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5 DNS security risks that keep you up at night CES 2013 Upstart wireless data-transfer tech NFC is finally coming to some interesting devices. Not smartphones or shopping tills but TVs, speakers, washing machines and fridges, thanks to LG and Sony. LG announced this week at the CES tech extravaganza an NFC-equipped oven, fridge and robot vacuum-cleaner as part of its "Smart Thinq" range. Sony is pushing NFC into its Brava TVs, assorted speakers and a 1TB network server, enabling instant pairing with Xperia phones as well as opening the way for the truly connected home we've been promised for so long. NFC - Near-Field Communications - is, to be blunt, slow radio communications over very short ranges, triggered when two devices are within proximity. At last! A REAL use for NFC: Bonking butler bots and oven-puters At last! A REAL use for NFC: Bonking butler bots and oven-puters
Devices to Spur Interaction Collaboration | Feature Devices to Spur Interaction Can interactive devices go beyond simply jazzing up lectures and actually transform what happens in the classroom? With collaborative learning one of the hottest buzzwords in higher education today, it's tempting to believe that schools have taken to the concept like ducks to water. Sadly, that's not the case. Devices to Spur Interaction
This is Why Flipped Learning is Important for your Students I just came across this great video ( less than 3 minutes long ) about flipped learning. This is basically a successful case in which flipped classroom helped students learn better. I am really amazed at how the teacher in the video managed to shift direct instruction out of his class and turn his class time with students into work time, engaging them in some higher order thinking . He records his lessons and tutorials and share them with students online. This is Why Flipped Learning is Important for your Students
Internet-capable mobile devices now outnumber computers - RSC Blog share By 2015, 80% of people accessing the internet will be doing so from mobile devices. How does this move to mobile affect your organisation and your learners? Here’s how: by making the most of mobile devices in learning and teaching. What’s happening around the UK with mobile learning? Internet-capable mobile devices now outnumber computers - RSC Blog
One to one devices aren't eclipsing traditional methods of learning but adding variety and new experiences. Photograph: This week we've been exploring how technology is being used to educate and engage in the classroom and our piece on using mobile phones in the classroom caused quite the stir, attracting comments from enthusiasts, skeptics and those teachers in between. It's obvious that while many remain to be convinced of the potential, others are really excited about using one to one devices in their lessons. We brought together teachers and education experts on the topic, to share their thoughts, tips and advice in a live discussion. Here are some of the highlights. Tablets, laptops and mobiles in the classroom: top tips from teachers | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional Tablets, laptops and mobiles in the classroom: top tips from teachers | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional
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Infographic: How Are Students Using Smart Phones? - Getting Smart by Sarah Cargill - Did you know that 53 percent of college students own smart phones? And it’s their lifeline to the greater world. Students are pulling up news articles, headlines, feeds, and alerts at home, work, class, and elsewhere. For 77 percent of students with smart phones, it’s the first action item in the morning; and for 72 percent it’s the last to-do before bed. Others use their phones during idle moments throughout their day: at work, in school, in transit, while exercising, or standing in line at the grocery store or coffee shop. Infographic: How Are Students Using Smart Phones? - Getting Smart by Sarah Cargill -
Some Ideas about Teaching with SmartPhones Some Ideas about Teaching with SmartPhones If you ask educators about cellphones in their classrooms, they will all have a passionate response and a story (good or bad) about their presence. Most will express frustration at their problematic nature: they’re a distraction; they make noise; they can be used for cyber-bullying or cheating. That said, I think that more and more educators are recognizing that cellphones, and especially smartphones, can be a useful learning tool.
Show what you know [Infographic] Quite like this Infographic from Tony Vincent on apps that can be used for different activities. Click image for a larger version. Nowadays teachers and students have a variety of ways to show what they know and to express themselves. Show what you know [Infographic]
Which devices use Wi-Fi hotspots the most? Not laptops… — Mobile Technology News Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the biggest users of Wi-Fi networks as society moves from part-time to full-time connectedness. According to a recent survey from Informa Telecoms and Media and noted by The Register, 40 percent of all hotspot connections are made by smartphones; nudging just past the 39 percent of laptop connections. Although the tablet market is young, it already accounts for 17 percent of Wi-Fi connections, says the Informa study. Surely some of these results are powered by the fact that smartphone sales have surpassed those of computers and tablet sales are starting to catch up as well. Which devices use Wi-Fi hotspots the most? Not laptops… — Mobile Technology News
Added by Katie Lepi on 2012-10-13 Your students have smartphones. If you’re looking for some simple and straightforward ways to easily integrate these powerful little devices into your classroom, look no further. The following 50 tips are simply that: tips. So use a few and toss the rest. However, be sure to try out at least one or two of them! 40 Quick Ways To Use Mobile Phones In Classrooms

40 Quick Ways To Use Mobile Phones In Classrooms

6 ways to use mobile learning in your class today 1. Record your lecture and upload it as a podcast. Share the link with your students to use while studying or for reference. 2.
Smartphones and apps are the pinnacle of buzzwords when it comes to education. You can’t swing an app without hitting a smartphone…or something. So what’s all the buzz about? Are smartphones really that big a deal in education? Let’s examine the facts: - Ownership of smartphones continues to rise at a brisk pace

The 60-Second Guide To Smartphones In Education

Useful Resources to Convert Websites for Mobile Devices Internet access has taken a new turn with the introduction of Smartphones in the industry. With a Smartphone in your hand, you don’t need to seat in front of a desktop or to carry the laptop with you wherever you go. Actually, this tech savvy generation keeps in touch with the internet through their handy, high class mobile devices.
I previously wrote about the importance of beginning a class focusing on the learners in the room as opposed to the content to be covered in Beginning the School Year: It’s About Connections Not Content. Most classes, starting with about middle school, begin the school year with reviewing the content to be covered, expectations regarding grades, and other academic information provided by the teacher or instructor. The human or social element is often disregarded.What is interesting is that most learners enter the classroom wondering who is in the course. They want to know about the teacher and the people in the class not what material is to be covered. First Class Ice Breakers Using Mobile Devices
Give Students Mobile Devices to Maximize Their Learning Time
Dropbox is an oft-covered program here at Make Use Of, and for good reason. It’s an incredibly useful app for moving files between computers, or keeping a copy of your most important files in the cloud. However, that isn’t all Dropbox is great for; it is also great for helping students keep their files as mobile as they are. There are a myriad of reasons why every student should have Dropbox in their arsenal of study tools. Read on for just a few of them! 1. 3 Reasons Why Students Should Be Using Dropbox
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