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Dr RR Kasliwal

Dr. B. C. Roy National Awardee and Chairman of Clinical & Preventive Cardiology, Community Outreach and Education at the Medanta-The Medicity. He has over three decades of experience in cardiovascular sciences with over 200 publications, more than 150 awards and hundreds of lectures to his credit. He keenly teaches cardiologists in the making. He championed the cause of the underprivileged by pioneering the concept of community outreach – taking cardiac care to doorsteps. He has guest edited several books in cardiology and has trained many doctors in the nuances of cardiology, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Ravi R Kasliwal’s personality is truly multifaceted- his list of honors is testimony of this. His passion for developing and applying non-invasive techniques for early detection and prevention of coronary artery diseases is exemplary.

Scientific research publications. Scientific Research Publications Singh S, Nagra A, Maheshwari P, Panwar RB, Hecht H, Fukumoto T, Bansal M, Panthagani D, Lammertin G, Kasliwal RR, Mishra H, Hofstra L, Singh MP, Fuster V, Sengupta PP, Narula J.

scientific research publications

Rapid Screening for Subclinical Atherosclerosis by Carotid Ultrasound Examination: The HAPPY (Heart Attack Prevention Program for You) Substudy. Glob Heart 2013; 8:83-9. Latest Events. As April 2016 looms on the horizon, we look forward to welcome you yet again for the 5th season of “Medanta Echo n Cardiology: Today and tomorrow”.

Latest Events

This unique meeting of minds has been appreciated in the past as the melting point of the best of imaging and clinical Cardiology in a serene setting where learning, exchange of ideas and glimpses of the future blend with the state-of-the-art. I invite you to be a part of this journey yet again. As this meeting is theme based, this year’s theme is “Made in India” with focus on pathologies and their solutions that are unique to our populations. Discussions and interaction will predominantly focus on cardiovascular disease states that pose threat to the nation and have the potential to snatch or maim men and women in their prime. Hence the theme, “Made in India”.

Highlights of the Meeting Made in India: Our challenges and our solutions CAD in the young: peculiar to us? Community outreach program. Community Out Reach Program A voluntary endeavour to provide free cardiac care for the community at the grassroots level & achieving optimum health by spreading awareness through education, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases was started by me as a community initiative in 1996 and has successfully completed a decade Reach out to the masses, esp. rural & underprivileged people at their doorsteps to provide Free Cardiac care.

community outreach program

Educate the community on the burning health issues and emphasize on primordial prevention to decrease the threat of Cardiac Diseases. Build interactive education network through social organizations and NGO’s to spread the word on prevention against the heart disease. Educate & train the local health care providers on the latest developments and available techniques in cardiology. Prescribe the best cardiac treatment and care when established cardiovascular diseases like coronary artery disease are detected. Ongoing Research Projects. Ongoing Research Projects IMPROVE-IT trial.

Ongoing Research Projects

The multi-centric international trial in collaboration with Duke Clinical Research Institute, USA. INSPIRE: Indian Stroke Registry. In collaboration with Dr Denis Xavier, St John’s Institute, Bangalore, India. ASia-Pacific Evaluation of Chest pain Trial (ASPECT)- Initiated on 1st March 2009. Contact Dr R R Kasliwal. Membership. IMAGES. VIDEOS. Treatments. Vision Integrating clinical cardiology and echocardiography in a single specialty to help clinical decision making from the community level, to the out patients setting, to critical care and the operating room- Dobutamine stress echocardiography Intra-operative echocardiography Multi-plane trans-oesophageal echocardiography Sequential external counter-pulsation Non-invasive tools for prediction of coronary artery disease The global burden of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is rapidly increasing, predominantly due to a sharp rise in the incidence and prevalence of the same in the developing countries.


The most important underlying reason for this has been changing lifestyle due to rapid urbanization and epidemiological shift. The lifestyle changes have resulted in decreased physical activity, faulty food habits, increasing stress, cigarette smoking etc. which together have led to increased prevalence of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia and of other cardiovascular risk factors.

Awards & Accolades. Received over 175 awards and Honors in the field of Cardiology on Professional & Academic front such as: DR.

Awards & Accolades

B. C. Roy National Award. Dr RR Kasliwal. Chairman of Clinical & Preventive Cardiology Medanta. Son of Professor (Col.)

Chairman of Clinical & Preventive Cardiology Medanta

Health Awareness Talk & Car Free Day Programme. Dr RR Kasliwal Cardiologist at Medanta - The medicity Gurgaon. RR kasliwal - The impact of netaji and ina on india's independence. Dr.R R Kasliwal on cardio vascular diseases in india. Dr.R.R.Kasliwal awarded with Dr. B. C. Roy National Award by President of India ( Dr A P J Abdul Kalam) Designer Rohit Bal is well - Dr. R.R.Kasliwal. Dr.R.R.Kasliwal guide to quit smoking. Doctor s Education Programme page 002 (2)

Dr.R.R.Kasliwal's Education Programme at Medanta - The Medicity Gurgaon. KasliwalCardiologist. Dr.r.r.kasliwal-community Out Reach Program. Senior Cardiologist Dr.R.R.Kasliwal - Medanta -The Medicity Gurgaon. Dr.R.R.Kasliwal - Cardiologist Gurgaon — Guest on talk Senior Cardiologist Dr.R.R.Kasliwal. Dr. Ravi R Kasliwal Cardiologist Gurgaon at Medanta hospital.

Dr.R.R. Kasliwal, Cardiologist in Gurgaon - Medanta - The Medicity. Heart specialist. Cardologist Dr.R.R.Kasliwal. 1. appreciation and recognition by Indian Academy of Echocardiography consortium of Echocardiography societies 2nd World Summit on Echocardiography 2013 Award of Excellence in Cardiology in the world presented by World Congress on clinical, Preventive Cardiology and Imaging 2012.WCCPCI 2012 Dr K L Chopra Memorial Oration presented by World Congress on clinical, Preventive Cardiology and Imaging 2012.

Cardologist Dr.R.R.Kasliwal

Appreciation award by the Rotary Club of MANASA for the outstanding work in Rural Areas, by the Rana Pratap Sewa Samiti, Udaipur (April 2008).For outstanding contribution in the field of Preventive Cardiology, by the Health Minister of Nepal (May 2008) Kathmandu, Nepal.Appreciation Award for his Exemplary Services to the People of Nepal by the Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal (May 2008). DMA Distinguished Service Award, 2008.