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AR, VR, MR: Making Sense of Magic Leap and the Future of Reality. 5 Proven Ways For Driving Traffic to Your Website. Driving traffic to your website has become a major marketing priority. But with so much competing advice, contributing factors and variable opportunities it’s often hard to figure out exactly how to get the best results. When putting together a traffic-driving strategy you need to get a little creative, because one of the most effective ways to drive website traffic is to leverage visual content. The Visual Content Era We are living in the era of visual content. The facts suggest that around 65% of people today are visual learners. Along with this discovery, we also realize that with visual understanding also comes a big challenge for organizations to present the information in an attractive, fun and engaging way. Our customers attention spans are getting shorter. We need to integrate all of these factors into our content so our customers have access to all types of media and want to stay on our website for longer.

Watch this video and make your own judgement… 1. 2. 3. You can: Just like this: Samsung’s Gear 360 camera goes on sale April 29 with a mystery pricetag. Samsung announced its first 360-degree camera back at Mobile World Congress, and now we know it’s arriving very soon: The camera will go on sale on April 29 in specific regions around the world, including Korea. As for the US, Samsung says it will have more information on pricing and availability soon. So. Much. Tech. Some of the biggest names in tech are coming to TNW Conference in Amsterdam this May. The company made its announcement at its developer conference in San Francisco. As a recap, the camera pairs two 15-megapixel sensors with ultra wide angle f/2.0 lenses and automatically stitches them fto create 360-degree photos and videos.

Though it’s meant to be used with VR headsets like Samsung’s own Gear VR, it’s worth making the distinction between 360-degree video and VR; the former lacks 3D. In other words, while 360-degree video allows you to look all around a scene, it doesn’t have a depth element to simulate real life more accurately. On Samsung Developer Conference. Organic Ways to Market & Improve Your YouTube Presence. Creating a compelling video is a step in the right direction – especially in today’s marketplace. People love watching videos online. But if you upload your video to YouTube and forget about it, you can forget about being found. There are several steps you can take – during the creation of your video but also once it’s been published – to make sure that your video is searchable and users are inclined to subscribe to your channel for future updates.

Here’s how we help companies get found and grow their YouTube subscriber count at the same time. Use calls-to-action A call-to-action tells people what you want them to do. Within the video, verbally ask viewers to subscribe to your channel.Add an annotation requesting subscribers.Use an end-card (a large, clickable subscription button at the end of the video).Add a “Subscribe” CTA in the video description.Add a “Subscribe” CTA in the channel description. Optimize the keywords used in your video and description Create custom video images.

10 Video Content Marketing Predictions 2016 - Video Making and Marketing Blog - Video Making and Marketing Blog. 2015 had gone and marked the rise of video in content marketing already. Many business communities had understood the potential a video has in reaching out a huge audience. And so, the world of content marketing is taking its natural progression to video. According to Cisco,“By 2017, video will account for 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic”. Such an alarming number of internet consumer population can benefit many marketers. So, video is the new face of content marketing. A few prominent companies like Gotomeeting, Hubspot, Zendesk, Salesforce, Moz, Pegasystems etc have already adopted video content in their marketing strategy. It is now time to make some changes in your content marketing strategy and catch up with the trends. So now, we decipher our knowledge to bring you the predictions of video content marketing predictions 2016.

Prediction 1. If you need to reach out to a larger modern audience, a video has the ambit like no other. Prediction 2. Prediction 3. Prediction 5. Digital Doughnut - How to Boost Your Lead Generation Campaigns Using Video Marketing. Video marketing is taking center stage when it comes to B2B lead generation, according to a Software Advice benchmark report. Whether it is B2B or B2C, video marketing can be the most effective way of improving lead generation. Agencies such as ours have already identified the importance of video marketing to influence purchase decisions and have made it an essential part of our content marketing services. So if you are looking to attract high quality leads to improve your conversion rates, use video to its full potential in order to connect to your target audience.

Why You Should Consider Video Marketing Above All? 80 percent of the respondents of Demand Gen survey said they prefer interactive content. Video is mostly used as the supporting element in online marketing campaigns rather than using it as the key element. According to Switch Merge founder Andrew Angus, the play button is becoming “the most compelling call-to-action on the web.” Convinced, aren’t you? Barbara Shimaitis, Sr. Influencers Discuss how Video can Pack a Punch | 1to1 Media. Share Companies across all industries are realizing the benefits of video. From Security First Insurance, which delivers personalized, interactive videos to customers; to Jeep, which offers native video ads, video is fast becoming the channel of choice to engage customers. This week, some marketing and CX influencers touched on the benefits of using video in this manner.

In, "How Video Marketing Impacts the Customer Experience," Kira Bloom describes how video marketing can pack a huge punch for both the consumer and merchant. She offers three ways companies can maximize video for customers. "Thanks to video marketing, you can learn about the product in an interactive way, see the real-life version of the product and hear what other consumers just like you are saying about," she said. In his video blog, "How to Get 1 Million Video Views," Chris Kubby offers great video marketing advice while walking through the streets of Copenhagen. Share with: Videomarketing - Premium Consulting. 5 Proven Ways For Driving Traffic to Your Website.