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Tracking People With Analytics. Understanding Referral Spam in Google Analytics. How to use Google Analytics to Measure Engagement on Your Blog. Are visitors to your blog really engaged in your content?

How to use Google Analytics to Measure Engagement on Your Blog

How much of what you write do they read? Is your ‘bounce’ rate an accurate reflection of how engaging your blog is? It’s important to understand how to use Google Analytics and your engagement statistics so that you can understand what your visitors are doing, and work to improve your blog. In this article, we outline some metrics you should consider monitoring to understand how engaging your blog is. 1. If people really like the content of your blog they may subscribe to get your content via RSS (they use an application to read content from a variety of blogs) or they may subscribe via e-mail. What about other visitors to your blog that just like coming back on a regular basis to get your content. In the audience section of Google Analytics under ‘Frequency and Recency’ you can see how many people come to your website once, twice etc over a period. 2. 3.

These are 3 useful statistics to monitor: 4. 5. Tell us in the comments! Forbes Welcome. The need to lead in data and analytics. How companies are using big data and analytics. Just how do major organizations use data and analytics to inform strategic and operational decisions?

How companies are using big data and analytics

Senior leaders provide insight into the challenges and opportunities. Few dispute that organizations have more data than ever at their disposal. But actually deriving meaningful insights from that data—and converting knowledge into action—is easier said than done. We spoke with six senior leaders from major organizations and asked them about the challenges and opportunities involved in adopting advanced analytics: Murli Buluswar, chief science officer at AIG; Vince Campisi, chief information officer at GE Software; Ash Gupta, chief risk officer at American Express; Zoher Karu, vice president of global customer optimization and data at eBay; Victor Nilson, senior vice president of big data at AT&T; and Ruben Sigala, chief analytics officer at Caesars Entertainment. An edited transcript of their comments follows. Interview transcript. General Management - Three Big Digital Analytics Mistakes That Marketers Make.

Even the most experienced marketing gurus make mistakes.

General Management - Three Big Digital Analytics Mistakes That Marketers Make

But in the age of data-driven everything, many mistakes can be avoided by being smart about data and implementing a solid analytics strategy. Let's look at what those challenges are, how to avoid them in the future, and how analytics can ultimately give marketers a bigger seat at the table. Mistake 1: Marketing analytics aren't mapped to the KPIs that your company and board care about most One of the biggest challenges around analytics for online marketers is measuring what's easiest to count instead of measuring what counts the most to their businesses. Too often, marketers over-invest in metrics that aren't intelligently correlated to the business KPIs that CEOs and boards track most, such as revenue, sales, units shipped, profit, and customer growth.

Mistake 2: Analytics are focused on the wrong questions The only thing worse than the wrong answer is the right answer to the wrong question. Apps. Stats. Insights. YouGov Profiles LITE. Welcome to YouGov Profiles LITE!

YouGov Profiles LITE

This app showcases YouGov Profiles, our amazing new segmentation and media planning product for agencies and brands. It’s best to register (for free) in order to have a full look around and use all the functionality. Registration will allow you to search for brands, and also to see the background data for each datapoint. This app showcases just a small selection of the power of the professional YouGov Profiles tool. Professional subscribers have access to all the data in the YouGov Cube, our connected data vault which holds over 120,000 different data points on a group of over 250,000 UK YouGov panel members. As well as accessing the incredible breadth of data, subscribers to the professional tool can create custom segments, explore the raw numbers to create market sizes and detailed campaign plans, and overlay additional questions and recontact surveys.

For more information email or visit Types included: FAQs 1. Digital Doughnut - Data Driven Marketing using Funnels. Funnels are built with a conversion action (an end goal) in mind and a series of actions leading to the conversion action over a period of time.

Digital Doughnut - Data Driven Marketing using Funnels

In this article we'll see how you can use funnels to gain insights to drive marketing campaigns. In my last article we saw how to derive insights from a conventional cohort analysis and drive marketing efforts where necessary. In this article, we are going to look at doing data driven marketing using funnel analysis. Funnels are built with a conversion action (an end goal) in mind and a series of actions leading to the conversion action over a period of time.

For an e-commerce store, a funnel can consist of a series of actions a users takes before purchasing whereas for an on demand video app, it can be a series of actions a user takes before viewing a video or sharing one. Here’s how a simple funnel looks like, they depict a user journey and always read top-bottom. Marketing campaigns using Funnels. 6 Ways to Use Google Analytics You Haven't Thought Of. For the readers of Search Engine Journal, the idea of using Google Analytics to monitor daily traffic is a no-brainer.

6 Ways to Use Google Analytics You Haven't Thought Of

To make effective online business decisions, we must have an idea of where traffic is coming from and what visitors are doing while there. Unfortunately, for many marketers and business owners, their Google Analytics usage is relegated to a few basic, top-level charts (of questionable value). Making use of the big data you already have. For those considering investing in data analytics, Deeps De Silva reminds us we have vast quantities of rich data already available to us in our accounts, CRM, web traffic and more.

Making use of the big data you already have

When it comes to marketing campaigns, even the big guns can fail spectacularly. No matter how many millions you pour into a campaign, it’s possible for it to flop and even damage your brand. One thing that many flops have in common is a failure to understand the brand’s target audience: who they are, and how they might respond.