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Flying with your Brompton folding bike. A typical Brompton with a rear rack and ez-wheels is a great bike for touring or just using for transportation at whatever destination is on your itinerary. What’s amazing about them is they can also fit in the overhead compartment of most larger aircraft… meaning you can have your bike with you as your carry on. Here are a few tips you need to know when flying with your Brompton. Download Pedalshift Project #34: Flying with your Brompton #1 Telescoping seat post FTW The telescoping seat post is a real help when you’re planning on bringing your Brompton aboard with you. . #2 Know your plane You probably noticed I keep hedging on this… you can get your Brompton in the overhead bins of most larger planes. Even if you know you’re on bigger planes with bigger overhead bins, sometimes the world conspires against you… it’s always best to be ready for gate checking. For the record, here are a list of jets with overhead bins that a Brompton fits based on personal experience: #4 Stealth mode Ugh.

How to Take a Brompton on a Plane as Checked Baggage - Our Life Unfolded. Although we pretty much exclusively carry the Bromptons on these days and put them in the overhead compartment these days, we used to like to check them as baggage when we traveled. The fee for checking your bike on a US Domestic flight can be up to $150 each way – actually bikes are not even allowed on some flights – but we have never paid a bike fee when traveling with our Bromptons or had any arguments when checking them because we packed them into standard size suitcases. The Basics: A folded Brompton (with the seat removed) fits snugly into a Samsonite Lift 29’’ suitcaseRemove hinges for travel and pad any sharp/protruding bits to protect the bike and your suitcaseProvided that you are below the airline’s maximum weight, there shouldn’t be any additional fees for checking your bike as luggage.

A Samsonite suitcase will fit both a folded Brompton and the majority of our other packable items. To pack the bike, first remove the seat. The Brompton with its fiddly bits padded. EasyJet Bike Experiences (Bicycle Charges and Policies) On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with EasyJet (you can share your experiences here). Flying Easyjet with bikes We have flown all over Europe by Easyjet with our tandem boxed. Easyjet cold not be more helpful as long as you can demonstrate that you're following their clear requirements (boxed, 32kg max).

We make a long box from two normal bike delivery boxes and parcel tape, with length able to accommodate the length of tandem without wheels. Dismantled bits are stored with padding around the frame. The total package weighs in at about 27kg. and fits in the standard x-ray machine. Wkb21, February 20, 2012 Bike damaged by easyjet I have just flown from London to Basel with easyjet and they crushed my bike. Steve Hawkswell, September 07, 2011 Easyjet to fly bikes jim boam, January 30, 2010 Easyjet + bikes: what a joke! Easyjet charges something like 22.50€ per bike on board. Eva, April 03, 2007 EasyJet makes it easy. Packing the Bromptons for Air Travel | Bromptoning. Last weekend we did a test pack to make sure everything we needed for our Cuba trip fit in our O-Bags and rolled-up B-Bags.

This weekend it’s go time – packing the Bromptons for the plane. I scoured the Internet for info about packing one’s Brompton for air travel. Most bloggers took numerous precautious – taking off parts (clamps, seat, air pump, pedals), wrapping the bike in sheets/bubble-wrap/foam/cardboard, duct taping moving parts, et cetera.

Then again, there are only a few – not hundreds – of blogs about flying with Bromptons. So we asked Eric at Curbside Cycle, who has traveled lots with his own Brompton. We heeded Eliessar’s advice and the most common tips from other bloggers. Steps to packing the Bromptons for air travel: 1) Let air out of tires. 2) Unscrew C-clamps. 3) Socks/tissues between fenders and tires. 4) Wrap Pedals. 5) Stuff things in the crevices between the wheels and frame. 6) Line B-Bag with cardboard on 5 sides (everywhere except the base). And we’re done… Flying With A Brompton Bike As A Carry-On — BOBBY MAGILL.

I bought a Brompton folding bike in April because I was tired of the hassle of riding the NYC subway, and MetroNorth, which I ride south down the Hudson River from Westchester County, only allows folding bikes on the train during rush hour. So for me, the ultimate sense of freedom in NYC is riding the Brompton. Last week, I took my Brompton out to Colorado. My partner, Jacob, and I drove out to Denver, then spent six days visiting friends in Denver and Fort Collins. The plan was for Jacob to stay in Colorado for several weeks to take care of some business, and for me to fly home with my bags and Brompton in hand. One of the reasons to get a folding bike is the freedom it provides while traveling.

The internet is full of mostly horror stories about attempting to fly with a folding bike as a carryon. When I arrived at Denver International Airport, this is what my luggage looked like with the Brompton in the canvas bag: The Legend of the Brompton Bumble B: Review: The "Bee" Travel Bag. Well many of you know how much the Legend & I love black and yellow. An idea came to me one day when I saw people commenting that to travel on the EuroStar as you have to carry your Brompton in a travel bag of some kind due to the rules. Well I could easily get a IKEA bag which is the perfect size or an official Brompton Travel Bag but you know the legend, he always wants to be understated. *shakes head* So I asked the very good and talented friend Valeria Lopes (Valeria's Bike Accessories) to see what we could come up with for the Legend.

What can I say Valeria came up with this.... Yeah your eyes are not playing tricks on you but yes a black and yellow striped travel bag for BBB. As always the build quality is second to none and its made from the same tough wearing material with the other black and yellow items she has made for us. The tough material made carrying BBB over my shoulder really easy. Till the next ride, bee safe..... AhPek Biker - Old Dog Rides Again: Brompton Accessories #15 - Packing The Brompton For Air Travel 02. AhPek Biker - Riding Adventures Travelling with the Brompton to other places by air is great!

But one has to be careful on how to pack it and protect the more sensitive or "protruding" ends. Many use hard cases or semi-hard cases; but if you are ending your cycling tour at a point other than your start point, these hard cases are going to be a problem carrying around on the bike. I frequently travel with my Brompton packed into an IKEA Dimpa Bag. I had previously wrote on Bagging the Brompton for Air Travel using the Dimpa Bag with cardboard sheets for protection. The tools required - a metric ruler (a steel one is preferable), a mechanical pencil with thicker leads (or a thick pencil), a cutting blade.

Although only three pieces of Impraboard are required, get four pieces in case one makes a mistake. Above are dimensions of the Side Board. Mark out the required widths per the above sketch and draw light pencil lines along them. A close up view of the half-cut line. You may also like : Sightseer - the Foldable Travel Set for Brompton – Vincita Co., Ltd. Sightseer B132B Transport bag Sightseer is designed especially for the Brompton folding bicycle. It is a compact, lightweight, self-assembling solution for air travel. A Brompton bike (or other bike in similar sizes) and your luggage fits in a single bag, shortening packing time when heading to your destination from the airport. This new folding technique enables the bag to stay securely and neatly on a bike carrier without contacting your foot when pedaling. Only weighs 2.5 KG and can be used as checked-in luggage with the garment bag.

Material 600D (water resistant) fabric / 5mm. foam Easy to clean linerFeature For BROMPTON bike only 5 mm. foam padding with easy to clean liner Two wheels at one end for easy mobility Concealable shoulder straps Handgrips Plastic runners to protect bottom of bag Protect the whole bike during transport Bag can be folded to stay on a bike carrier and to save space Dimension Width 64 cmDepth 30.5 Height 64 cm Volume 125 LWeight 2.2 kg B206B Garment bag Feature. Smallwheelsbigsmile: Vincita Sightseer Brompton Bag first review. First thing first and to get it out of the way. The bags were provided by Vincita for my review and I did not buy them. They have asked that I do a review and share my thoughts on their bags. They also very kindly sponsored a set of B132B and B206 garment bag to readers of Smallwheelsbigsmile. I will select one lucky reader who will share on their ideal travel adventure on a Brompton using this bags. Leave your comments on the blog entry.

It will be limited to Singapore readers. Cycling in a foreign land is one of the coolest and nicest thing to do to see a country. I started off my bike travelling adventure using a cardboard box and then got a Lojel hardcase which was offered good protection but on the heavy side. Other than the Brompton, I realised that the B132 bag could also fit a Bike friday Pocket rocket nicely with quite a lot of room for clothing and stuff. It is slightly smaller compared to the B132. The Dirty Brompton: B&W was the case that they gave me. I took another trip to Portapedal yesterday to take care of a couple of things. First was to take care of my 100-mile service to make adjustments to the Brommie as cables stretch and other things break in. Everything looked pretty good, but then they took a look at my tires.

They noticed about half a dozen thorns and a piece of wire in my treads, along with the tell-tale sign of sealant. Thank god for Flat Attack! I ride along some gnarly terrain! I saw that they had Schwalbe Marathon PLUS tires in stock... The second item on the agenda was to pick up a B&W hard case for my upcoming trip to Colorado!

There are a couple of things to note... First, the Brooks saddle must be taken off in order for the Brompton to fit (apparently the standard Brompton saddle can be kept on if you slide it forward). Secondly, it seems that the case doesn't open or close very well under torsional load (twisting). The case does roll on its wheels very nicely. Amazon. Amazon.