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7 kreative und kostenlose Möglichkeiten im Netz Musik zu machen. Music sounds better with you - Game on ! Wie die Beginner einmal so schön festgestellt haben "God is a music". Musik kann uns in nahezu jedem Moment unseres Lebens emotional begleiten und berühren und Dank iPod, Handy und Internetradios tut sie das mittlerweile auch. Wer ständig von der Musik anderer Leute umgeben ist, möchte sich vielleicht irgendwann einmal selbst am Musikmachen versuchen. Leider kann nicht jede/r singen und bis aus einem Instrument ein sauberer Ton, geschweige denn eine schöne Melodie kommt gehen gerne mal ein paar Monate oder Jahre ins Land. Glücklicherweise hat die Digitale Revolution auch und gerade den Bereich der Musik erfasst und so gibt es heute eine Vielzahl an Tools die einen spielerischen Zugang zur Musik jenseits von Musik(hoch)schulen oder einer auf Massentauglichkeit und Verwertbarkeit ausgelegten Musikindustrie ermöglichen.

Hier kommen sieben Webtools die euch das Musikmachen einfach machen. 1. iNudge 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Soundation — Make music online. Mr. Fastfinger's Guitar Shred Show. Learn and create. Scale Theory Chart | WholeNote. Outline of basic music theory - Professional music theory: an outline of basic music theory. Preface and Chapter 1 of the Outline of basic music theory – by Oscar van Dillen ©2011-2014 The beginner’s learning book can be found at Basic elements of music theory.

Overview of chapters: Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Sound and hearing Chapter 3: Musical notation Chapter 4: Basic building blocks of melody and harmony Chapter 5: Consonance and dissonance Chapter 6: Circle of fifths and transposition Chapter 7: Concerning rhythm, melody, harmony and form Chapter 8: Further study Preface This outline offers a concise and complete overview of basic music theory.

In order to speed up consulting this online book, its chapters can as of now be found on separate pages; unfortunately the original one-page version exceeded acceptable download times, because of the length of the total materials presented. . © Oscar van Dillen 2011-2014 Chapter 1: Introduction integrating hearing-reading-singing-writing. Incredibox - Express your musicality! Everyone's Mixtape.

I analyzed the chords to 1300 songs for patterns. This is what I found. (Part 3) Interactive Discovery | Blog – Hooktheory. Last year, we discussed the first results of a long term effort to study the patterns found in the chords of popular songs. The reception that we got was incredibly positive, and we received a ton of great feedback. The two most common questions we’ve gotten from people have been: “I really like the sound of chords X Y Z together. What other songs use this same progression?

““After I’ve written a few chords that sound good together, I need help knowing what a good next chord might be. Can you show me what the next chord is likely to be given a starting set of chords? Our answer: Hooktheory Trends Our crowdsourced database is uniquely suited to answer these questions because it contains the harmonic data of songs indexed in a way that makes it easy to perform this type of analysis. Hooktheory is experiencing VERY high traffic as a result of this article. Mirror 1 Mirror 2 How Trends Works When you open Trends, you will see the most commonly used chords in the key of C. Fun things to try. Fm. The Basics of Music Production: The Complete Guide. Free Music with Neverending Playlist. 4-string Chord Finder. 47 Sites Every Recording Musician Should Visit.

In a recent “Open Mic” we asked you, “Which music-related sites do you visit regularly?” This article is a summary of the great suggestions given in the comments to that article. You can make the list even longer by commenting on this article. As you’re reading this article, Audiotuts+ needs no introduction. Several commenters mentioned Audiotuts+ - thanks for the support! This is a great Flash site with many resources to help you learn music theory. The site content is split up as follows: Lessons, including topics that cover notation, chords and scalesTrainers, that teach you notes, keys, intervals, triads, keyboard, guitar and brass. Michael comments: “I have found very helpful.

This is a site that helps you with scales and chords. The charts are guitar-based, and there are options for various alternate tunings and other stringed instruments. A website that helps you learn musical scales and chords. Joe comments: “Great Ableton/sound design videos.” Manufacturers Association - The official source of information about MIDI. Guitar Tabs, Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Chordie. Soundation — Make music online. The all you ever needed YouTubeDisko. Index of /midis/karaoke-internacional-1/s.