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Featured DevTools Extensions. Angular Batarang This extension features tools to help find and address performance bottlenecks, and visualize and debug applications.

Featured DevTools Extensions

DevTools Terminal DevTools Terminal is a new Chrome DevTools extension that brings the power of the terminal to your browser. If you ever find yourself context-switching between Chrome and the command-line for tasks like: pulling down as… Ember Inspector The Ember Inspector is a plug-in for the Chrome developer tools that makes understanding and debugging your Ember.js application a snap. After installing this extension, you'll be able to easily: - View all of the rou… Backbone Debugger Adds a panel under the Chrome Developer Tools that displays in real-time all your application views, models, collections and routers. Points for Trello. Découvrez 10 astuces indispensables pour Gmail.

Nous avons déniché pour vous une vingtaine de trucs et astuces à connaître pour améliorer votre webmail.

Découvrez 10 astuces indispensables pour Gmail

Qu’elles soient cachées au fin fond des réglages ou accessibles via des programmes tiers, voici notre sélection de fonctions à utiliser sans plus tarder. Ce serait dommage de se passer des multiples possibilités de personnalisation de cette messagerie en ligne. Des accusés de lecture pour votre Gmail Ce recueil d’astuces ne serait certainement pas complet si nous faisions l’impasse sur la fonction d’accusé de réception du webmail. Vous n’êtes pas sans savoir que celle-ci n’est pas proposée en natif et qu’il vous faut passer par un logiciel tiers pour en profiter. Nous vous suggérons de vous pencher sur cette solution pour obtenir un accusé de lecture. Google Agenda : les meilleures fonctions pour votre calendrier. Google+ accounts no longer needed for new Gmail users - CNET.

People signing up for Gmail can now say "no thanks" to Google's social network -- one of many moves the search giant has made in the past few months regarding Google+.

Google+ accounts no longer needed for new Gmail users - CNET

People signing up for Google's Gmail service are no longer required to create an account for the search giant's social network as well. Since 2012, part of the process of joining Gmail meant also signing up for Google+, but now, new users can opt out of the requirement by hitting a "no thanks" button. "We updated the signup experience in early September," a Google spokesperson told CNET. "Users can now create a public profile during signup, or later, if and when they share public content for the first time (like a restaurant review, YouTube video or Google+ post). " Google Contacts gets fresh design, better tool for dealing with duplicates - CNET. Demonstrations at Mobile World Congress show the growing momentum toward the launch of faster, more responsive mobile networks in 2020.

Google Contacts gets fresh design, better tool for dealing with duplicates - CNET

BARCELONA -- The networking industry is showing new confidence it can make next-generation "5G" networking a practical reality. Network equipment makers Ericsson and Nokia Networks are demonstrating the fifth-generation technology on the show floor here at the Mobile World Congress show. And a parade of executives and one government official have taken to the stage to extoll 5G's virtues. "The 5G infrastructure is expected to become the nervous system of the digital society and digital economy," said Günther Oettinger, the European Commission member whose job is to encourage that very digital development. 5G networks will transfer data much faster than today's 3G and 4G when they start arriving in about five years, and mobile networking will look very different.

With better networks, people can -- and do -- use their mobile devices more. Big bandwidth. Google Introduces New Bookmark Manager for Chrome. Google is rolling out a new beta version of Chrome today, one that sports a new Bookmark Manager that lets you append an image and note to help you hunt down a bookmark more quickly.

Google Introduces New Bookmark Manager for Chrome

So now when you access your bookmarks, you’ll be able to ‘see’ the content of the bookmarks via a grid-like display, with your own notes and snippets on what the bookmark is all about. Google says that your existing bookmarks will automatically be updated with pictures and descriptions, where it can. If this sounds familiar, well, that’s because you may be thinking about Google’s standalone Chrome extension we wrote about a few weeks back. However with this upcoming Chrome Beta launch, these features will be baked right in to the browser. To recap the other nuggets that were quietly introduced via the Bookmark Manager extension too, there are a number of pretty interesting new features.

Google is revamping bookmarks in Chrome with a new extension. There's no getting around it — bookmarks aren't all that great.

Google is revamping bookmarks in Chrome with a new extension

Google is hoping to make them a bit better with a new Chrome extension that, simply enough, is called Google Bookmark Manager. The extension swaps out the nigh-useless list of links for a grid of items illustrated with snapshots of the pages you've bookmarked. Your existing collection of links will be automatically grouped into to folders, and when you add a new item (by hitting the familiar star button as you browse), Google will suggest folders to help you organize your links as well. You can also manually add a photo or notes to a bookmark for easier retrieval later. Perhaps most importantly, the extension brings Google's powerful search tools to your bookmarks.

Google has not officially announced the new bookmarks system, so it is unclear if this is some sort of public beta test. Bookmarks star vanished. Désactiver Bookmark manager sur Chrome et Chromebook. Tout Chrome OS passe progressivement au format Material Design, si pour la plupart des utilisateurs cela semble réussi , certains n’approuvent pas la nouvelle interface de gestionnaire de favoris web de Google nommée Bookmark Manager.

Désactiver Bookmark manager sur Chrome et Chromebook

Pour rappel Bookmark Manager, permet de structuré vos favoris internet sous forme de catégorie créées automatiquement par Google. Lorsque vous ajouter une nouvelle page via les touches Ctrl + D, une carte se créées avec plusieurs informations sur le site web : Une image, représentent l’article ou le siteUn titre, qui peut être le nom du site ou de l’articleUne courte descriptionLe répertoire de destination du favoris. Même si tout cela est automatisé, Google vous laisse la possibilité de modifier chaqu’une des partie du bookmark.