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40 Open Education Resources You Should Know About. 19Pencils - Quick and Easy Tools for Learning. Quizzes, Games, Websites and More! Risk Management Calculator. Overview This Risk Management Calculator can be used to help understand the types of factors that might determine specific levels of risk.

Risk Management Calculator

It is likely to be of greatest use for OER (Open Educational Resources) and other projects who want help to understand the types of variables which might affect their use of materials such as Orphan Works (works in copyright for which the rights holders are unknown or cannot be traced) The Indicative Risk Value which is displayed is graded low, medium or high and is an entirely indicative value. Risk management is not an exact science, and should always be approached with a full understanding of the issues affecting risk and the likely impact of such decisions.

The purpose of this Risk Management Calculator is to provide a tool which you might use, as part of your risk assessment. Further information and templates can be found at: and Created with commercial intent? Licence intended for your end product? Resource_examplesV2.pdf (application/pdf Object) ORIOLEproject. Creating open educational resources - Creating open educational resources.

JISC CETIS OER Technical Mini Projects Call. JISC has provided CETIS with funding to commission a series of OER Technical Mini Projects to explore specific technical issues that have been identified by the community during CETIS events such as #cetisrow and #cetiswmd and which have arisen from the JISC / HEA OER Programmes.

JISC CETIS OER Technical Mini Projects Call

Mini project grants will be awarded as a fixed fee of £10,000 payable on receipt of agreed deliverables. Funding is not restricted to UK Higher and Further Education Institutions. This call is open to all OER Technical Interest Group members, including those outwith the UK. Membership of the OER TIG is defined as those members of who engage with the JISC CETIS technical discussions.

The CETIS OER Mini Projects are building on rapid innovation funding models already employed by the JISC. It is expected that three projects will be funded in the first instance. Technical Mini Project TopicsProject 1: Analysis of Learning Resource Metadata Records Project 3: Open Call Guidelines. OEP Guide. U-NOW: Resource -Open for learning. Related Links Clicking the link below will run a search in the Xpert search engine.

U-NOW: Resource -Open for learning

Open for learning Youtube Links The resources that appear below are dependent on search results provided by Youtube. Byford Secondary College open for learning, 64 views, linkOpen For Learning Exploring How To Find Use and Publish Open Educational Resources #OZeLIVE Feb2014, 2 views, linkAccessibility for learning: EU4ALL/Open University - draft, 119 views, linkThe use of Tin Can and Open Badges for learning - Mark Aberdour, 303 views, linkOpen Learning Analytics: Erik Duval at TEDxUHowest, 980 views, linkFood for thought (19): Open educational resources for learning and teaching with Sue Watling, 66 views, linkNew Classroom Wing at St. Publisher/Author University of Nottingham. Alison Johnson. The Learning Object Design Assistant. LODA is a reference tool for designers and writers of online learning and performance support materials, to help them select the right strategy to meet their particular objectives.

The Learning Object Design Assistant

LODA collects together the hard-won experience and practical insights of some of the world’s most successful learning and information designers and structures them in an easy-to-use format that you can be using in minutes. LODA won’t write your content, but it will certainly ensure that you know how. OER Glue.