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JISC MediaHub - Explore by Collection. Free photos for education. 9 Strategies for using Images in your PowerPoint Slides. Yesterday I wrote about designing your perfect pitch deck and I focused on the material you need.

9 Strategies for using Images in your PowerPoint Slides

That’s because that’s the most important part of a pitch. But in many other kinds of PowerPoint presentations, beyond that specific one, your biggest goal is to capture and engage an audience’s attention and there’s one proven way over every other approach – the use of images. Interactive Documents in InDesign CS5. Community Translation Your transcript request has been submitted.

Interactive Documents in InDesign CS5

Adobe TV does its best to accommodate transcript requests. It can take a few weeks for the transcript to become available in the Community Translation Project, so keep checking back. Join the Community Translation Project. Instructions for Using Creative Commons Images in Blog Posts. Posted by Mrs Kathleen Morris on Monday, August 20th 2012 Many bloggers are not aware that you can’t just use any images off the internet in your blog posts.

Instructions for Using Creative Commons Images in Blog Posts

Not only is this ethically incorrect but you could leave yourself open to copyright infringement. I teach my student bloggers to “do the right thing” by using their own images or Creative Commons images in their blog posts. Wanting to make this process clear to my student bloggers, I created a document explaining copyright, copyright infringement and Creative Commons. Create a striking exhibition poster. As the art editor of Computer Arts Collection, I’m responsible for the design of a lot of marketing and promotional materials related to the magazine.

Create a striking exhibition poster

These can range from display ads in magazines to promotional booklets, web banner ads, stickers, and anything and everything in-between. As time has gone on, I’ve found that good asset management can not only streamline your workflow, but also make the realisation of a consistent, overall aesthetic for a campaign much easier. In this tutorial I’ll run through the creation of a poster for an imaginary exhibition called Sirens, covering the creation of a simple logotype and grid, use of typography, image editing and pattern creation, and how all of these elements can easily be managed and rolled out across a range of collateral. 01 Begin by setting up a new document in InDesign. Select A3 as the page size and uncheck Facing Pages as we’re not creating a publication. 02 First, let’s create a simple logotype.

Adobe TV. Four Creative Commons Photo Sites You Should Know About. Four Creative Commons Photo Sites You Should Know About Grabbing images from Google is one of the easiest things there is to do.

Four Creative Commons Photo Sites You Should Know About

You simply search, copy, paste. A no-brainer. However, when using someone else’s photos, how do you know if you have permission? Students need to be taught about copyright and how to find royalty-free images that are ok to use in projects. Pics4Learning. Rollip - Online Photo Effects. Depth of Field Explained (by Top 10 Sites for Photo Editing. The skill of being able to edit a photo is a must for anyone fluent in technology.

Top 10 Sites for Photo Editing

It can help speed up the process of uploading photos for a project, correcting mistakes, and even help "spice" up the mundane. While newer computers might come w/ a photo editing app (iPhoto, Preview, etc.) not all of them do. For that reason, I decided to create a list of my top favorite photo editing sites that not only allows the photo to be resized/edited but add effects as well. Find Images to Use and Reuse with the New Creative Commons Filter. 5-14 - Resources - Illustrations and photos. These illustrations and photographs are free for any kind of educational use - whether you are a teacher creating topic worksheets or looking for ideas to spark creative writing, or a pupil who needs illustrations for a presentation or website.

5-14 - Resources - Illustrations and photos

You can download them, print them off or use them online. Copyright You can use these images for educational purposes without worrying about cost or copyright. All we ask is that you don't sell them and that you credit LTS when you use them. For full details, please see the copyright statement. Environment. Home: E2BN Gallery. Free Images - Free Royalty Free Images. Free photos for education. Internet for Image Searching. Hiking. Free Photos - Free Images - Royalty Free Photos - Free Stock Photos. FREE IMAGES - Screensavers and desktop images free downloads. Home >Desktops / Screensaver A collection of desktop images available two resolutions (can also be modified for Mac screen sizes) Simply click the size suitable for your computer screen, save the image to your harddisk, and set as desktop wallpaper.

FREE IMAGES - Screensavers and desktop images free downloads

Some systems require you to convert the image to a bitmap (.BMP) file before use. This can easily be achieved using most graphics packages. Alternatively print out these images onto glossy photo paper (because most types are splashproof) and use them as individual, personalised post cards. Photograph Puzzle Maker. Compfight / A Flickr Search Tool. Welcome to Aviary.


200 million Creative Commons photos and counting! - Summify. Also available in: Deutsch We are proud to announce that – thanks to you – we now have 200 Million (and counting) public Creative Commons licensed photos on Flickr.

200 million Creative Commons photos and counting! - Summify

This makes us the largest CC photo repository in the world! You can browse and search those CC photos by license, or find exactly the one suitable for and available to you by using advanced search, ticking the CC checkbox, and searching for whatever image you are looking for. If you would like to take part in CC and provide your photography under a less restrictive license than "All Rights Reserved", familiarize yourself with Creative Commons, and apply a CC license to you photos, by either changing your default license upload setting or an individual photo’s license under "Owner settings" on any of your photo pages.

Creative Commons photos above from Abaconda, kk+, Lushbunny, Jsome1, Lost in Japan, by Miguel Michán, Ric e Ette, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Tea | Seatory, paul (dex), visualpanic, and Ikayama.


Summify - Creative Commons images and you: a quick guide for image users. Here at Ars we're big fans of Creative Commons, both the idea behind it and the work that gets produced.

Summify - Creative Commons images and you: a quick guide for image users

As publishers, we benefit from Creative Commons in a number of ways—we look things up in Creative Commons-licensed Wikipedia (used with caution, of course), the Creative Commons-related policy issues that we cover give us a steady stream of great news content, and we make use of Creative Commons-licensed images in our news stories. This last piece—the use of Creative Commons images—has historically been one of the trickiest issues for us to navigate as a publisher, given the number of different Creative Commons license types. Each Creative Commons license has its own set of restrictions, and, despite the fact that the license clauses seem fairly clear on the surface, it's not always obvious to us as end users what can be used where and for what purposes.

Note that this isn't solely a problem for sites like Ars and large publishing houses like Condé Nast. Attribution No Derivatives 1.