limits users to 140 characters per tweet, have any relevance to universities and academia, where journal articles are between 3,000-8,000 words long? Can anything of academic value ever be said in just 140 characters?

A new Twitter guide published by the LSE Public Policy Group |and the LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog |seeks to answer this question, and show academics and researchers how to get the most out of the micro-blogging site. The Guide is designed to lead the novice through the basics of Twitter but also provide tips on how it can aid the teaching and research of the more experienced academic tweeter. Twitter for Teachers: Home - Twitter for Teachers. LSE produces new Twitter guide for academics - 10 - 2011 - News archive - News - News and media.

60 Inspiring Examples of Twitter in the Classroom. Create a Twitter RSS feed for Tweets, Searches, Hashtags, Lists or Favorites. Twitter Quietly Launches Self-Serve Ads - Peter Kafka. Quick Guide to using Twitter for Educators. Summify - Twitter for Teachers: Discover #hashtag PD! Summify - Learning To Tweet. Twitter Attempts to Personalize 1.6 Billion Search Queries Per Day. 17 Twitter Tips from Mashable Connect Attendees. Over 100 ideas for using Twitter in the Classroom.

Twitter in learning. Top 10 Twitter Tools!